Polar Plunge Tips form Dennis O'Brien

Thursday, February 8th

Rochester legend Dennis O'Brien has taken part in the Rochester Polar Plunge for 17 years in a row and stopped by the studio to share some of his sage advice! 


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She gets a lot of Carter and Corey and ID 8 PM I didn't geared up freezing for a reason polar plunge this. You know I have energy after having all of that doesn't even Special Olympics and the bullet went in with us thanks to excel and and our Kelly out annexed it the bear costume on yeah. I don't know what that video Wednesday's fixing vitamin C yeah. Plant for Kanye weekends that's our we've got eight polar plunge veterans so it's this the eighteenth year. This man. Has done seventeen years in his seventeenth year Denis O'Brien walked out. Thank you so much for having cancer is seventeen years and do even on that on yourself etc. this past could be straight up like. This map this out and yeah is deep hole I'm this. Things are sixty about a yes bullet looked rough tough stuff yet it works him yeah. Yeah how things. Dennis Gilbert. An electric bracelet your end up getting it. You know island even press it's. I'd have something going the the hype right there I. I just love that aren't I giving yeah I had my so much last year we that you for the very first time we get you on Twitter of course it backs it Richard on Twitter handle for everybody at Alia. I and Danny from the rock daddy from their eyes dispense nonsense about any candidate and not all teams Brent. His third third twitters here I I we met last year because you got your son peninsula are like. Is cool this. Sixteen times that's machete. And then we realized that we on each other from the small purse. From the interwebs. Right but we did bring UN because you've done this for so many years and there's a lot of people listening right now who maybe have never done a poll or Plante at the thought about it and think back to your very first year that trepidation that thought of wait. I'm gonna jump in the Lake Ontario. In February. This seems legacy of an idea then got two of them and then actually doing it can you can walk us through that I know that was a long time ago. Senator from brass yesterday I. And now on seventeen years it was. I actually a friend of mine's son had four at the very first year and we missed it. Next year instead got to do it and then of course that was along time ago we were younger and stupid. Yeah and country how many people act which that one was about 200. Isn't it cool how it's grown we were just talking pigs out. Lapels from the polar plunge this Sunday and usually Wear 234000. People now you're that Dennis you are part of making it. My main question is. Why. William why are you willing to beat Al crew breathing and no I didn't us reading liners like Nigeria for this guy's. Because I'm down by. Honest answer more importantly. Obviously it's for the Special Olympics. Which is a cause that's near and here it's many people's hearts. I grow up I'll play a lot of sports enjoy that and just loving it will spread the opportunity to other people business and practice is known as a great tennis town we all know that it's very underrated sports town lot of passion a sound come. Especially this year and everybody's up in arms valiant and as we want in and out you know into the rallies a few but as a down. So I don't we kind of that. Well I think people should come out and did the polar plunge it costs 500 dollars to fund an athlete for an entire year. This events I think the goal is about 300000 which is a lot of athletes that it the air. And that it's a great time. Big party tent set up right you guys come out crank the chance. I think my favorite parts is actually getting to see the athletes and we bring them up on staging you can actually see the huge. Ali and is anything or how hard they part I think that's one of my favorite part of every single year. And you let us know that I mean you've tennis going on seventeen times this year. You gotta have some tips and tricks you've got to learn some thinks the do's and its price them a lot of trial and error dive in and some freezing waters seventeen times. A lot of drown air and sometimes it to be. Well it when you're packing your bags. In the morning. One at things they'll tell used to Wear issues. And also suggest he brings an actual issues because you're not gonna wanna Wear those frozen water line breaks around now. Path and you know I'm home and it driven home whatever it is that made that mistake before Corey having you sitting in your sapping clone. Let's look slow as you get so focused all of diving immunity take about latest second. Got to plant for this that's good that's good luck they'll flip flops either right to ask flip flops they're just gonna you last yeah slash any as you say how many flip flops do you think at the bottom click on durable. They're still down that and us. It's probably one of those garbage floats and I. Yeah loud and. Went light on area. We ran ran a series going on seventeen times we. Biggest hit that you can give us. Definitely bring extra towels because they hand you a towel when you're coming out of the water this thing is lake. The equivalent dumping them drink at the bar and someone handing you a cocktail now. 3000 people are dry I'll ask the demands well isn't you know we did didn't they just they don't much take it up the beach. It's true you lose it back up before you can get back into the tent so I'm not only you don't even have it'll telling police cells which act and once there excuse there. Well I'll let you know that you know suggests it is. Costing mean. Like you're gonna have to strip in change like his high school gym class a that's an 82 balancing cradles and free as well. Erica what is the I don't out because you want LA you don't wanna be an COLT closed for too long with a win this well. It's changed I want to again change the tactic that I talk theater urges out. Yeah. She now works it never knew I was like friends and school I swear. Did you have as for the polar plunge. I would suggest because people Jimmy take on pictures it's going to be cold out. And you know those Naples bugs that got this and I am glad this guys and gals get it probably right now. So you know runners put in an examined samples to prevent chafing you know after about change career I didn't teacher. Take pictures. When you're about to go Lake Ontario and it's called you have those nipple sticking issues like yeah this is the in depth analysis you get when you've done this. Going on seventeen years seventeen years or that experience. DNA samples. On a crucial to. Their god Denny thank you so much as. Ammo until I have bungled Annie from their eye that. Number one is it inevitable that an island with Dennis great myself at the register polar plunge and get the details we cannot excite.