Pawning Off Store Bought as Homemade

Friday, November 10th

An alarming number of people pull this move for their family's Thanksgiving dinner. 


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Is blowing still Corey James classic just can't believe he's got so big yesterday. Suggestions for what to bring for my side dash the Spanish can sometimes it's the most simple I think that's. But this is this something that a lot of people are dealing with of course banks getting redder on the corner. And a mega you lie you're in you're an attempt to be an adult you wanna be walking to the party yeah and bring decided. I think that is I think it's nice to contribute and to family dinner and also if it meets stipulations that it's got to be easy yeah 'cause I'm not the best shift more. So I did the best if that guy. Not the best in the works score isn't biting your Christmas cookies before. Not the best got to be easy and it got to try rabble that's the pick and then. Well from Rochester to Albany, New York Megan were you offended. By the amount of people. Boris suggesting appetizer dishes. Offended but I'd rather have something that goes to outwit than me. You wanna go to that you I was most offended. But the person who suggested I district pepperoni and cheese plate public I. I can do a little better that's. They were there much of a hit at once a veggie trek with outlook. Better than that tear tear tear Nadia Hun dreaded Claire from Spencer port is TPX like a morning clack. Now I would listen yesterday about your bank it will dinner dilemma. Mega hassle getting to ask that it. And you you can pick up he got my mom. Our lab rats get this appetizers that I feel like I got everything he could under the sun and good for Thanksgiving dinner at like ninety upper body and he's flat. Urge you like Barry. Public and it's it's uterus. Reality got. My mom buys equipment Browning. And she put it there. Well yeah. I'm so. She yeah gas is now. Now they are opening will. That. No lag and the error might as well as answer by the analogy that taste is to be like this I get. I've tasted just before. Now that's from my bed that ultimately though like ancient in the table to light shines in your fees and where do you get. Did she does your mom got her on her yet and obviously you know there telling us. Yeah oh. Yeah and some. Like I. He leaned in my mind that well that is the bar and let me try and she's still an hour. Yeah ha ha ha not polite debate here. And I fair. GG GGX. Tex lines eggs and eat you back opera society. Greece is excellent line. I yeah. Yeah. Look right now how many people pulled his movie the number you see it's yours and it's actually for a stark. Yeah yeah recycler com or under the with baked goods like. Have you all been heavily influenced by watching mrs. doubtfire I guess that this came from. I'd like for the only time I've ever seen as being at things in that movie. Outside law. It. Didn't get it. Anyway I get there but they stuck up what ever read. Yeah who wouldn't know. It. Sneaky. Feeling putts I would be at war with debate I decide I ever to tee. The irony that the one look at her right now. Did you realize your dilemma and it works. Where am I had. And remember he asked me for the recipe and I just this week yeah. I can tell you but I particularly. Rebecca thanks for Colin. I'm living a lie got I don't know what's real what do you believe anymore Megan writes Sabatini and the ballot at the excise it excellence expect AT TO it would noticeable those women were from the west side. Typical west side move. Right we suns got Greece and it's rarely spent Jennifer that's acquired look. I know number eighty sorry guys I have a I think I'm pregnant I'm bringing it downtown and that we're taking over the he's got to protect our.