Public vs Private Proposals

Friday, May 18th

Which would/did you prefer? 

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Time to once again Dell's. Into the mind of one Whitney young and explore. One of whom many years. Yeah. The W out. Admin. If you got the the thoughts that run through it he's mind are you like her. Do you wanna have a nice privates. Romantic. Two person proposals. Are you on the show and end it's because of blood and it happened in ticket yeah it is so some. Guy in Syracuse got it would be a great idea at C you have the cops a staged thing the cops pulled over our. Him and his girlfriend and then. But if you propose I don't let us to any man listening right now. General rule of thumb if your proposal involves a prank it sucks don't you have got bit as. Break it's gonna like possibly give the person a heart attack. This really this could have really 'cause she or their statement that was at Whitney correct me if I'm wrong but no woman wants to say this sentence you know my proposal. It was so malaria. The body gets you don't want that needs romance. Funny yeah Britain a couple of funny yeah so any way the vote a video of this. Proposal you know was all over social media the copy shown asking the couple to step out of the vehicle. And then eventually the guy gets down on my knee. And it's you know the girlfriend seems happy it seems like a nice you know a happy ending but. This would be like might worst nightmare X. You more anxious than I already am anything that's gonna give me a panic attack yet let's stay about 20000 feet away from Matt note thank you guys so you don't want the big proposal to come to big spectacle grand gesture the big now I you wanna like what anybody around. Really just to you yeah. Because I told you this I feel like people get way too caught up in the show at the spectacle of weddings and engagements all that and when you lose sight of what it's really about so for me I think. Just did to people that's that's a much pattern also hosting the Asia don't wanna say. I the pressure yes it's a lot better to not have a crowd of like 101000 people watching yet others that I take. I feel like the early this DD elm kind of Jumbotron proposals out passe at this point oh god it's been done so many times sodomy time there was one that I heard of that would give you a panic attack from. It was. There was like labor. I'm good and she had no idea was Cummings she had no idea it was coming throughout the middle of the water. And he got down on one knee. And proponent. And it did act or earn bonus. Our court of bull ride back to land ever I wanna say that she considered jumping into the law I would have if I didn't have. How far the shore was out there like depending on how wide that it's are we talking like a cannon dangle a late wit yeah. It's when bonds Dexter at 3 o'clock. 222 united hundred. I'm relates to a person proposal hate public. Affection and attention. The five was proposed to in public I would say no it's got to be pride that little interest staying on this wanna got engaged in front of my whole family. My eldest sister got engaged in front of a concert for the friends and family. And at a meddling kids should know. And my twin sister proposed to her fiance okay as people do all sorts of stuff here when but for you. Public no I don't I'm getting it's making them feel like a feeling she's just thinking about it it's just so all of uncomfortable. Because. If you don't like I said like what if you don't. What you're not on the same page and like that the proposal totally surprises you and then I mean you're gonna I would say yes if it was in from the crowd but then I just say yes yes there's a six Natalie Julie yeah. I'm recovers and. You really a big guy but then as soon as we get in the car and are going on the need to excel about that. About things you did did there for a gas. No I go to some calls commit dirt don't teach you TO 9800. Lauren from pat field is he PX liked. Are you down for a public proposal or you like Whitney. They give you anxiety anything about it. So I'm being right now but. Well last year is split and that it is for both the London and NATO viral back and let stated they. My opinion is that I've will it be public and. And a if this doesn't go viral. I'm not saying yes so what you're talking about regular what's the expectation because they go viral online for a lot of different reasons I've seen night. Big crazy shows I've seen some scavenger blows like this Disney's scavenger hunt was label that would invite her. I like being. Over the top right from being really romantic in Italy professional answers are lower airport is something. You want cents. To be involved yeah rat. Where. He actor I don't and you know. I mean obviously got to apply tells you got Jimmy innovating. OK so you know. But being proposed do. Something that you dream about it a little girl and it's an even memorable you know. I think that's what I consider battle and that's why it. But you are you're certainly entitled to that opinion the threat of large thank you for us sharing appreciated evidence that. Our big guys to buy. Cut TGT 9800 Don firm dates is teen PX why would you rather have a public proposal or. A private ones between this your idea. OK before I answer that outlast collar all among us. You think it how long do you think that trigger point and a break up what after she told a match like that. That word this is. Hope to do my best thing. But anyway. What are important to. It'd be sweet and romantic. We went and held at Lehman like had a picnic and right before that and that he popped the question. See that now that sounds really sweet that's more along the lines of what I would not mind you like. You know honestly I look at. What we call the. You of that do you play that bodes well. Wanna let every every beat him. I'll look hasten. The timing the like the blanket that we use IA and kept saying it and they're up Patrick. It's like candidly that's that are okay yes the sun is going to be setting and the 50. Yeah all the rabbit it'd. Well well I mean that. Your husband has yet yet no problem with that. Without of course not here I did all the way you have Blake. He you have happy and I and the active dialogue. Yes it did take the pressure off. Admiral desperate to. Are there at. And yeah it. Hey thank you you want a big iron and it is. Said that.