RBJ Fast Start: Courtney Martin

Friday, June 8th

Owner and master stylist at Infiniti Salon

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What is your name and or your front how my name is Courtney Martin and I'm from tie night. And what is your job title my job title is owner and master stylist. At the Wear and an eighty Sola and. Now I don't believe we've had a master stylist and studio before now can you can you describe what that is that sounds incredibly fancy. Sure and so due to the amount of training that I have done it kind of worked my way up to being master silence it's about the highest level that you could be asked. In this salon industry. Your master of styling you'll like the black belts yeah he's the black enough fuel that I begged him a cellular being featured in the Rochester business journal for their fast start. On that let's take just the beginning how did this all get started. My soul lot when I was back high school I've participated in a program called the young entrepreneurs academy. And that's really where I started my first business. They taught me everything. About how to start a business you go through this thirty week program you meet with tax professionals and attorneys did. Graphic designers all on the way and by the end of the program you launched your very own business now. Now yes that was certain high school all common and after high school I knew I wanted to go to sheer ego international school of beauty to receive my cosmetology license. So I went through that program it's about seven and a half months if you go full time so I graduated there Tony thirteen with my 'cause license and then. I'm ray after that I did work for the brewers academy in sales. For them and then. I worked there about a year and a half and then after that I opened infinity slump and here we are. That's amazing and I got a lot back just for a second that very first business that you started I got to ask what it is. Chart so I started a secret shopping service for salons and spas soul. Picture they show like undercover pots. My business partner and I would go in under coverage of these salons. I'm at the owner's request. And we will lag evaluate everything that we would see from climbing as to how their employees bird treating us for the offering his coffee and having really good conversation with us and then we would report back to the owner while he would find. That's awesome call and you thought of that one rich. And I can't. Sixteen I think it was eighteen in law that is Sokol and that's something that om is is happening Mort Mort schools now and obviously. You've seen the benefits of it. Yeah I'd definitely. I think it was a great program. And I liked being around kids to link not the same way I dead like maybe we weren't like for school and getting. Really good grades because we knew we wanted Eleanor on business and no one was meant knows what to do leader and I felt there. We do have our own thing yeah yeah. So what was it like those moments before he decided I'm gonna do this I'm gonna go out of my own I'm gonna open up violence a lot of that had to beat. Partly terrifying yes it was definitely really scary. Mainly financially because you know your putting. You're investing all of the but. I definitely feel like this is my calling so it's kind of just I just had to do you know and. Yeah that is absolutely and it's you know it's funny said because we've talked to a lot of punch Norris and that is it team that I have noticed. Where they don't give themselves the option of its hat to you I had to panic I have to make it where not to think about it or is stated that oh yeah there is no fault that at that point rate. How long has infinity salon been around for so we just celebrated three years I know defense. Things. And so do you have stylist working for you as well comedies out to you at. I don't it's actually just a studio salons to work by myself my do you have son Matt students that comment through like the both c.'s programming do internships so they help me out. Which is cleaning and like upkeep of the salon search share your hair is beautiful in the listeners can't see yet but it's beautiful. Do you have plans for expansion urge you kind of like doing it on your own and kind of having that control it. So I just doing it on my own and keeping on small scale consenting gives me more flexibility with things they want it to you. I think next. And my life I want to start an online this mess. And net and take that pathway instead of having to really be at a specific location in order to make money it might make money on line. Make sense it's another thing and I've seen with a newer yeah they're kind of like tattoos from what I hear and have what could you do one thing it's like a lot addicting added his son and Al okay. Serial entrepreneur where he had exactly that's really really cool and and I think it's very brave. And there's under the don't have that indented. Themselves out there like had no kidding. So it's been open for three years now what's the biggest lesson do you think you learned. Boom they miss less then. My probably eight to take time for yourself and none have. What I call mental health stays this way have a day off and you do what you wanna do because. You know if you're happy and you feel refreshed and you're not exhausted every day going into where he performed by herself mr. I would say that's my biggest thing from being in business for three years. Mean a lot of us face that the dreaded burn out right that's exactly handle it like balance out. Pivotal so important seem make sure you take your your mental health days here and there we need them via what else do you do it concrete network like balanced common. I don't play try to take vacations and travel and also creates like good conversation between clients tell Syria now you know he can talk by your experiences travel laying in talk a different places and unto itself. Yeah. Best advice you've ever gotten when it comes to you. Do you know at that applies to having your own business and being an entrepreneur who. Camelot says place but I would probably say a when it comes like hiring employees as I have had some at some point. The best advice someone's giving means that no one will care about your business more than you'd. And this. A cup when it comes hiring employees I mean I think that's why I like to have just myself working brand right I can count myself always being there and producing make great works I think that was the biggest. You a little bit of a control freak yes I. Yeah. Exactly so I'm it's gonna throw this idea out there just popped in my head and it might be really stupid but I recognized innings that is about it. The only thing of like a stylist or barber also kind of like a therapist. Your idea here's an idea. Board certified there there is who can also cut hair. Or other double whammy animals are not get that one periphery. I'll catch. Styling their sister they're be silenced. Now mastered their east list yeah they're perfect idea. So before you go. There's somebody's listening who wants to follow in your footsteps they wanna do what you're dealing the biggest piece of advice today. Work hard. Don't be afraid just worked really hard and it always pays off ill like awesome figure much out eight Jill.