Is PDA on social media cute or annoying?

Friday, February 23rd

Do people actually want to see the lovey dovey kissy photos or should you stop posting them?

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You need is team he acts fly without Carter and oratory it's Whitney young and Kevin's wins out and we have taken out. The morning show this week well perjury inquiry are out whether or boss is gone seriously whether or not. The management wanted us to really yeah line out yeah after we made like honestly that may not have jobs and. I think when they fire people on the flexible on Friday yeah yeah that's why so I'm waiting yet we're just I think we should seek out because you can clearance and we're not here right. And we know that Camden and they can just trying to send it on sale. Others try tricky also trying to come in Monday morning and think yeah. So OK this something that I think. Has a lot of people divided is PGA on social media Fuchs. Or is it not eating and annoying and the worse thing. I have to say is PDF stands for public displays of affection. Thank you are to say that because I brought us up to my mom wants and she's like what is PDA. Alone. Well yep just case. Not a journalist and that's what yeah. Just be forgotten you're welcome. So like that they PDA is that it's the spectrum and there are a lot of different forms a bit I mean it I think lake for me. If we're talking about. Like I kiss. On the lips in a photo like. Yeah over the line that bothers you never know what you don't get. This isn't because you aren't with someone right now no no because when I was in a relationship or when I've been in relationships. I he remembered my ex boyfriend. Meet his profile picture unfazed by lack of a picture of bus. And I was like them. I got on a huge you ask me to get down no known and I was in that horrible but I just telling me. I don't know lake and we hadn't been dating that on either solid even more like oh what I think. And here in a relationship years you're excited rates are you wanna just one. Display. Your love anyone tell the whole world and hall loves you are and today between eighteen the way to people do that is with social media I personally. Don't necessarily love seeing too many of those kiosks. I guess the only the only relationship posts are really like to see. Our wedding posts. You occasional baby post let's about it. Now really what BA because he. And no amount and domestic event like I do like him at this point where an RM at the age where might might beat it. On instead Graham and face packets that are act is like half going out nightclub pictures and half BD weddings chickens like it so divide. The reason I like the baby pictures now to get off topic would PDA but there is like baby pictures is Y times it's a couple I've seen in awhile and all that's what you guys look like together. You know I need and LD your base is just it's interesting. Not about the navy it's actually just about the morphing verilux yeah and it's like well yeah come. Well I I wonder if like part of my problem is that. He can't never been in love and maybe like that's. And I don't get I don't get I don't understand we Julia so when you dated this guy where you at FaceBook official is ready to gather anymore to people really care. About that we were also the person I'm specifically talking about was. A few years ago so FaceBook was still. Relevant in that way like feeling it's not really acting anymore these days. Is this thing I don't not these but I'll RD but officials like I don't see people like running over to do in a relationship thing anymore like they used to although I know Juan. For them and got married last year. She was super excited to change your status to married on FaceBook well that's yeah that's a pillow saying I don't think things now I get your I can never do that. I can never change my FaceBook status Larry but I guess so to someone so years account. I don't options there. Years ago when I first met when my best friends. We and a lot of people did this this was like popular did you elect old and I like to that attack and yeah we decided to get married and FaceBook. And it's been so many years that. Hand and I still have the status to set there was a time capsule every public celebrate our friendship every year like they we've been married for another year FaceBook and it's like that but did you like it did that like that week we met in college. Are you seriously telling me that if you were with somebody and she was like if you don't change best like I'm gonna be really upset elections are. That's really wait wait let's say she started crying over. Well she's her cry don't consider it. All my guess what I'm telling you it's enough that lake so him but I every year it's September 1 is our anniversary Fiat reminds us. We use it as an excuse to like go out to dinner my account and it's got totally broad day. Is this mark yet he knows.