RBJ Fast Start: Ian Szalinski

Monday, July 23rd

Founder of Evoke Healthy Foods 

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This secret joined by eons Lipsky of evil healthy foods the founder. A little copy foods thanks for joining us and congratulations on being named a Rochester business journal faster. Thank you say living here actually so talk a little bit about oval healthy foods. You vote makes nutritionally focus breakfast cereals. I've always been very passionate about health and nutrition and quality food. And so we have a line of news the cereals their quick and easy to prepare in the morning. I mean take a month ago and cold with the yogurt cooking pots just wanna put some really healthy high quality food options. Yeah you literally just made for Corey in a matter of I want to say 32 yet even if back into the vault so on this one this is the senate one. Yup and her liver recently came out cinnamon apples walnuts. And a sunflower seeds and their general doesn't itself cranberries. And you made that with on the air with the with the younger we did this deal. Salary is you again Ellen look kind of like you cereal again with their younger but a little more little substance there are so. How did you come over this idea. There is always been very passionate about health and nutrition and I'm not a morning person niceties of Enqvist got the easy. And they music for the for Simon snowboarding competition in Switzerland and it was perfect that is. I quality clean ingredients. And he's repairs mobile cup before and energized really was looking for. And so I came back Rosie what was on the market it was couple large milling companies some international brands only in the same sort of low cost model as products and just saw an opportunity to do so in higher quality is better ingredients and sort of meet him myself since on the public market. Again it's it's amazing sits atop whenever that comes in for the average a fast start because. And he has not snores and I think there's like a different wiring of the brain is a lot of us have the idea right. Right take its its the next level to take that idea actually follow through. And make it actually happened. Can you talk that process a little that yes he was just nave enough to do. Yeah. Not me not mean. Yeah but I really just started sort of slow. His image make him myself on public markets was opportunity religious test it out before really. Dove into it committed to a full time and made big financial commitment to it so. Just an opportunity where I saw some in that I could try out figure out if I can do it and make it goes. I'm so wanted to sir slow and figure out ports that the vigorous. Most the thought process and what was the moment he realized that public market selling as people got to kind of dig in and what was the moment or are like. It did take a snack well. It says we started to get into retail stores I was still working full time I was. Making is that night and sales calls on lines and it really wasn't sustainable so I thought that. Thus has some legs you got a bit attraction some local stores and its co op lowers natural foods. I decided if I really wanna get it's in the next levels and take a full time commitment and up and decided. Obvious on fear that we've got the growth we head who was in the as well into the. Did you support premier family that really got poisoning like your parent or my parents would be like. Zenyatta. I was are exported from the start it's a couple little while from a dead come around so yeah what is this stuff before once they got into wegmans asserted against some big retailers that's when you can realize I would say maybe I'm not just throw on some gas in bags. Yet let let's have all right. How scary was that done that's how we terrifying that's as its major putting yourself on the line there's no fall back wryly. Which part I'd actually are going full in and doing the full time commitment for this it was just I was ready to do and I've. Always been inclined to towards a real endeavors. Always enjoyed pints of selling stuff I mentored under Angel investor college started very stressful skewed so workload there. So I don't just thought I wanted to have my own business wasn't quite sure water when it was going to be but. I just saw an opportunity in his eyes that the orange. The Sonics coming your passion about Matt's against key ingredient for a flat stick out passion about it then you know. Right it's not work out so you went to city Genesee up yes so talk about how galling to Genesee up to you about. I sort of business and psychology they're so both certainly helped me understand. On the business landscape understand consumers. And they really had a lot of opportunities put us out in the community to work with small businesses I got to see a lot of different aspects of or really goes on to you today beyond just the service or product that does is provides. What would you say is the hardest part of my job and how do you manage that. Its focus. There's always so much to do right hand so much like could be doing and so it's figured out how to be effective with my time. There's so many distractions that come up every day whether it's him. Opportunity to news sullen Taiwan war. Due marketing campaigns in Charlotte so. There's so many opportunities and Richard now what is. Muse my time to get our business growth slow what's your strategy for the acts again that a minute we all know that our jobs where there is literally a million things could be doing but it's. It's having that. The focus to realize of which corrections does the best ago when an Indian the most early put energy into. Spot having a lot of short term strategic goals for the business were room reselling geographically. What types are retailers rule on Indian word those retailers are. And so dedicated the time focusing solely on that and really just say no to the other things. I did was that hard without without a counts of still learning and it's obvious and it took. You know maybe eighteen months or so on him before right folly just starting to get effective edits and it's still something I'm improving hand for regular. That's an Indiana we'll deal with TO. Saying noticing that our job can be a little intimidating because you write in a year you're ingrained to just wanna say yes everything because you wanna take ever opportunity on it. Noah and not and turn every single rock. With the feet and missed out on something. We'll read them when your self employed literally everything is riding on use so I feel like. How do you maintain a work life balance when you think I miss this one opportunity like this can be. Devastated my business you know how do you say now drawing a line we're glad balance prioritize that as well. I think is goes back to knowing what Michael's arm what to focus on and knowing that if I achieve that then I can take on the act yeah. Let's go back first job ever. IA woods. It was twelve years old Iowa to us. Scrape being paints a off offense at a farm all summer I was. Riding my bike a few miles everyday in the in the sweltering heat and work outside on days so how has sort of taught me discipline from an early age that's. Very frequently you Carrie Lam motivation is just not there you just got get up and do so is that I'm guessing that was in the you do not want to deal. It I and I think it did actually I was excited to get out there and work and hassle and and and do my own thing. That's how some freedom to make some money is coming about nightmare Bob that's always been you know I use that now in your current position and need we can't answer it the disciplined yeah. Get up and do it cause for all of us there's days are saying that it's like today yeah that happens all the time especially when you do get the center on schedules and your priorities though. Just knowing what you need to do in and is doing that even when you know what is the most part you. What's that they even learn a piece of advice that you wish you could go back and give yourself you're younger south. Just a are relentless dedication non core set of customers that it gets them and we developed overtime. And again not looking at every opportunity that comes up but finding in our core group the consumers Russ it's healthy active lifestyle consumers who were conscious about health and nutrition. And once comfort quality food. And so getting out there are serving them directly. Really growing that market and then reliant on them to hope boss talk Listerine brand and our most passionate consumers career best partner Ian plenty of evoke healthy food so it's it's wegmans he said I know hearts carries and I've seen it there before. Where else can people find it and you can order online analyst's opinion the online on our web sit on Amazon we got the product in about 2500 retail locations. Most in the East Coast but also lots in Colorado southwest and oh wow. It plans for expansion gonna take it. Global outlets and online notebook I can certainly be a distraction I wanna focus on right. Earlier I had. You and you live here full timer you like bi coastal NL lead at least none I live and out just yet I do spend a lot of time Trevor there was no less yeah ideally I would imagine you have a big audience there. Not possible thank you for taking some time congratulations on the on all the success yes and no men and best of luck moving forward I think it's much.