Proof Anyone Can Be a Sexual Assault Victim

Thursday, October 12th

Terry Crews has come forward about his experience being a sexual assault victim. 


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As this story about Harvey Weinstein continues to you like to go on him more and more people sharing not only their experiences. With him. But also just their experiences of sexual assault in general this I mean. Obvious is terrible thing and it's it's terrific to hear what's happened to people bought it has emboldened a lot of people. To come forward and to share their stories. And one of the people sharing their story is probably someone. You would never expect. To cherry cruises. IT he's released super jacked comedian or at least really old spice guy for a man he's an on the show Brooklyn 99 right now via. Super. Huge Jack. Black dudes that is Terry current. And he actually came forward. And his talks it was not Harvey Weinstein but it was a no other Hollywood executive. Sexually assaulted him at a party. He said he and his wife for Hollywood function this happened last year about a lack any high level Hollywood executive came over and just grabbed him just grab him by the private part. Our Steve. He he really reveal us on Twitter on Tuesday jumping backe said he said to him what are you doing. His wife saw the entire thing. Looked at him like he was crazy and the guy Megan this is I don't want this to be like PT EST three but this. Sounds very familiar what happens you know the guy just looked back at him quote grinning like a jerk each. Her armor that he went on to say that the unnamed man on called the next day an apology. But never really explained why he did what he did. Who knows why people I didn't will never understand why people think that's okay. Just down the leg and we just like again. I I actually in front that you brought that story up to because I I assume that you then you probably that I would be a he's like Jack dude like it's not to say that now it is an assault victims have been. Shapes me is ands and sexes in and I think it speaks to how aggressive these people who do these kind of things can be they give zero. You. Have that's what's scary right. If they're willing to do it again I could literally just stop anybody outs with his pinky ten yeah group done but that's how. All embolden these people are especially in positions of power and that's where they think they can get away with the installation. It's gotta be some kind of psychosis and it's got to be some kind of of them of mental issues going on to think that that is first okay. Now you can get away with that even if you think it's that as a joke. The fact they were the stat line he grinned back at me like injure. I've what I love about tankers coming out. And revealing about the story is it the fact that like look at me look at me I wanted to teach you. He went on later I I read to say like now I don't under now I completely understand why winning. Won't come forward is that I wanna come for yet I never I felt I would of which. Kind of Orange now I know why women and it won't come Barbara. And this ad that was a really cool things for him to sag has now he he's like yeah I understand. But it's that but it's it's these feelings and as we hear more these stories we're we're noticing a trend of how people say the reasoning didn't initially come forward you almost playing yourself. You feel gilts. Even with the Harvey Weinstein stuff how people anymore. In an and it's important that we talk about this stuff because again just like a lot of the issues. We've been talking about even India the addiction issues. Mental health issues the more you talk about it the less stigma ties to be calm. And the more power that we have to fight this exactly sell I know. It's horrible light would Harvey Weinstein did at this point in there really isn't what it cutlery JC. Feminist. This would negative mile dealing it's a what I get 11 o'clock it's just like yeah. A.