RBJ Fast Start: Alyssa Belasco

Tuesday, September 4th

Director of Development and Programs for The Women's Foundation of Genesee Valley

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I disagree joined by illicit Alaska the women's foundation Genesee valley congratulations. On being in the Rochester business journal fast start yes it's exciting you the director of development in programs yes now can you describe year old shorter. I handle the majority of the fundraising for the organization and special events marketing. Programs for girls. We are small grassroots nonprofit so it's kind of you jumped and you do a little bit of everything but I get should be more on the leadership side of the position. I'm working with. And grant funders for grants that we receive and also giving out grants to programs in Rochester that's a part women and girls. It is it's it's kind of an advantage career lies. To start an organization like this one because you've probably do you get the chance to take on more than you woods. And maybe a large organization where there's more people that you kind of have to ask frog over. Absolutely. I'm working for a small organization. EU are taking out the trash she don't have that. Fletcher also working with high level. Foundations and it in the area and across New York State and talking to these. And a big wigs and fuel well. About why what you're doing is important and kind of having a voice. At that table so that scary in what ways do you support women and girls like what kind of what kinds of programs yet is so it's related to financial independent so being able to be independent. As far as taking care of yourself and your family if you're a woman. I'm for girls it's really setting goals to. Pursue either higher education and more having career calls. Once you graduate high school so it's really I'm setting goals and I'm penny getting through high school. To the next share share. Very cool and you went to Sunni Brock for a dead all the Eagles yes what did you study lawyer either communications and media arts and I also majored in English so. You know like I got I got a great experience there and had everything I've done since college I've been able to he is what I learned that at Rockport almost anything yet to communicate right and I. Writing Elena direct properly always helpful Diaz GAAP. It. It's kind of EP grow from that from that degree it really learn kind of some basic skills to expand off of as you. Earlier career. So kind of walk us through room. From graduating I got where you are now shorter. After college actually throughout college I worked in a restaurant and it's. Made a lot of money and tips I have to say it was painful when I had to actually get my first real job. On and that was at paychecks. Or debt paychecks for two years and it's. At that time I wasn't a big fan of of rules. There was a limit on how many pictures you can have on your desk but that was one role and but looking back I really learned a lot of the basics to working in a professional setting where before all I had was working in a restaurant and when your work in with. Cooks and bus there I mean some crazy things happen and the restaurant business. Paychecks are allowed me to really get that time. Professional setting and kind of boost my career from that so I was at paychecks for two years I worked in the hand books department. Which was working when it on state. And federal regulations for employment and it's it's about being hand box for our clients. And then on that actually allowed me to use a lot of my English background in proof things. And from there I got a job in marketing at the highlands at Pittsburgh which is a senior living community that the majority of them marketing there. And really grew my network. I was there for almost nine years with us. I'm told is a little too long Lake Erie unprofessional. But LA eels popular around us and a prayer right it's. Am I loved what I did there but when I came to the point where I really didn't nominee room for growth. I had to explain my next option. And while I was I I wasn't going to hop around I wanted it to my next. The move to be a solid ones I started volunteering just to see what was out there. And then. It was felling something some sort of need that I didn't realize wasn't there. And I started volunteering with the women's foundation at Genesee valley in addition to deal this club and a couple of other organizations. And I was I found is that their mission was something that I was passion and about doing something to empower both women and girls in the community. And it's so I just continued to volunteer and then when they had an opportunity they came to me and said I know not looking. And I said yeah sexually may well I don't find out our. And the rest is history so on allow the hearing is a great way to get involved in and like you said kind of test the water gas see how entry at tax time and gas absolutely none. Let's get back a little bit Doug exiting your brought up something very interesting that a lot of us go through when you said that you realize you had kind of reached your potential. Making that move even after having a realization. For you is that still terrified stick that. Are trying to I can't get set two years for me to actually. Make them move I had interviewed a bunch of places but nothing felt right. And I didn't wanna make a move where and then it wasn't gonna work and I looked. I looked like somebody who was hopping around and round. On and they're like a million easy gap tonight. Excellent thinks you're hot I did. Now at over thinking things on yeah I have a job monogamists yeah. Absolutely. And and when I did an interview from my role now the women's foundation that was something that they aren't really important. They were like wow nine years. You know throughout your twenties you are the same job and only yeah I do it's now. That's interesting because your your revenue we talked before Whitney about how what is it averaged like two years now Burton made an 81 year eighteen months is yeah number at especially in fundraising when you work for nom I think nonprofits in general they say eighteen Maya. Is that typical life span house. Somebody strap them and checks interest. So. Let's do look back even further here this is always a fun and I like to ask that opens like a game like yeah that's. What was your very first job. And how does that relate to what you do now there's almost always some got to connect on connection there is if you don't think there is I that I can make one up. I'm gonna need you to help me with a guy with figuring out the connections are my first job was actually at the Genesee country museum in mom's bird. And a lot of people think that I dressed up in my I. The that air no I worked in food service and I was I don't know I think it was. Does stratus or what of working the cash register they said you're not this is entry I and a I admire all less to put com. The liquid cheese on to the not show champs a kind. Has to be tough cat so old try and relate that soon. Yeah and that Genesee the. This he I mean it's if you wanna go away at an analogy charming we could go about around analogies and arrogant and where you know it's. You're working with the women's foundation Tennessee valley working with a lot of these young girls and you'll just the nacho chips and your helping them put the cheese on. On top of cookbook you're ahead of a that the at a I don't know by I don't and bring them to their full potential of being nachos. She's the case so she's like it's yet. Does like that the girls her how she's helping them become not surgery because it exists when your favorite ship we. Turkey Asia all of courteous if you dream of being part of not just OK okay consortia chips are not not as they're not one of the same right now so we're helping to reach their full potential by becoming not just I am I the there I clients they are marred by the. I was very they did and fortunately the ball. Actually it's nice now on I'm just really hundred. Of course I don't doubt he's beaten up as the bank is a much Dickinson diamonds do parents yeah I think you know.