Positive Experiences at the DMV

Wednesday, January 17th

Megan Carter says she's got the secret to guaranteeing a positive experience at the DMV. 


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Or had an excellent. Excellent experience. Somewhere or heard any till we have had a miserable everybody I'm not only had invisible man displays. Just as times change we need to change our attitudes. About the DNC kind of I believe best Jane I don't think it ever heard of anyone having a positive experience. You say it takes my expectations Kyle Moore. All right now others' power in that sentence but first you must figure out what your expectations were so. I never did yes this stereotype. Of being hell on earth. It's a Flickr and I are at that flight officer of the ex. Employees that you never met. The grumpy is still patrons drivers that you ever. No one wants neither employees nor customers hours hours sitting there waiting trying to fill out paperwork stinger for money over here today. In that they're twenty minutes it's. Kind of witchcraft is this footage you don't. It's called online book in my friend okay are and I got a few years ago they started this in. It was Henry and a ironically and grease you can your appointment online DMV. And we try this out the ones firms like 1130 here yesterday so I am an aching because. The GMG. And I you know they skip over your number then it's back to square unidentified out not messing around stolen freaking out your tried and like Greece Richard maniac it. There's a jagged snow piles in the middle of the excellent video game. In I get there 1114. And my Clinton was for the thirty out. And law or right up. There's another couple in front of me in line. And then the woman at Canada was. Yeah reservation. You come right up Friday's practice. Good to skip the line and ski. And the couple in front of you give your deaths there no I told them I had a reservation. Sign something she's immediately Kimmel. And they took the picture within thirty seconds after that connect it was a terrible on purpose or with a good thirty seconds after that she let me check it all the chilly look and can 32 that's an animated Joba Tommy says people assets they're here's a look at the and we had a witty repartee. To cheap laugh at your joke she won't jump with a genuine question imagine you were good idea yeah. People looked at like they don't okay that's really as much as we crap on people who work there it's not a fun job and that's problem the reason why that they're usually eats are typically so miserable. Actually I mean I'm not a professional photographer. Philip said and I. I don't get this coming from. The law and who hopefully for ten years but I can't put up through the man you could have been so rough. And the DNV. May picture look on her is. And I'll suddenly just. With this magic of of online booking I understand and says it's it's all gone all all the bad feelings on both sides just. Just evaporated into the city that are still could've went downhill though because after the picture. That's when you six on the bench ate it feels like church confession yeah about the way. That the least comfortable badges on purpose mr. Have a problem and you have like tips to get like a special recliner decency will be looked online and apparently if you look on liner royalty at the T I did. Bottom are barely people outlined it. It's called up there with excitement at hook aren't can't get up in my car factory out of this is where it's all downhill is we're gonna fights among grumpy. Nice woman ever really to a very helpful smiling at their indictment. Osman mines. Think that maybe the reason why it's always spends its nightmare to go to the DMV. And the employees of we seem to. Just the most miserable punch ever is because it's kind of like initial estimates house. Without saying you're coming this. Knock on the door. And the you know there surprises CO and maybe wanted to chopper off. Another the fact there's this magical online booking it's like when it affront also says it over letters that call at an outside of any attire. I sure didn't change. When you go to the DMV it's not like we're just pop and I've been by and we're expecting it Turkey dinner. We're expecting to have bitten or don't want two minutes. I. Imagine if like. First Thanksgiving like that 'cause then that navy seal like every few years that read only talk to you is how the black sheep of the family. Just showed up at your house was like yeah. And white. Like not right he got me a current. Attitudes need to change the current about the DNC policy shift is happening yeah. We usual self reflection and dear to him being not a terrible experience if you have a terrible Terry didn't he Andy. Do you think this is telling myself because there's online booking and I'm Donna I don't use it. Tony eighteen assists a magical already more you know.