The Price of Viral Fame

Tuesday, December 12th

Everyone has thought about going viral or at least becoming famous, but at what cost? Keaton Jones the little boy who spoke up about bullying is the latest to experience the dark side of viral fame. 


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My bull like yeah. She can have your ever yesterday and in your listening or maybe you heard they got you over the weekend. That adorable boy from Tennessee probably eight or nine years old. Sitting in the passenger seat of his mother's car stealing him on her iPhone and he is just sobbing. Soaking through tears having trouble getting the word out about how miserable he is being able. At school Harlem bought it. This heart rate and we can all relates Mina at some weather life. Everyone has been bullet right for sure and and it was interesting the way that he described mega because he made it not about himself. He didn't say how bad it made him feel he talked about is pulling in general how it just makes people feel awful might happen. We are young and the forward all the narcissistic. Right it's great that that's the sun dot I think that's why this got traction. So we are definitely traction he's got a bunch of celebrity now yeah I know one of the latest on Chris Evans who is in the Dayton plays Captain America. He invited into the avengers new movie. Any Steinfeld I think what yesterday she said she was gonna invite him to the pitch perfect three. I think gaps left is my problem is an agent. But Megan. You knew. That this wasn't gonna just be shore meet we can't have pure moments anymore and that is gone don't see why because you know. There are people who are out there. Just ruined drinks and well the people of not dug up a little bit a dark. About keeps mom the one who was filming the video and I I again I applaud her mom for. Having initiative to film that moments. And talk about it with her kid let her go she's exploiting in his ex knowing him you know now this is actually people have dug in her FaceBook. And apparently kittens mother Kimberly. As a photo posing with a confederate flags how wonderful also allegedly made some racist comments online and I met this yesterday help pleaded. Given money that's on I go funny page that was gone around. Alia and they didn't start someone started it's easy and the go funny page that was raising money for him that race fiftieth out. I like his parents start at its multi that's been suspended over allegations. That it was said by someone who doesn't really plan on giving the money to have family. So. Don't see I guess I assume in that situation. That. Go funny jumps in and out returns the money to those people. At a little boys not gonna know what to do with 50008. And that's not what he was doing for I don't think penalty is to just event. But there had no idea probably it was gonna get this huge and how he feels the attention he's well he does says he talked to a news station was saying how in a made and to great that there are so many people. That reached out and were carrying. But again. This and this is seventeen. And one thing it might be worse for your psychology in your in your your mindset. The event being bullied is Internet fame. Because they're such a dark side to this is just one example of people who saw that video and we are all warmed our hearts right and their first thoughtless. No substance here too good to be trail man this happens all the time. He's crying or beaten and then he's going to eat only probably want to get a Philly and it's it's actually it's it's Ben an increasingly. Worse response from these people that go viral and think about the Alex from target Abraham. He was she like everywhere and he was on Allen like. The response he got he got death threats people published his family's personal information including bank account. And Social Security numbers new people attacked the person who put up the keyboard cat video. The damn Daniel kid yeah. But camp Daniel kid had he was a victim of slotting. I know where they they call the police yeah they beat literally put in like black ops this little house. Little brother was literally held at gunpoint because the cops and realize what was going on there trying to defuse the situation there's such there's such a dark. Turned. To going viral now. They're all I know it's not in the might look now at least it's a child star in Hollywood situation. And Eric's and leaks and is keeps being more than eleven million Aladdin Aladdin. Which informed at their weight you can make sure your eleven year old doesn't hear or see all of the crap that's going on about you as. All the people affected positively as yesterday it backlash but it's definitely more positive than it is now that's live that's not a reason and not post. Insurer I guess but the thing to think about because it that so even these people that represented YouTube stars now are. Are encouraging their clients to have like encrypted passwords. Go to all Bible. That decision maker sun of star and she was. Happening it might pay attention to her and she got a viral. Snow ever was gonna find out that she was allegedly racist. But I wasn't in her motto that happens is crazy though make it like if you're the entertainment business. That's something you know going Leno even us like we juggling and there's the possibility of getting back to receive a tax on line but these people dull. Ask for that's for most part this kind of happens in the stock but it sucks though but our biggest thing that shouldn't ruin the entire being targeted as well. And her cat shouldn't ruin the entire video you know like. Even racists had to it's it's it's true yeah I get a pilot and they had kids and we need to watch out for those kids as well particulate. You're right this year. You had no it's no comptroller of the situation. And hopefully. Find some. Hopefully this is going to be a turn out turn for actually isn't good things for his life I hope so because he's in a death threat that adorable little kid star. I salute moms who don't. Ask me to be seen. That he's sweet sentinel. Are another video I'll be next week match to distract so porky and I thought to have this type minutes of fame. He'll be enjoys it I don't be at least it's not a absent those premieres and sure you learned.