The Plan for #ROC The Riverway

Thursday, March 8th

Bob Duffy and Shannon Ealy from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce joined #TeamPXY to talk more about the proposed #ROC The Riverway project! 


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CDX lie with Carter Gloria 98 PX line is an exciting time to live in Rochester. Plus an incredible things that are in the works including the rock the river project which. And when it first came out mega and we were so excited about it and I today is actually 46 a D&C c.'s downtown campus is the first public meeting. Get some community input as to what's going on we've got some special guests on the phone right now Bob Duffy the morning. Oh. Duffy president of the Rochester chamber of commerce and we also had she and easy. Manager of the office of future leadership that is a title it is an act and detonate. I. Possibly Rochester chamber of congress that you guys for joining us because I've been revealed like all of these intense proposals and plans that are happening for the river way and that I. I can say as someone who lives and works downtown. The more I read the more excited. I get. It's amazing it's dizzying how many things are are in planned for you know the next. Three years. 35 years ten plus years I mean this is this aggressive guys. If he is or is ever direct rate. That big project if it released it was portal at OPEC active. They're built out our four builders. Like photos at. It acreage at. Regulation buried in errors presided shall present today and number tremendous project together. Air force thought this process is not about just those projects the public we aren't quite. And really look at those operators to do sessions. This is a wide open process right now honey hear from the Bubba won here. In downtown come downtown. And it is exciting back in million dollars has been pledged by Governor Cuomo. Is a great start that is that the and I think we do our due diligence. Derby or on the comic but first project that that creeped out by this entity. Really need to be and it at all while project which dropped the ball. So we will look at the NB target on the proposals and and actually I know your pressure at a breakdown of how many years each one is actually going to take firm. You are three Q ten plus Bob you say that first project should be another all now and you can't pick your favorite kids right. And what would you say it should be the number one project to get us going here. LL get a project I would say all beside the river front dated Eric oil side with a bit on the river front portal landing. I doubt at all all broad street or street. At the hotel. Out Earl. I would it and probably. Great at the senator's darkest and most impact. In the editors Eddie and I all went outside ball well again great apple. Like anything project criticize the pilot light with state. I expect it all it was awful I was there are so much of that I'll give the governor credit record and mr. missed the goal of April that. Out there are a large public decks built neighbor authority but two weeks ago. You fail to act. I don't but it or look at their support it and it was just it was great I'll write it. Eight in a letter you didn't people vote stuck around arbor there at eight developing all around there at what it did he passed it by. Eight but. It has brought a lot of other I think it has what the air port as governor I looked utterly flat spot. Date and pay. What we want it urged a competent that's burst as eight or pocket dot as well we are burger adolescent. We want your. And audit haters. It has been very accurate right I bought and Eric. Put together a great pride in their eighties copping coming up. This community that we not autos that would be an excellent all right I'll take it or people that way better. I Duffy on the phone that's talking about you rocked her rape project so far how would the reaction Ben because it's Ben. A little over a month now since we first heard of this. Had a reaction a great. In Rochester in art DNA all eagle at last at bat the ball. But I thought it spokes. Our job and went all out. If we are great but yet eat very well I. Brought it. It is something magical ball one. Look at hale that's great apple made it up though people but the app. Robert you out but at the river walk and audio out there are many many years ago. Girl walked in I bought an air yes or at the street. Ball is buried arrow. Degenerate into a river I point out is the only river rightly or America brought out our. Aboard real about it a little wobbly raid. The lake area is really that very cold river. But is not the only pity. Early but any transportation. And he really take years years years again. What we heard it off the area has died edit or order a great job but these projects ought soccer team and it worked together very creative. It is don't act like there's a lot at that point dollars aren't able. It ought round I think it jail they're brought an art job but yet about art project. We have former mayor Bob Duffy on the line from the register chamber of commerce and also Gina nearly from the register chamber of commerce now you have your box on the line. Right now so this is your chance as someone also lives and works yeah downtown what do you want to see done first and foremost well I think. One of the most exciting projects to me is the aqueduct. Re watering slash. Library north terrorists who is the official terminology on the mark my big nerd love the library ends. I just think you bats idea is so trillions of yeah we're gonna lose broad street and me we're not immune to drive on it but we're going to be able to lock ice skate in the winter. There's going to be green space and I just think