The Pressure to Have a High Sex Drive

Tuesday, June 19th

Believe it or not it's not just women who feel this pressure... 

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Cinderella loaded up once sat. Rusty PX wide body gets a lot of great Danes and young runners up yesterday defeat the bill by hackers back. Hey I can't let this guys that we had. About the pressure. But you get to feel like you need to have a higher sex drive especially greater relationship with somebody else who does. And you're specifically kind of talking about the pressures that women feel. I mean guess that you're female Viagra. He is not in this pill is not even. It's not really female Viagra what it is is they failed. Antidepressant essentially is that it actually. You know that in and of itself is so problematic to me that a women is depressed. If she doesn't ring out for sex is something. That sent Biggs problem we yeah exactly. So I've read a whole countries like yesterday during Michelle asking on as anybody ever. But we feel like something was wrong with them like they were well again because there's sex drive didn't match their partners. And you about it in the poll and on people vote ball. In his room. Not me voted in the book where you decent sleep and yes you get older like this you okay seven. First off let me say they're not currently in issue maker relationship I have had relationships in the past. Because there is this almost stereo type and it's funny because it's it's a double edged sword yes because men are villain eyes for this. As much as they are mated to a and it expectation if you will share that or some kind of sex monsters and I. That if there is sex present in front of us that we are going to devour whatever life. You don't like or some kind of rabid peace anytime all the time yeah yeah yeah AJ it's in here and the near a lot of macho guys talk like. I. They'll be honest we run yeah. But the reality of the situation is. There is just as much if not more pressure for men. When it comes to sex drive the Mitt is for Whitman. The only standard is a double standard. As I have Thursday then zoos that. I don't think there's more. I think it's a different type of pressure. Uniting for women there's more pressure to you. Agreed this sacks and and to. You know to give it away and when. Yeah that guy wants and that's tonight's idol DC right yes. And then I think there's more met Erik there's more pressure for men to perform in the moment and JaJuan it in the you know. Well on top of that even I think there's there's pressure when it comes to win a dude. Isn't in the mood yes. To admit that because I'm gonna tell you exactly what happens then had this happen in past relationship. Where the drought is very hot it was like daily teeth and Blake that's a lot yeah. Ultimately what would happen is that was seen as a knock on on the self confidence of the want the poll what's wrong with me you don't want me today. And then we'll start spinning. And again not to generalize but this is typically a lot of women have this this thought process where. You know we start at point okay yeah and you very quickly get to point Z and go through everything that could you possibly wrong. Wind yes exactly. That's not and it jumps to yell it or not only Asian notre interact it's just. I don't know siren like yeah that's a stereotype that guys wanted to every second of the day and it's it's unfair expectation put and look at all bets are right out. At least judging with a lot of my friends I feel like there's more guys like me. Yeah school. Money healthier mom but yes you know eaten you wanna six I didn't it's all off play. And then I mean I've had attacks on my sexuality is. They don't you get the note all my my hello. Aren't available because it just so unfair did you get almost doubles defended died and it's not an ironic it's like it's. That is also this is totally a cultural problem I mean this is we have a sex obsessed. Culture and it's not fair because most people. Sects have sat Sammy. I think especially you know maybe at the beginning of a relationship there's there's more of that but then Deseret news is that he gets my view is the new news. But you you know you flat telling you you get into me be more about. Routine. You know I think you're not you're not insatiable. Look at your. Hormones change when you're in the beginning of a relationship to it's there's so much stuff running through your system. You know you because you could become very different as the relationship goes on yeah. And it's not necessarily a bad thing it's just. Kind of what happened. Right and and and I bet in relation to four other layer where the woman would say I'm with his wish it was like in the very beginning while I'm sorry but that's very unrealistic to think. Yeah yeah and I think again like this is a point that I read actually in an article converts dot com about the female Viagra pill you know and this poster mentioned there are a lot of factors that play into. Why somebody. Doesn't want us at any given time and it can be. Let's circumstance Xena you're stressed about work needs to us about them going on in your life your pre occupied it does not in the mood health issues communication problems you know. You're comfortable with the person. You're tired like. Yeah right and that's it shouldn't be this big let. Or the. That or heard that yet the person takes it. Offensively as if it's a personal attack on my notes on a personal that audio I love when we do that headed does that not. All of the time of some irate. OK let's let's put it in in another in other terms here. Love pizza. Yeah. Not yet I. Haven't more than twice a week that credit and it. It's about as. The smoke in the sixth and didn't have occurred but certainly.