RBJ Fast Start: Becca Post

Friday, August 24th

Founder and CEO of Helen & Gertrude Agency

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Missing were joined by Beck a post of Helen encouraged her to the CEO and founder welcome Connie and congratulations on being named Dave Rochester business journal fast start thinking Hinkle is a great honor so explain your business to us a little bit yes behind Mercury is a social first. The measure map of the creative process so we have data analyst designers photographers. Operators media analyst so it's really brain kind of these. Cross functional right brain left. Bring Iraq together and and that's the first and notice and a website when was that because of course and it comes to creativity. It's now it's it's very left brain is create for the crate apart back. Can't think very very left brain and and a lot of time at these big ideas that are hard to. Actually. Execute. And that's the right for incomes and so let's just melding of the TV our goal is to make sure you know and are running a media campaign that its accession effective and anyone do that before your running large money. So there's so let's talk about how you got here so you went all right T that I see graduated known and yup yup and you media design imaging program and what was the first thing you did on a college. On first thing I did actually lands are working Akron art ceased being an across the street you can yes I think that. So you. Found that jobs got some experience yup and in the back he reminded he always kind of have the idea of Alice are my own thing noted in my own business I. I am not completely anti and it was kind of there I've had some time I had things and asylum are starting my own business but not seen. And I really serious. And he really gave me opportunity I ate and managed and built the creative team in there after an hour X so I was starting till learn fast and the business early. When was the moment courier like you know. I'm going to be mild boss and did this on my own I'm different from me I think happened when I started really understands the problems of the industry. And that was really that measurement piece against France. And it's wild brand our X offered me a great experience learn how to run my own business it I really needed to break off and on the kindness. Tackle these problems a man so he talked about that it's you can come up with the best. Media campaign and the best. You know brand strategy Newton but to see the results of how it's working and actually have numbers approved. Yeah that's effective. Yeah that's the problem that you saw. Yes yeah I was yeah I was really making sure that you know we always tell clients you know we don't want you throwing a lot of spaghetti against the law if something's Texas yeah we're I tell you heard what. At that medical. Is to do that okay so many say all right gonna do this on my own not got an idea. That's got to be the most terrifying moment at least one of the most terrifying moments of her life. It was it was pretty dungy don't lie Brent Erickson is degrees supporters so we had a lot of great advice and leadership team there. So I had I had a lot of good mentors along the way helping me figure this whole thing so what was the process of. Opening up your own shop opening up talent nurture. Yasser us we as we are they had an established team Mary had a status clients. So it was a matter of making sure that we kept as clients very happy they kept as employees very happy. An and my main office space. The keeps Danish ship in the way that we want and that we understand how we're different from other agencies in the race featured. Police say is the most difficult part about your job and Heidi wanna tackle that. I. On every one needs everything. Yeah so it really figuring out what actually needs to happen right this second and who can weigh you know a couple of minutes couple days. So time management and investment and of what it boils passive yeah there's you know obviously a lot of tough conversations happen especially as having growing young team and say just have to be ready to make sure that you can do its best in the business while also keeping your plays very happy. So as far as they drink suck. And her team are they a little younger than may be. Other agencies. I would say the bulk of our team has won so where we're pretty younger men and do you see that as an advantage or disadvantage or is a little bit of bull. I was present on the gas so definitely. Making sure that we're giving them the right trained to give them that experience that mania some older doesn't have yet. Has been really valuable for us is making sure that we're fine we have a lot of hungry people. So making sure that they feel like they're growing in half people taken from me and though there you know very much the same agency Experian. We've been doing a lot of work to bring in some external people and entities is as some should there's lot of people listening that they wanna be where your rat. What's the piece of advice you get to that. On the biggest thing I always tell people is to be a sponge. And that comes with you know wine to grow be hungry passionate. But it's just asked a lot of questions ask questions of people that you think you already know the answer you back here how they answer the questions. And then really do a lot of self reflection so take all out and self reflect on who you are who you want to be. And figure out how to kind of applies some answers. Now is that the advice you give yourself you're able to go back we all had his moments like Jerry we wish we could he have. Yeah. The same kind of advice you give to you or is it something different absolutely no IA was definitely when I first started very. Quiet and that kind of creative brainstorm process really just kind of taking it all and assuming that someone else was going to ask the question I had. And nanny I get a crime means the very first Russian and asks so you should probably just asked the players and me. I pass that that's certainly an issue for a lot of younger people who in their first jobs or their their first college jobs. Where. You know you're surrounded by people that are more senior than you when you don't step on toes but you all so you know you have the idea is right kicking yourself every time that I should ask that. Yes I do get past. I mean I think it goes back to a lot of self reflection so when you find yourself a situationally toxic actually didn't ask yourself why an apps get. Was there are respectfully ask that you you know process that your ex now. Gallon of self reflection I think is really what helped me passed at. So we we talk to us up reflection quite a bit already but self reflect a little here let's take it back. It's always a question asked because there's always a tie into it and that the kind of dealing. Very first job. My very first that. Was strain that summer in college I used to paint classrooms. Says different every summer classes need the pain refreshed and that's what it. Wow you think there's a time in other authority Ari habit and well. I mean it's it's more of like an analogy. And that since the new fresh coat paint is giving these businesses a new strategy. I think dotting the OK rich kids. And it's good that didn't know it it's fantastic how long has your business been opened for. We technically opened. Junior team. So about a year and a nice. Whit connect a backer like I sure of course what would be announcing deep for me at my first job letters out. Was washing dishes and senators account how does that relate tonight there. Isn't she isn't she habitat. Joke. That I might not that much you lever up and the not a I'm not going to culinary trap. Not gonna answer that I know even without that self respect at the smoke well you know not normally I do think I guess in the studio. At to be Michener. But as far as expansion what are you looking forward towards the future as a getting need to have of course the big goal and then there's the little yeah smaller ones or you need to again that time manager of the comes into play. Yep yep that's the million dollar question. I mean for us we have we have a lot of different questions are trying to answer it now so our first year was like I say keeping those clients really happy that we are apron with us. It makes us really excited about that in the morning in and I think a lot of that has to do with us being a young team but is. Finding brands are really getting back to society in some way. And how can we work with them some of those initiatives. And we also have on the other side of figuring out. Where do we go as an agency do we wanna stick to social human and not something bigger. We don't know yet so it's really it's really exciting time early it can experiment figure out. What makes us excited. That's fantastical again congratulations and if there's one who's listening that maybe they under business name and they're looking for some help or maybe someone who's listening that's looking for there there are no jobs. Or can they go to find out more. Yeah you can always. Look at our website at HG dot agency we have all of our openings there. And you can also check us out on all the social channels and stance is that in ten. There circle congratulations again and thanks for coming in India.