that could be such a high above downtown and that could be some Mac is done within the next few years as well I think it's on track it seems to be one of them priority projects if I read our op proposal booklet correct. I a New York booklets I hope that critics of this booklet that you guys have published with all of these details and American people get. I don't. Yeah there's a digit is digital laden on the city of Rochester a dot gov website. Slash rock the river way to 51 page book that I think lots of pictures. On lots of descriptions of history. So it's a cool REIT I I treated its bank card and I said yeah apparently gives each I feel like a five year old because you don't truly helps is seeing the artist rendering. Of these projects and seeing the illustrations. Kabul like I can look at cleaner air that can only read picture the rest. Actually picture that's happening here in downtown. Oh yeah it's children. When I don't idea many years ago. Burst gears up. Even water L. The aqueduct. Oilers I don't able and very distinct it. There's an engineer's older. And act. Is ears it together a great plan and out. And how we got great aunt Jessie teacher at all in my office. They had a plan her weight which is very important what it. Yeah. It. They want and awarded this award. Or experiential learning with their aunt and screeners today. Art what he's up exactly Ali out of college at Rochester today. Like it like you guys. B artist. And what quite yet call is that oil habit out and eat all the Great Recession. And bout and it. Well money stock there was there's really not on or any thing and get back of people that needed people that while it. I Ellis they look awful. Because they got to push through all that ate outside epic. If you watch the awful built. Built lodged in my. EVE. National TV. They are now we've actually al-Qaeda. It is it made it quite awful or don't particularly. Now known or else I'd had architecture and it's really just kind of let it over I can't stay. Chan Il is XTO. Outdated you're state actually budding superstar. Does a tremendous job for us to create a program called quietly bought bring a leadership program. Special pop up as unity. She or seeing their first class right now. And she'd just done tremendous work a Jaber covers. Starkly. Had been pale pale pale. And are trying very gains and did you allow our CNN. That a great eight L art game also a very young professional Yale graduate our eyes graduate without. He's got literally does outreach to get an argument for special is a bit at that I get about you guys are the future. You're gonna run as he eat out eat ate all the date. Now that I'm away at what we now at their old wide ears that are out. I'll be making a month or walls might slip up. If that that we can get the this project. Don't think we'd do it or radio you speak audience. What Janet I'll eat at 82 practical as young professionals. Great groups. I'm just very passionate. Next generation leaders coming up right now and on honesty and his current edge about. This world this gradual change without seeing a special it is to side. Extremely bright. Passionate. People Viktor Bout this community here about doing good thing he care about water beat army national resources. And again outed aggregate well because. Not everybody at her pick these pick up these weight and not all activity around enjoyed his daughter wrote. We need people ordered teens and twenties and thirties that it helped drive as. We have Bob Duffy who the Rochester chamber of commerce also Oceania from Rochester chamber of commerce wrote one must question why patty that's on the line. What are your thoughts on the new parcel five proposal project with the new entertainment. Complex that they get blown deepening to. You know again I was eight Eddie barker I pres best or it looked early is actively involved. They're looking for proposal miracle out this week. Like anything your it people like it and don't like it critical back to. I experienced. We have degree at stopping and push forward and I think she put together a pretty sight project what has been a cost ought not get it worked out. But any. Arena of people stopping better about it. But I give AmeriCredit for coming out working through some things you want he doubts now at a Quebec might I'd history itself while it gives them. Eight calorie count. Oh yeah. I would go there back in L may I think and that's very email there. How about a monorail. I'm or octopus that shocked utterly what they are out you bet with the retail chain in this country. I was an op as it was all they did it at that they would battle art just take it building is any history. But how rebuilt all change Iran has partly so it was were. State help as the bad the 65 billion at it get down. And now parcel by all around there Brock got a commercial building he he would pick area to light it up with a special. And it based own. Oh again I don't weigh all the but I represent the chambers are chambers position at bat well as well that was stated it is very exploiting. And you guys in a chip it. Oh we paid a leadership position to help drive it. Not as exciting time for sure and your first Chansi involved in the Iraq the rape project by the way happening today. They'll listen now you're inspired you you feel like Megan Carty went rather that wall 46 SEC's downtown campus because I mean you've said it over and over about. In this is open to the public ever looking from the ideas and it is made is we can get and this is legit it's happening today Florida six. Open this up and are website and I opened up on FaceBook as well. Bob Duffy San really think he got so much take some time and joining us this morning Shannon will be good a reason. Don't see eye.