RBJ Fast Start: Courtney Cotrupe

Monday, April 3rd


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In studio now a nether Rochester business journal fast our recipient. Courtney future for the a managing director of partners in Napier is with us right now our congratulations of course start off. Thank you L players out there are neighbors as an artist yet are extremely few literally are right above us. I'm the short commute this. I bet it was so can you kind of explain. What you do in your position shore. So I am the managing director of partners Napier and jam have three rolls to my job I'd say why and I oversee all of client service. So we're advertising agency an integrated agency. And oversee all that client service work. Also heavily involved in new business so getting new clients and bringing the man and then third would be more of the day to day operations with an agency to look at it a little bit of everything is that because you're gonna Elvis I can make at least if not ironic I'm not so sure I'm good at everything I. I I actually think that. For me where I can bring value is when I touch a lot of different things because I can bring one experience over here to the other experiences over there. So I like having man broad spectrum. I'm a work. And it high keeps me motivated and inspired as it's always changing yet. Brash and every day is as prime lead then totally in the past I always like people who who'd kind of at where multiple hats. In that role because it's always an interesting journey to find out how how you got there in doubt did you go to school around here in Rochester area iron what did you study yet I was born here in Rochester grew up in Brighton and and then. Panic cut the city but I think my dad worked in the city and actually. I have fond memories of my mom I'm bringing myself and my two sisters downtown to Lincoln first bank back in the day out I ate for lunch at my dad and we would ride the bus into town and go have lunch and I just kind of I loved the energy added. I think PayPal had no idea what I want to do is there's like six at the time. But I if I remember being really inspired and looking up and seeing the buildings and just feeling. Good about being downtown and and so that kind of never left I think and went a way to school eventually to Boston University. My started as a film major and then transition into more of a communications advertising meter. And then moved on to New York so I spent some time there and as many people on not disturb became a boomer anger and and I'm it came back to it to town and now I'm just really proud that I can bring all those experiences and create impact here for the city of Rochester. What was an injury back. I mean I think like many that I talked to. A lot of it is sampling is just such a great town and to raise a family people have a lot of strong roots here. But I also think that. When I came back. I was actually introduced to share Napier threw them some family friends and what I loved is that I can still have. That that energy and the ambition and work in a really creative fast paced environments. But still be based here in Rochester and but not be kind of Rochester bound to still have ambitions to broaden. Even be on that. And work with some. Amazing local clients is Allison national and global as Carter's if yours and some some really creative awesome stuff there appears and you don't what's secret project that you spark shot you've been a part of oh goodness my favorite project. That is. Really hark back to a girl a girl like your children up. Yeah I mean I think. I think there's like for two for two different reasons why and I'm on the board of causeway of community partners which is formally of the ad council so. The work that we do there and we're doing right now to really help decreased absenteeism in the city school district I'm really proud of that work so far it's. Helps out children's K through 3-D creased by a 21%. Incredible stat didn't EO. And at the same time doing work for clients like BMW financial services. Who's more national client when they come to US. Kind of a same old same old let's do the things we did last year but we actually turned it around and created engagement. By developing ring tones and yourself found interest actually recorded from the sounds of a three series BM to own them. And that is due to a lot of people's yeah. That's so easily downloaded onto your phone has a BMW. Custom master and every time your phone rings you'd get that brand impression on your son which is its well that are getting getting. Key chain or ten in the mail from so the whole financial service. It's speedily to come up with a unique ideas like that I think makes teaching very special and very good at what you do as creative people I know according your credit the same way like we randomly pick up ideas in random places and on our idea hammers and you filing an idea placed our ritual where you couldn't brainstorm and and be creative and and that is cool stuff. Say. I think that I have my own place but I would tape probably my car is a lot of things happened. When you're just defrag and have those. Eight minutes after the Andretti and now it. She and I really I massed in the music art ninetieth picks lie of course is that I think. And it just tenancy you know. The fun question mail always last I love the answers when crack first job ever. 'cause there's a game we play this OK let's preface would the without okay. Does babysitting can totally carry on its impact well it's whatever the person you got paid to do threats first job but like real paying with a paycheck would be two guys remember the spring house and I've restaurant avenue and this now like. Northfield and act like changing yeah. And I worked there we're in the restaurant industry from time. So the game we like to play is how can we connect to your very first job baby sitting at each client. I say they've. They say that any good person and advertising actually worked in the industry with the restaurant industry at one point really think Mets it's client service it's making sure customers feel like there that. In the most important thing. That's a really good client so you that you carry the skills with. Perfect Austin. Courtney pitcher from our partners Napier another one of our Rochester business journal fast or if it's article is that now you can read more about her there. And I thank you for day thank you guys snow dog for a long trek back to work is going to be tough Rea I know I meant a lot on the block to make it feel. You're welcome here anytime thanks guys appreciate that.