RBJ Fast Start: Caroline Hill

Monday, April 2nd

Financial advisor at Sage Rutty Co. Inc.

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What's your name Adori front my name is Caroline hill and I from Rochester new York. And what is your job title in the financial advisor siege ready. What school did you go to and did you study for us. I went to see Lawrence university and I did not study for this. Actually received. A Bachelor of Arts in Chinese studies. Only some ledger format you and doing something with finance for your career. Well I eight knew that China it was going to be a really important global economic power was very interesting to me. I got to live there in Shanghai for about four months we did a family that spoke no English. Saying really got teased a lot of my Mandarin skills that I had studied language skills. And it allowed me to appreciate. What it means to live in a global society. So being able to adapt to different cultures and different environments. And help me figure out that I wanted to be involved with helping other people. And I wanted to be. Working in an environment that would take into account all of the things that are changing in our economy. Is the financial advisor. We see the changes every. That is so interesting being able to take and take the things that you've learned not just from school from your experience overseas. What else what can you say that UG when your job everyday that is something that you. Learn either from what you studied in school are what are your time in Shanghai. Sure well I also received a master's in business administration. So I took a lot as managerial accounting. And finance which lies. Not the most exciting I have. However it gaming skills to be able to become really successful and Eisner. And but I haven't really diverse client base to being able to appreciate people from different backgrounds. But different uncles. And having the experience of really understanding what it means to. You know global economy and has helped me do. What do you say is the hardest part about your job. Hardest part about each. I would see the most challenging thing is. Being able to provide aid. People. The best ability accomplish what they wanna DO. Sometimes yet to have challenging conversations. And sometimes. You know people wanna be able to accomplish things financially that they need to make decisions about her prioritize. Send with action that can be some some of those conversations can be hired but at the end of the day I clientele we seek a decent much. I think that's even likened the second half that question is seen as an artist are out a collective we we should rephrase that at most challenging policy not just that now yeah. Even as happened in. But at how you do what those challenges. My soul how do you vent at that at least at see dreading and Sutton do you see yourself moving up there. It's our as your investment company. So I've been an advisor for about four years now. I started at siege ready in 2018. I am I was at it looked and other local fans here and register previously. And I see myself as sending you hearings on siege ready certainly. I have a really. Aggressive long term goal in mind and you know being able to work with clients and help them accomplish their goals. The most sorority thing what is an aggressive long term goal. I would eventually led to become a corporate officer of seat ready. No what does that entail vs your job now so essentially what that means is you become a shareholder. So like essentially a partner. The action. So you were talking about being goal oriented so lucky break down the goals you have of course it is talked about the long term goal do you go from year lead to month lead to daily hourly what's the breakdown for that. Absolutely I mean I. In being able to quantify goals and metrics are around it allows you to be successful. So yes I have activities that I need to do on a daily basis that allow me to accomplish monthly and yearly goals and then I do longterm goal planning as well. And really what it revolves around his evil to grow my practice and being able to. Provide the best advice to the most amount of people that want that advice. In Rochester. You organize that because there's there's a lot of people out there there are some who may do that with just post it notes everywhere. And it looks you know I kind of crazy. And there's others and other more organized what's your method. EU's. Still. I have he's time blocking and attempts pretty basic but I will would really coaster every day and my calendar and it's. Sighing you know different tasks to each. Hour of the day or two hours depending on whatever you know my time that task we'll take serie literally break it down you know by the nine times each day. On to be able to accomplish those things they have to stick to it is if I don't it doesn't work threat itself. Do you block out time for for yourself and for self care and it sell what types of things do you do to add to do that. Absolutely I think that's one of the most important things because if you don't you'll burn now. So. I build in time for exercise. And that's really important are I'll also build in time to have lunch with my co workers. I sit down every day with them for at least half now. We just talk about what's going on in their lives in the office is just such a meeting Caltech. A Korean I do for five dollars and read these. Let's take a little your back in time here first. Job ever what was. Urged job manager first and he got paid to do a roll I was a babysitters now. I tell you may get as club and I loved it it was wonderful you did it teach you how to bring our deserts him as well because when your. At that age and your watching not only responsible person was child you gotta get your calculus homework done and you gotta make sure to see your parents and maybe you've got practice or whatever happen is so that's probably had a good way to practice a man on your side blocking skills are absolutely in an average kids went to sleep I would always clean house. My god yeah. Maybe the packer land which is bad right now it. I was gonna say having your credit organized. Hasn't always been like this when you're young was it is just like in grain in your DNA all must. You know all. No all I needed to actually had a messy room when I was the kqed in the kid doesn't. That. I think that along the way I learn that to do all the fun stuff I wanted to do I had the organized. So in order to make time for all the extra things that were enjoyable. That we're necessarily school I had to make sure I had Hillary die and then all of that you know priorities accomplish before right as if I have. Six to give a piece of advice here younger self but that he would were Sarah another. Bid at sage wisdom we drop by yourself. Yes and I think about this a lot and it's there's actually two things I wish I can tell myself. The one thing that no one else can give you his confidence. In need to continue to be confident in yourself. Nobody else can give Tia. I'm and then the second thing is. You know. Be OK would agree lack. You don't always have to be pushing pushing forward an unhappy with the current place. It's okay to sit where you are enjoy the accomplishments. Recognize them spend some time there. And then move where. And it's really easy and patient. I'm always wanting to accomplish Moyer on and it's something that I have to act I have to work on that have to be OK with rain and now and saying yeah. I'm really proud of what I've done and celebrate. A lot of colonials are that would ally I mom and I love believe freeze that because I don't feel as though your alone and that at all I can definitely see some aspects of that. Or Hampshire you've seen some aspects of that where there is so much available to us. And our generation and DC so much opportunity out there on line at sometimes are like no I want and I want it now why can't I have best and your it is. I think a practice to be able to take that mindful time ends. Experience life in the moment Maceda. CNET and it's it's so easy to see life as a race yes Reagan were always trying to look for the rat race yet where's my sheet Indiana now. And another race and you're just looking forward younger blinders on and arguing and looking forward your announcing everything else around you Semitic it's good that. Stop and take a little time to look around so that's awesome now. I'm sure it'll ask you this all the time but earlier you told us that you speak Mandarin Chinese so I have to ask you can use say something. In Mandarin Chinese can you say 98 PX why the number one hit music station I don't that straddle it I have. After. I I can't really say that I don't Ivan out of practice I have to tell you love that I tell our and you really think about yeah whatever yeah. I can say a mean hall shares held by. Hi my name is. Caroline that was my Chinese president. Press we can't do that isn't it and figures that say Tokyo.