RBJ Fast Start: Ali Ali

Monday, August 7th

Director and principal designer of D-waiter Design


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I have to say congratulations to this week's fast start for the Rochester business journal we have Ali Al leading director and principal designer of deal waiter design. In the studio with us right now congratulations. Thank you thanks for Helen and Ali loves Rochester so much to Google to come back to its. You could be the ultimate boomerang that. Maybe your area. I'm sure there are other Yahoo! and better places it has so how long did you work for Google for. Close to two years. It's it's in exactly one year and month alone. So does your company has its. So the raiders ounce down. Did in 2005. Farm. With a focus on on interactive design and digital. Products arm and interactions and all the good things on the way have been it's been an adaptive company re. Started live this technology that it's going on the door now call flash. We have to do and more like standard web stuff like a few months if does. More technical jargon. But you know we we just a design and technology firm that tries to help all sort of are places on to build one of having to build on the web. When you consider leader decides to be a successful business. We are basically trying and I think for a slow a key measure of success been. How it can mean see the effectiveness. Of the solution that we providing a lot of or clients and I think. Upping places like the University of Rochester. A horror. Arm processor Institute of Technology and some other clients that we worked with. Reach some sort of really good solutions through digital technology and really rewarding and if you like that's kind of a good measure of success. For us that it is your clients and yes yes Sheehan Nancy like. Fruits of the work come through. And you can tell obviously have a passion for for what you do I'm sure you put in a ton of hours it's a typical week looked like. Tom honestly we try to keep that same. And I'm not really one of those guys who love to. Stay at the office for. You know on the whole time like. You know beyond the hours and actually redon encouraging of our employees to do so either that's an amazing amazing attitude to have because that gets lost so easily now and absolutely and honestly I feel like putrid and reduce his productive dozen increase if you're tired and you're away from your loved ones and as not good for him riled it's good to come on time in you know be focused on what you're doing and then doing you do and go home be happy. We disconnect from the office when your. There's a disconnect from the office is to do mundane things. After I love to get away from technology. Although you get drawn back to red bud I really tried to focus on things like working in the yard or washing dishes even touching your wife loves that. Yeah I try. Just connection. It's good to you know like you gotta get your brain time to recharge and and kind of you can be wired up with our computers and technology owe them. Is get to give them break him and recharge and when you come back and you feel really your thrashed. And ready to go said he try to stay away from Iceland's social media victim and out. Well you know I talked to stay away from such ever I'd like yeah it's good to reduce it to be honest on a personal level it I feel like. I come back on FaceBook for example. But you know one where through the working hours we post a lot for companies and try to be in touch I mean that's where people RC when they connected. Two clients or potential com. You know users might wanna connect in work well with what is that spark social media that helps your list so for us we've been seeing in that Linkedin. It's really big for companies I feel like. Anastasia archive of business were providing services on and Israel products. We're kind of targeting companies vs just individuals. On my team that mr. Graham works really well with. Other places because they're targeting the consumer directly in. People buying actual products. Like that but if you trying to get a service. A line you're trying to reach those people who are in on the marketers. Executives that people are in charge mostly linked in a reliever I've mom and recently Spencer than speed. Right that's really Smart but I never would have thought that that as a service you'd reach out through nearly Digg is Darlene Linkedin has that. Stereotype of being that I need jobs and getting a yeah yeah yeah yeah I never thought that you could seek out services and Jaroslav. Absolutely and I think that was my thought too. Yeah as I. I get to use that now in it's it's morphing. An evolving away from being just like the jobs yeah they had such asses and closely. Definitely has been very helpful. So that was that hindsight Tony Tony if you could go back and give your younger self some advice what you think that piece of advice today. The piece of advice is. Always. And I mean I've do that even now but like. Always look for a challenge. And never think that you know. OJ thing OSS I don't know enough hands. In Communist if you get to the point or you know everything that needs of growing and that's the really scary place to be eaten and I've been in that position at one point I mean after I love Google. I kind of felt like. What now you know like there's no place ago and that's not a good place to be by then. Yolanda you really don't knowing I mean so what if you're through there's more it's always things are evolving and changing and being back in Rochus turns in all that energy that it's happening here at this rate he threw the caliber of people and their Dylan. On. And you know. There's more to do. And the city's alleys evolving and your industry is constantly evolving like he sent flashes on the way Al and there's going to be in five you're gonna be using something completely different for everything's that's got to be exciting. Absolutely and you know were. That's we always like internationally evolved so like right now are building a digital products on there were releasing a fondly Hong where we help like people. Chris landing pages really quick. On so we're evolving and moving and chew him down mobile application development and plan. Doing that ever things like building actual visual products that you can just use on their own. I guess kind of like coming back from with a coal like product design world even as a Google. Bring in some of that energy back Rochester and there's a lot of great companies that are already. Pop monopoly startups that are doing products and it's it's really good to see on that happening much. Your first job at her off. And there. I I think this says. I I go way back and I irons and the if you dug earning money and college I mean the for a tired monuments and thirteen. Kind of doing my own. Solemn originally I come from Iraq I was born there. And I used to just drop posters that people hang in the arcades. That's since. April because like it and you know we then have in the nineties. In that country. There wasn't really. The same access that anybody would have and he will then have access to an actual professional plus there's. Real gaming places or diverse they would hire kids the draw these influence and I'll be drawn Mortal Kombat yeah. It and then selling them through these places and they were just hang in on their walls and you know. So definitely did that green you creatively artistically by U. Noticed very on how to find it netstat an added. Yes I mean that would be my earliest earliest but I mean in my first real job here in the United States and I migrated was actually had a movie theater. It looked and we stand which unfortunately close. Hi I it was really. Great introduction to the American pop culture. I mean I've heard that another country that's how the kind of learn about American cultures through movies so I close slaying when you at all I ask you. Absolutely the first movie I watch I got here was bombed the movie with Nicolas Cage con air. I don't laughing and I'm Angela and did you assess I think it was custody fight in Paris. And let's row is enough. Is scheduled landed it. And I'll Titanic that's coming out around that time and and the matrix and a lot of good yeah yeah yeah. That is really good to hear from that you all these so much for sitting in the best fascinating and Selma that schools and exit gotten I was really really hot and it was a a lot of players.