RBJ Fast Start: Chris Humphrey

Monday, February 5th

VP of Commercial Banking at Community Bank Systems Inc


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What is your name and know what's out are you from my name is our Chris Humphrey and I'm originally from worse on new York and currently resides in fair Port Newark in what is your job title. Among vice president commercial banker for community bank and a com which is a bank is headquartered in to Whitney York just a sensor accuse. Your journey of how you got your position how you where you went to school and why is that it's Majorly gently urged. So I went to our Middlebury College which is liberal arts are college in Vermont. Because I really frankly didn't know what I wanted to do when a graduate from high school. On and you know getting a liberal arts and education you know was a pretty. Well round experience arm and from there I decided I wanted to get into banking because. I think has been involved with banking for several generations to think your blood present huh. How exactly could say that armed and so off from there are my sort of working for an anti bank. Because my dad gave me very good advice which is if you wanna work in other family business and banking. On you can't start here I need to start somewhere else in the and you need to start the bottom. I saw it. So that's what I did urge you lose well there's that and it's I mean it's Smart for provoke you guys because like anything else when you start any new courier you're gonna make mistakes. And you wanna get the bottle. So it is vague idea does not go away exactly or perhaps a yeah. I don't actually completely accents or else not not an extremely business when your to starting now. I don't Shire a teacher and I do like the little liberal arts college experience and I think a lot of kids cutting get held back on on the idea of school if they don't know what they want to do but I. How would say more people were in your position Chris were they blocking not know what I want it to you right until you get exposed to that it's all different kinds of teachers and classes and you might end. Absolutely and I think that's fine I think you know this day and age. You know it doesn't make sense for somebody you know in high school to pigeonhole themselves into one career other 'cause. You don't know whether or not gonna like it and clear and and it'd be while rounded. And also the liberal arts education you've developed here you know writing skills and reading skills based upon a very wide range of topic that's champion in the majority of people we know two they don't the is that what ended up becoming or edited viewing has nothing to do with before they went to school or a lot of that Jackson that's exciting part though you know. I find your way sell all right so you started. From the bottom up there Erica for an NC what happened next so then when I was an empty I figured out that I like banking and that I wasn't I have bad edit. And so our maidan then went into comedy you know continuing education mode. To get. You know butter queen and with some of the more technical. Us off with banking. You know counting. On business law and such so I took summed up some classes at saint Joe's university outside of Philadelphia. A home to develop those skills and then move back home. On to work for the fan and business in 2008 which was very interest in time to be getting into thinking because. Would those of unrest sessions had. I have talked about trial by fire. So I mean the base you know I was working for. Wasn't impacted significantly by the downturn but it was clearly agree you know real world lesson in the do's and don'ts of of banking so. I think he went back to continue your education as well Newington eight to fill those gaps that you still could go back and get that educational audit people. Looks that sticks to like night classes and part time classes at TC UC chose kind of fill those gaps in February what about. Yeah absolutely so what is it what he says the hardest part about your job and how do you deal with those challenges. So I think the hardest part of my job is also the most interesting part of my job which is that dealing with. Business is no businesses alike so you constantly have to. Before possible and you have to adjust your approach to. Assessing the risks of a business and the strengths of business so you you really have to be able to think on your feet. A home and you have to be good listener as well you as a banker I think. You eat your better serve when you listen to your customer rather than try to tell your customer. What you know what year expertise is is. Showing you on because really they know they know their business better than anyone else and they're usually very excited to tell you about the business oh. That's really to me com. You know the the the most interesting part but it can be a challenge because every business is different so every day is different. Let's go to Rio what that monotony then noticed which has so kind of a nice thing which a lot of people. You know and jobs and even don't like that much find that everything there or it's this and every day. So you shared some great advice that your father gave you out what advice would you looking back on yourself I'd I'm young press with sag. If you're my advice to you as an older and wiser course for is. All of them ha geez that's a that's a tough question. You know I think column. I think you would just be too. Be more open to learning new things at a younger age I think. When I was younger as I was progressing. Com I think I had a tendency to sort of fall in June. Areas that I party learned about so I had fairly strong opinions. I'm on certain things with and thinking and expression technical side. And since that time one and so much more I look back and say probably could learn. A lot more and quicker period of time. If I had been a little more open minded as it was progressing through yours so I think we all can relate to that. Bloomberg's element is that what that is out there and that's that it it's scary. But it's really true to grow absolutely. Off. Again our neighbor as well as our main political but but think back now. What was your very first job ever. So that's a great stories so this is all media little plug for this company is dollars in the friends here. My first job title was your program. That's the fish and I think it's still exists today was working force overly lean which is a marina and so relate when I'm counting. And I it was a yard Brad so and I started working at fifteen. Again if it's my father. Whose advice was more the yeah. Literally the day turned fifteen which is in July he's an all right you know Marie talked to the owner. And you know go thought application here and you will see if you get the job. And then come basically I started and during and emptying dumpsters. And cleaning bathrooms. Meaning votes. More in the long speedway acting weeding staining the tax you name it you are rat is really kind of an all encompassing yeah. Object say a debt exactly what I personally can't do said he our rat and exactly so that that was a good experience and it totally but you know invaluable. And every time I still see the order from time time and I and I retirements in my thank him bird. You know instilling work ethic and mean. Also making me appreciate affect them.