People Who Get Up Really Early Are Basically Super Heroes

Thursday, September 13th

We were in awe of Mark Wahlberg's daily routine...

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Boy it's been an all people can get up really. Really early it would she stick and I do not work yeah but just like pro life. And do I get it from greeted people yeah I did fit its not just drive it's not his dedication. It's got to be like England TNN I. Addicts kayak team PX line 98 PX line shockingly not my DNA did not match genetics but about the show beginning at the time yeah. Immediately be immediately on. Tonight's for a long time to sleep until 1130 you shall be productive member of society. I'll be anyways yeah we got out of this because of Mark Wahlberg mirror I kind of an off. Of his schedule do yeah. That was at 25230. In the morning you hope his daily routine daily schedule on isn't to Graham for whatever reason I don't know if that was to inspire people are a lot but. It's 230 in the more every day and then he goes about 730 at night and I. I don't understand. Why he would use to do this he's already extremely successfully is a network of 225. Million dollars like. It's great do the ha ha I did my thirties. And you write it sleep they get to look harder at it yeah I mean it looked not to this level there's certainly plenty of people who who do this to a degree who they. Outs early you're the person that gets up early because you wanna go to the gym because drag him out of the way in the beginning I mean you know what plenty people like that or the person who gets to the office. An hour before ever announcement as they want it Dwight Ephraim distract yes and that's probably the most productive time of your day itself. Again yeah. Mark Wahlberg or you brought up you know the rock or people like that where they get out so ungodly early. He asked shocking yet so the Iraq is at the gym by four pounds he's another probably 330 animation. I mean I guess you know I think you can. I don't know I think you can be very dedicated productive member of society getting up at 536630. You know I don't have I don't now. But. It got me thinking like you know OK let's say like your dream job was on the line and and it was being offered to you they said it. Yet to get up at this time every day and I asked on face but what is the absolute earliest you'd get up every day for your dream job. This person John so my dream job wouldn't require me to get. And I want to aero that is announce a loved your blood of the fuel that it. But allow people. Did say that you know they'd any time that they aired their dream job would be worth that couple people said you know where or a little bit more like yeah. Like 7:30 not a morning prayers not so normal any hater I ain't it out yeah. So I thought that was interest and definitely not to thirty but I will say also. Wanna make much to make it friends who lives in New York City is at a news anchor down there and she has been getting she's been doing the morning. You know surprise. Right she gets. Hearst she has been setting her alarm for 12:45. AM and won I think the last alarm might be 105 when decisions up when she go to bat. I probably. Five MIT I 76 I don't know all I honestly don't know who's now become illegal life Avaya. C permit a you're such credits the TV people who do mornings because yet they get up as early here Guevara that the media did they do battle preside at MTV camera ready we can but yeah. Stolen here illegally got a mess as I do every day well speak for yourself. OK I did not stick things. Big prize. Right right I Scotland days I have not been blessed right there are grown up into a bun because I just cannot even. Blanks we know the people on the news on my gosh I give so much credit. You to them for getting happened and actually doing full hair and make up and putting on she. Dresses and real ugly hat every day did you see or not he had Andrea it's TP XY. I'm an intern and then last year and numb. I haven't set an alarm clock in thirty years like get up between 3:34 o'clock everyday. Just internal clock and his wakes you up. And out. Well it's about focus and clarity at times it really. Picture things you know organized for today and I'm I'm alone and just get focused that worked out great. Do you base that you do this before you got to work you get up and yeah. OK okay. Yeah yeah I'd do that and let them wanhatten Jim actually late great now but I'll. This is yeah yeah he earned her. Might lead them to. Slot the I think this does. And I'm sure you were at this and I'm sure there's certainly your level of discipline is a huge factor but I think this goes back to let that before where I think there's some people who are border that are now again. Bodies have been able to acclimate and it's like not having alarm right anyway you over the same time I think that's incredible act as we. That the main man I could tell myself be part of that what I wanna wake up not that I app duke but I. I am an early lighters opened the work I still don't no arms bill light bill wake up nearly ten minutes before I'd almost up I gotta be up. I think maybe it's super hero a man in Howard I got an umbrella. Up about. It.