RBJ Fast Start: Christian Champion

Monday, May 7th

Owner and founder of Ocean Crawler Watch Company

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What's your name Chris in champion and what companies they work for. Ocean crawler watch company and what's your job title I'm founder CEO of the company so how did this start take its back to beginning. Do. I guess it was maybe you. Tune out years ago I just. I've always been a watch collector and to slow patches and thinking about. Business ideas and and it always keeps coming to me that. Why not to start a watch company. And he'll pick from. What ever things that I love in my own collection and just put them together that you don't just. Biggest this this a lot of features in the from watches that you like but they're never in the C watts say good up how to you know he's like if for much itself. I thought let's let's just put it altogether and and see what I come up with and now. Man and that's how we started I mean vigor. The sign mean and building watch this just takes a long time so was who's just did not happen not. For a couple years you know it it was all about. Prototype in. The sign in and building the prototypes. And then the day company opened its stores. It was July last year. We that we start selling. That he noticed as a whole lot of things that went to it it always another bigger one we have a watch list stars Ellen yeah it took. Probably two years at that stage okay and then I officially open source to send out an actual shop. Our rental store no we do not all of its old line. If so is its offer web site. A lot of what we do is very limited editions so. Will bring out. Hundred units maybe. 300 units at most a lot and and then. To. Pre sales on launch so we try to like. Tell us leniency and Thursday and then you know and whether. Or not but it's all like on. Limited unit. Sale. Once it's yes it is is that we were not released stores because of of that model that that you just have a bill that they did you have an explosion. And then it's over it's and I gotta get you started you decide is very. There's a sense of urgency because it it is a limited time on the right there that's like either get it now or ever yes it is and it's an interesting strategy I think it's personal marketing standpoint because when you talk about lock swaps have been around for ever right. So to really stand out it takes a lot of work to do that sell X that is actually a really amazing tool. That sense of urgency once the product out there because that's what it comes to things like that it would with fashion. People don't wanna have something making this get anywhere right they wanna send anyone to differ tied up when Christie came and I the first thing I noticed was the watts and his rest now let's see yet. Who very and that was the very that's very good one right yeah. This is of our first work as is. Just after the prototype this was first warned that acumen of production. So. Guys is my favorite just because of that but I now we we have about. I think it seminary models. So there there's some of them I mean writer and most of them are sold out now I'm actually releasing one. To date. That's a model. There's been a lot of build out and social media and and and am getting a lot of emails to me about like what this time values and watch and and politics. He's excited that this area headed up I don't know about that watches it and I just myself so it's it's it's beautiful thing to see you know yeah. So for emails is Lauren why is it specific time when Allegra I sure am ready to pass it on social crawler. Watch company moved a couple of years have been around now I do he's been working on it in what did you do before that for work. Other there's different things and a half. I'm kind of a serial entrepreneurs so I'm always doing different businesses. Before. Ocean caller how is of focused on. I. So. It's is mostly to do with. Online marketplaces and help companies get into those marketplace but just in 0% Ahmanson so there there's a lot of companies out there that. Need little help or resistance with certain things and and that's that's the one that I'm still involved in actually. But but a more focused and save you always. That your own thing or have you had like the typical nine to five working for the man this. There's so many people out there away that that your Odyssey following your passion summing it eat you love that's that's really osment and inspiring and obviously comes through with your work but there's so many people out there who have that passion for something and they may have an idea for a business but taking it to the next level and actually launching. That business is the next. Extent they get overwhelmed and may be defeated Iowa. I just happened between man the idea and starting the business and. How scary and it's having right now I quite frank it's your ass on the lighter and not answer your investment its your ideas like it's at that a lot of pressure yeah this is an egg is that's that's Wanda. And drives me is like you know this is what I do is the real you know honestly a guy like David dialogue. Can they happen. The same time you know I would say that is certain business they you know you can easily get overwhelmed with. All the little things and my my my advice to focus on the big things right and it is to school. Or that important task that day rank them lately you know these little things. You know yes and nothing to translate. That will to stop you right there and and weeks will go buy an O. And so Brad and I that's one thing that I and you don't I guess it's this is. I've always been an Aslan as I can remember is like I was fourteen and analysts. You know helping in repairing my the friend's parents' computers and things like that yeah. They think back in any opportunity yeah so it's it's always keep your eyes open for opportunity and and and Andrews. And in the oppression. And and important yeah you obviously very ambitious so. Again at British cutting started here with OSHA crawler watch company where do you see it going what's the vision you just talked about it. Well it's. Like to have ocean color in certain retailers that would be. Great for me because I feel like right now I'm you know we have a following that it eats its. It's limited to. You know. Watch collectors war. But I would like to introduce Brant who. Everybody Paloma and Austrian yes go mainstream so that that's that's my challenge right now. It's it's news to get out there. And see what at least there is an and the first thing is retail and if you're in retail. People will find you people will. Find out about you written research by. It's interesting now to the dot online from a they have because it is very different formally been used to for so many years and you think of comedy businesses. Are out that are just online now whom and how it's easier than ever for somebody to find you and it your product is good. Then it kind of speaks for itself. Right on but it's again to set yourself apart at that the most difficult part how do you set yourself apart eight for you realized you brought a lot of things that you thought were cool about watches any. Smacks of all together into one. And you hope that people like them to. Yeah. And so you know there was no real market research. Oriented like that I just let's let's just to. These things that haven't been before it is put them together and Liz let's hope. It works and it's nice enough but it sounds like it's working all right yeah one last question before we let you go again talking a Christian champion from. Ocean crawler lots company. What was your very first job papers when he got paper thing back growth was at fourteen and helping area are transparent the governor's burst Purdue and start Perez. A lot I mean we we talked to a lot of people for this and a lot of time not for viewers have kind of done the night at five and the reason they did it was because they're like yeah. Not for me it's very rare find some and write out the bats like yeah I wanna do that obviously to my own thing yeah. So that's very cool. Danks are coming in Texas but it's Tom does and all the Bastille. You know the great is great great being here in that it's up to date people urged that they want once I got your watches were to make up. Website is ocean. Roller it's all one word dot com. Easing and that nice stink of things crawling around on the bottom of the ocean floor. Yeah crawler as it is and how they named him Geneva and this isn't our guys it's just like we've focused a dive dive watches and that's why it again. It makes sense though doesn't crawler does he also lottery or bunkers and and the Rochester business journal in the fast start section.