RBJ Fast Start: Allison Shannon

Monday, March 19th

Allison Shannon, senior project manager at SWBR

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What is your name and what town are you for a. Alison Shannon from shorts on the new York and what is your job title om project manager. Senior Pratt senior associate. And the company you work for is its SW BR. And that is an architecture firm yes okay so how did you get to where you are right now what's the patent titled power walk us through. So I have always been interested in construction and and Legos so yeah. Going out yeah I mean and it's cliche to say about. Really edges was fascinated with Tom building towns and villages and. Communities. Come as a child and that has really spurred my interest in two architecture Selig there's two types of. Look there's people who. Kind of live their lives kind of flow are wrong little mean. I'd eventually find something you're like I could do this and the Steve like video blog insanely jealous of of that it's like innate like you've known this entire time exactly since June there's more pressure on people like you because. That regulate Gaddis is deathly wanna I wanna do and you kind of have that path sat for you. On as opposed to someone who maybe can kind of a lot to really work out well I think China you know hit it a little bit. Tried this or that rate there is no fallback option for me right now with architecture of thoughts and in my gonna do so yeah I definitely was some. On I'm a certain path and kept trying to pressure so it was a set sell you like Lagos and you talk. Our second US ARA and arm so I got into art classes and things like that tell me develop my mom drafting skills. And then I have an art teacher in high school who com sort of nurtured my creative content side. So then it's just you know getting into the right college and. Sticking to it not happening out as many people dead due to the grueling schedule and architects get that a little bit sure. So it's it's about palm for hours and studio a day of class time and that's not including all the time they use bands. You know working on miles and projects and things like that so it could be you know. Ten to twelve hours and studio overnights are not unusual either so. It's a lot of time and energy they put into. Working. Money projects for sure. And down as little time for anything else unfortunately. And it was a five year program at RP ISO was looked as of moderation a lot. It's crazy five years. Gas so it's like you get through that then as it. Usually pretty easy to land a job right out of college because you have gone through such a growing. Our dedication. I didn't internship I was in college stove right after that the firm hired me. Com directly when I graduated so I was pretty easy firming some others had a harder time. On that didn't have Tom real world experience coming out of college. Adding that can be said for most industries that Elvis you know radio's one rate were experience kind of trumps everything really gather there's a lot of people actually were with student. Even go to college but they. Got in at the right time so he had something good to get that experience and there and so what types of projects do you work as an idea of like a specialty. Yes I specialize in K12 projects. So mostly renovation work but a lot of additions as well. Very rarely do you get to the new K12 buildings but you know that's exciting and that's ground. You ever able to turn your brain off Byrd are you always seeing the world through that filter and we've had other architects that we've talked to oh. And they have they I think everyone of them has said so far right now are pretty much on all the time. Yes stuff going out all the time you notice everything every single detail of the building and say I wonder where they did the day the balance of this I bet. Yeah it's it's it's not something I can turn off. Other than the grueling hours what would you say is the hardest part about that job and how do you handle. I would say trying to figure out client vision. So. We have to do you know listen very carefully to what the client is telling us and then somehow transform that into. A building and plans and spaces. That they find down unique and useful. Like I bet I can be pretty frustrating if if they're trying to. Describe to you and a poor way of what they're looking far right embedded and you can't activists at some it's tough to communicate exactly what that vision is. And we don't always. Eric the first time so it's there's two plots and Latin black to generations of of different designs that we have to cement to. Our clients and. Hopefully one of them at the now rap hits a lot of patients also goes a lot of patients. Let's go back let's not go your very first job ever. But he got paid for. I believe it was a air cargo building at Albany international airport okay interest and hope is that big box essentially. On the bag you know got to take over the design of it myself there wasn't much design to it but it was a lot of coordination with different. Contractors and consultants and things like that and and that is you know. That was my job back and it got to design and a canopy there which account with a huge steal back and that fact that. For those exciting for me what about the very first shot ever like as a teenager your Berry for arming their first goal and I'm sure certain way back RA I was a. Concessions. Stand I sold hot dogs to people at Saratoga performing arts are not just got to love it I only have so. I got to steal and a free concerts which was the nice part of Atlanta. You know people like it's getting hot dogs that are earned just seeing. Let's say OK so we like to play a game we ask that question here how can you tie something you learn from that very first job. In with what you do now. In Thailand's Tom try to be patient said I feel well I. Because the there is a lot of challenges and that aspect that he had patients pressure. And then one last question for you you could go back to get popular time machine and go back envisage yourself. As a younger person what would that piece of advice. You'd give to you. Just take it all end socket you know every every piece of information that people are trying to tell you. Learn from your mentors. Definitely take the time to to sit down and really lifts and as people know what they're talking about the bad and then threw it. Without a hard lesson learned yeah like I wanted to do things am I am I mean she figured out I'm around that really I think Tom could have learned a lot from listening. Outs and Shannon are fast start for this week congratulations think you.