The Post Malone Justin Bieber Conspiracy Theory

Monday, June 11th

Grab your tin foil hats for this one! 

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Anderson well. Conspiracy theory time TPX line and adding yet slide when you first of this Dion. Tiger praising. And now yeah. It's pretty convincing yet. Yeah exactly there's a chance. Civility. So what is this that you've stumbled upon what you missed earlier on in the show a lot of people say yes made a lot of sense. Over the weekends. And on instant Graham gone through my explore feed come across. One of those viral like instead gonna count and mean accounts now. And it was a video. Of postal loans rock star of the rapper plus Maloney has the Derry electable weekend's number one minute Max yeah. Yeah yeah excellent and it's pitched and so it's high here at higher cash and it sounds exactly. Like Justin Bieber when. While in game. Hanna now Sony's MSNBC us. I know we've always know. That's not really won't know there's more there's more this is his son Psycho. It stuff. You're my room and it's a good guys and openly and China. Class. I. I'm gonna hand and I go yeah. You know it's Giuliani you miles an action on zug had. I don't know I don't know I am not for. Allen comes. Like when he said he knows and average they thought well why is when he's sending me videos Justin Bieber covering post on songs like. I'd like in the dynamic and I all this really speaks to how Sadr left us. Do a lot of nights but yet now just pitched out. Crazy it's insanity. And it says turner stake in the plot a few well. They have a connection. They're good friends. Then they're good friends Bieber high Lake Mead in the big deal he is his post Malone open mr. Bieber. On and his purpose tour right here so. Welcome it's very similar starts. I wanna say that post Milan was discovered on us all up the gap sound cloud radler on Bieber of course is discovered on YouTube right. Personal loans on weighted version it was so I know. Yeah. But why Iverson. Yeah. Ray please total not a lot of them know I'm not blog post who's lane Buddhist. Please yeah. Basketball player. The basketball player to. Player. Allen Iverson. OK sorry I don't. Overs and us. A version didn't. Political stance. It's like to go oh my god I can't even. I'm like home and so there are often so happy that was a McLaren is not part of a conspiracy. Some guys in his song blade version. It's really about quite a burn clinic. Said. Peninsula. This sorry I didn't birds because birds I don't know where to go from here on him and thought let's do so. She cut you prop them up and he's made and finished up I did hear a story about how beaver it is plus loans very famous for all the tattoos he has is that Italy and it's. And Bieber was and it's only count anybody Iraq's are yeah it tattooed snappy rent the sleeves. Stallone did this song rock star you know and be little rock star got tattoos and anyone named Iraq surge. Post alone is a figurehead. The plot thickens all our. Alternates here. Jimmy Jimmy I don't look silly now that Justin Bieber. Came onto the scene very very real very young used flick what 1514. Yeah. Fourteen years old yeah and a lot of people were you know questioning when he gets on like. In a baby for example. Michael sounds like a little kid that's gonna have been. When he gets a little bit older yeah. What happens. Post Malone. Took over and Bieber started to do a little bit more mature music a little. Six because Bieber never really had changed his voice so this is the resent my deeper. Is helping those morning making him famous the pain and laugh on your head just explode. God ash were near experiencing some way differs.