Random Acts of Kindness

Wednesday, April 25th

In the wake of a van killing 10 and injuring 15 people in Toronto, the city has responded by launching a massive campaign encouraging people to do random acts of kindness. 


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In the wake of the advantage revenue product people on Monday killing ten injuring fifteen. I mean absolutely awful just another example of one of these things that just keeps happening violence is out. For no apparent reason yeah unmanned truck being completely innocent people had done nothing. And it's too is react to this Whitney. You can just kind of see all these stories and being buried by eight just didn't negative activity in the dip depression that you can get from it him or he can fight back. That's the people try to art. Absolutely love this. It's so cool yes Al to run out is saying. We're not gonna let this get us down I can become. Miss and Elson and people and and just you know. Being negative about everything so instead of a simply doing like a thoughts and prayers kind of thing they started the random acts of kindness Toronto social media movement. The hash tag is RA OK Toronto. Ends. This is simply to spread. Some positivity and humanity in the late of these you know the recent events instantly you said. Becoming. You know burying your head in just speaking hate indicating people eating yeah I mean. Where it would have been news if you got the news interview just go to the next year yeah you go to any news website. 90% of the things you see are gonna be negative terrible things shootings. You know how many teachers have been arrested now disputed the past couple of of weeks for inappropriate today is that all the terrible things that are happening. And it's it's sad because a lot of the positive things don't get highlighted and I think one of the main purpose is to love this movement is to. Shell that there are good people in the world. If you're watching it as it seems like that. The case put out there are and tell your right now the negativity is they can do a lot of productivity. And that's on us that's not society to try to highlight the good things as opposed to all the bad stuff. Absolutely and I think you know after because lake because this has happened so many times. You know the whole like hash tag pray for like when this happened in acne spring answer Barcelona or New York City like the parade for hash tags where. It's a great sentiment but nothing actually happened is with this social media movement. It's you know it's it's prompting people to do something that's actually going to make. Then a little bit better and and there's some there's some solidarity and end. Some some light and here's the thing it's not hard. So easy read the act of kindness does not have to involve money it doesn't have to be like a big grand gesture can be as simple as. Giving somebody a compliment. Or. Closing the door open. Smiling at some time on the street how many times you walked by block through. The group of people living here in downtown Rochester you you locked on their everyone's is their faces are in their phones or other it's kind of this. In their own head to the real thing kind of front even just looking at a stranger and just smiling yeah. That ten. Even make their day a little better. Which makes them a little more positive which impacts the people around them I can't really is of our movement it's so easy so we brought this up earlier and been encouraging people to us. At random acts of kindness can be so tiny little things. About alleged the greatest we really quick before we get to some of the things people have done bodily thank you for that. Honestly from dean guys tweet us at ninety PX Rochester says I love how Rochester New York is so amicable at Toronto in us Canadians. That listening to 98 PX after thirty plus years on the north side of the lake. Preached that dean thank you for reaching out and is still aren't as together we are on. As the wanted to run down to be getting some tax because we do something nice we wanna hear about it because we want it. Pilot we ought to we yeah your megaphone a few well. Yes definitely and let people another are good people in this world that do good eggs and hash tag and Robert Byrd spreading this from Toronto or bringing it over to Rochester our hash tag if you do random act of kindness here in Rochester is. Hash tag RK okay. ROC which stands for random act of kindness and Rochester. So yeah we've got some coming to room on the text line Andrea brighter co worker a so this east so easy. A little spot there and expects a day like today here in Rochester it's an Iranian a weekend and a couple of nice days so we kind of let up in our little bit donegan this'll gloomy. Need that I definitely did and second and latest obviously been a little bit gave her a ride to school today. Little. Great to your read an act of Protestant anybody can be family to be co workers that's strangers that's right. Rich Hill left money in the vending machine at work this morning for somebody else. So. Say they don't so some noted their cheese or they're granola bar and I'm I'm Rachel. And we'll take me out that's gonna get a little more energy. The spread it this let everyone out and they do about texting you can check yours again please include explicit text line six NET TO. On Twitter and IE PXR Rochester instead and everything when I see all. Bob. I didn't give someone the finger who cut me off the tragic this market it's things that I even that love.