RBJ Fast Start: Bryan Karns

Sunday, February 18th

Championship Director for the 2019 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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What is your name and what town are you for a Brian Carnes and I'm from Stillwater Oklahoma a threat so I think when it comes to these Rochester fast starts. You have lived in Rochester for the lease a lot of time you moved here in August correct to death and cut lower six months he got to experience a little bit at the nice weather before this came down. That you it was a nice way to ease myself and the Rochester and like sending my wife is much happier. I mean experience a little bit warm weather I can imagine so you're job is very very interesting very different it has moving around every couple of years what is your job title exactly. So my job title loses championship director. For the event and what that essentially means is I oversee. All of the sort of operational components to our events so will the way we're structured it's PGA of America is our. Headquarters are down in palm beach gardens Florida so were freezing up here. In the middle of winter. 95% of our staff his base down there in and sunny Palm Beach Gardens. And so we typically will have a oh you know two to three person staff starting out about two years out and then and grow its may be eaters tend. And so the other three. Three major components for us server volunteer recruitment team need probably 15100 volunteers run this event moxie we sell tickets as people come on CNN. We still corporate hospitality packages to it's all the big companies in the area and so that's kind of what we focus on in the day in and really everything in between. Interesting so is this how it works for all of its tournaments because I mean for the layman you see these on TV and you see that the golf Briscoe during a lot (%expletive) But to know if you work that goes into it as a typically get to your process for all of these it it is Monday it is for us and in it's it's it's more or tier process for us because we relocate our events every year so you see you weekly tour events that are in the same place every year the same golf courses. It's a little bit easier to turnaround in just and just twelve months because they can build an infrastructure that they can keep up and it's just easier to go back to same venue. So for rusted to go to new sites them although protestors are seal kills is a familiar venue for us we need that additional time just established herself in the community sure why Rochester. Well I think a number reasons when we when we look at sites it's there's. You know kind of a checklist that that our boss Kerry Hague who's really kind of did the czar of the PGA of America when it comes to a site selection in in golf course setup. When he goes and looks at new venues. Personally after the great golf course and I think oh killed text that box and absolutely it's a that's it's unbelievable there's very few golf courses that. Have to have history and had posted a number championships not just from the PGA of America before Austin from the USG AUS opens US amateurs. In Ryder Cup PGA championship it's incredible so that app box is checked. If you really need to have a membership the pies and I think there's a lot of clubs out there that. They they don't wanna buy and they don't want a host events because that means they lose their you know they lose a golf course for six weeks and you're there at 630 tee time on Tuesday exactly the range gets eaten up and I think anyone Nintendo kill those that we do a lot of construction on the arranged so their there's memberships and and parts of the country those that look we're not in the that in and so. Having a club that wants to support the event and also wants to volunteer and they wanna supported anyway they can. That that's another big thing. Have a really at third check mark is is just having a community that treats these events like it's like it's Debian that the major championship that it is and I think that's what's a spouse about. But our Rochester is that they've they've always supported us and in every time we come back I keep hearing over and over that you know the PGA of America professional golf term sets they're pro sports you know. Buffalo's got the bills and her neighbors. And obviously there's there's great minor league sports here. But every 456 years we come back it's it's a big deal and that's why we continue to come back. So let's talk through how you got to where you part because this is. Pretty amazing position that you COLT overseeing essentially everything shore where did it start to go to school. So when I went to school. I'd I knew I wanted to work in sports that was kind of my DNS's. Fifteen years ago almost when it started and there wasn't sport management and open process like now sport management as a boom mean degree there's lots of schools that that's. You know they have big programs of back then. Didn't really know you know the best way to get insects he started out as a as a PR major and thought it was going to be sports writers of rove the school paper in and really was just doing anything I could to get in the sports. You know there's lots of internships mostly all of them unpaid and lower the same with a radio we feel you can trust and diocese and you'll understand and so I was really just putting myself out there. You know anyway I could to try to gain experience and as so in 2007. Did PGA championship was at southern hills and Tulsa Oklahoma so I was next in grad school and still water. Which is about an hour away from polls than and because I was working on on college sports at that point for the university. At a free summer and so there's intern ship to go work with the PGA championship and went there and spent about a month. Working in and corporate sales and corporate services religious kind of you know making sure the clients had a good experience that week. Just met the right people and three months later I got a phone call asking if wanted to work in the Ryder Cup in the removal Kentucky and the stars allotted all static and again it's well he's he said I mean you know it's all about I mean the right people and and when you have that opportunity to do your best I guess they saw something in and that that daylight than has ever had an opportunity go back and do and so I spent. A couple of years doing corporate sales. For the 2008 Ryder Cup to 2012 Ryder Cup. And then when I was removal. Conducting a second time. There is an opportunity to to be internment tracked resentment for a lot of us on site that's kind of the ultimate goal of whether you know working on volunteers sales are operations. Sides it's a great opportunity needed to sort of run the events and there's an opportunity in French Lick Indiana so I'll cash yeah as early paper its front that is that's gonna get press lycra and absolutely that is that's the calling card for that town. But but it you know in addition to Larry Bird they do you have an unbelievable. Golf course there Pete Dye and two really great hotels and and they had spent a lot of time and effort trying to get an events and and so they they did in the 2015. I kitchen aid senior PGA championship was there and so that was my first. Event as tournament tractor and then from there went DC. And it's due 2017 kids need senior PGA and then and that's led me here to steer cut third round it duty sits and it's not that now it's easy it's you know it's it it does get easier there's certain things that you pick up and bud buddy side is is is unique and there's unique challenges that that you face and so it's but the analysts say did the infrastructure to support an Oak Hill and Rochester is is unbelievable so that that makes my job these important. Now when these tournaments are happening do you sleep or you have to meets pretty much up all the time. You know during the event week in and and ended the month leading up there's not a lot of sleep because they think year suggest you work and so our nation and in your also any little thing you're you're trying to you know it's keeping up the night but. I think for anyone that works in this industry you have to have the ability just to roll with the punches and an and knows you know it's it's gonna work out I don't stress myself out too much at China are in and go to those we exit and the biggest thing is. I know we have a fantastic team that is my team on site with the team we have in Florida supporting cast. And I it really makes my job easier antitrust is that so important yet and there's there's a whole team that that you feel like look I'm not out there about myself on this and so what do you say is the most difficult part of your job how do you deal. The most physical part of the job. That's a great question because there's not a lot difficult parts of the job. Leon is that passion sports makes a lot easier ride doing some and you love it seems like work and if your. And not at 5 o'clock and an average and expand the exactly I mean I think you know that the hardest parts. Is is heading really doing everything we wanted because Wilson tear me especially and in markets like this where you opted to evil so excited about everything and wanna get involved everywhere. They have a limited bandwidth with with just me in three other people on staff soul talked. You know different companies are chair I mean you wanna get involved everybody and many see that enthusiasm. You wanna be able it was partner on this let's get involved here but. Obviously we can only get stretched so then. And our laurels Nichols leave a lasting impact on the community in in in so that's where. You know I do feel bad McCain get to everybody or we can't you know partner with everybody and everything but I think interminable two and I think that event week it'll be something special for Rochester and and hopefully we can get as many peoples as involved as possible. Now let's go back this is one of our favorite questions always ask. First job ever. My first real job ever was at a service station. In Oklahoma side I know. You know those really don't exist anymore but it was the only one in town where you could go and someone would actually pump your gas in Russia and so you know pull up and then we would a lot of my job was going out. Pumping gas she'd wipe the windows down checked tires. Pop the hood shekel fluids. And then you would you know we did oil changes fix flat tires and so that that was my first real job done that was this was that the service station the fun game to play as how do you tie it and took you do now. Oh I think you learn and you learn from every job and there's these these things you pick up lag. I think more than anything it's just it's the service. It's it's understanding that you know. I am there to deliver something in that that somebody's pain before and just like now I mean there's times that you know people are unhappy with with the whatever it is we did corporate sales among wasn't happy with the menu boards and you have to put out fires like that I'm Annie goes back to that that you know someone that. You know they they had some requests fill their tires up pretty you know crap because they didn't Greta it's just any little thing and you just realize that you know he use aegis that you wanna make that person smile at the end of the day. Regardless of how their act in this is how I need to behave and it's a good lessons learned early on because the rest your life that's it doesn't get any easier that's for you put out. For me certainly that there's always those fires to put out and there's always people let them and I think the potential to turn that around. Is is it makes a difference and business has been successful enough sir last question for you if you could go back and give yourself some advice. That advice. How many and that's a great question. It. I would say. You know just just be patient. I think I understand that if you put in the hard or any there's so many times take him the way we move around and sometimes how fluid are jobs are. Hiding them I'm now sort of in a confrontation that early on you're just sort of doing anything you can says it's kind of move up the latter saint notice things right. Yeah hey but it but he gets he gets near you get frustrated and and you feel like you know you're never gonna do you worry wanna get too and at. I think that's probably have caused myself more grief over the last ten years probably couldn't let us is that look. Images just be patient do what you do and and you're gonna get there eventually just trust in yourself and so I think that's. Probably would and a few more. Restful night's it's followed that advice of Lee Thomas of depriving them. Got a great piece of advice and it's not having kind of stressing you out put it in perspective it was ask yourself. Is this going to matter five years and that's if it is then okay worry away that's a good portion relied but if not. Onslaught itself not really before you go though what are the dates for the championship. It's may 21 through 26. 2019 so it's actually. I'm morally weekend uppers and so runs right into us as a great way. Together in the making a lot of people go on vacation you know that over that weekend but certainly. You know we it's it's a Tuesday start vs the PGA championship which starts on Monday so it's six days so Monday lessons that you really take advantage of that. But yet it's an unbelievable event I think what we do differently. I'm from the past events is the kitchen a part of it they do a lot of really cool activation on site and so in addition of the golf fans are sorely need cocaine and lost food food active nations a thinker can really blow people I'm and hopefully. Us now. Never got Rochester with her out there am I gonna pray for enough that I appreciate that. I think is a much for take its time to talk with us and congratulations on being in the Rochester business journal faster thank you very much.