Participation Trophies

Wednesday, October 11th

Do trophies make you feel good?


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Temperatures it's Imus come. Again out last night the right SK yeah we played like this really silly like Beers I know holding. Competition is how does three and a gigantic glass of beer and eating had to extend your arm Cole yeah. This film that's out there last Donny and still. Whoever could hold the longest was the winner. And then. Some see and they're holding this sign there's four of plus other people on stage one of them tonight write a story on from abroad just desperate did you women who got suckered into that. We'd. Aston in the Rochester rhinos people who are on them early so what's the price for this. Like. I think you get to drink your beer when your yeah. And so within two seconds I was like. And he didn't and it started drinking addicts don't get anything see more of the first winner I personally. Looks and I just can't answer every one C trophy eyepiece and I loved and that kind of stuff no matter how stupid. When I was a kid it wasn't enough. But for the thrill of victory in that dad didn't do for you know now it's not a gimme gimme eagle star I eat it okay and. Physical representation of mind waiting to look at and just feel like you know what. Among some to show everybody the mean just saying under your time champ didn't cool Oakland you have a beer Stein trophy media T shirt. It's something to officially win and. Do you have a trophy shelf when you're can definitely truth is that earlier the partly your participation trophies. And and Yasser assuming anywhere anyway it was a couple legitimate ones that are maggot can't just wonder and. Not because of media on meet men and make that clear if I had purchased occasion trophies and let and the bottom outfits like the jets. Thought. Stuck I'm really want him. That went on the types. Like it weighs. Some of them like night. This. My tether ball 1986. Championships. Get interpret them from summer camp. I looked like a trophy for that. That 1987. Can't answer I'll be you know looking yielding king and the queen of camp games. And ready for that this is not right in July. Parent goofy looking glasses. As my eyes that. For going down the polar bear water slide first. I mean that really misrepresents your bravery and Althea got stole them when I set them on the steps to Althea gosh it's the order to assist to. Did she know those represented. Of course she did not close she was a bully closest to your partner in the Cleveland but I feel like I was so proud bulldozer and I'll ask trophies. And almost like my speech meet Brandon east speech mean you never had speech meats and things like that you've written. Larry. No announcement beats me why don't get your elderly and our super down indeed. Are they still displayed I do your finger now I don't know are they starting on the company's path and not if you're listening. Where's my trophies I need to protect I. Teacher of these are my houses than adults demoted into that might be positive and my. Kid to be like yeah you know haven't had a bad day but I'm still the these other gently at night yankees. I know would take it away from him and knowing Kia and evidence I get it. Then see how it was the opposite side. I hit my trophies some of them anyways than you would he did that yeah hi is then no one knows that you want them while they would like impair seeing stuff like. Putted tap dance with Clinton and huge core each of us but what kind of debt was it participation it was like. Read this stared defeat award there was nothing for any sell out first trust me once again. Weakest link on the team and this is gonna try my entire life. Yeah now Rihanna had a little dance troupe did it on the year and shoes meteors and I. I you know what I wanna put it past my parent I do not know for sure but it would not surprise me at all. Now you have those ones did not go up next a football trophies. In your most improve. Your life. You mean the loser trophy yeah. Those look that'd put out but that. Anyway it was funny because you're right we did get I get some kind of beginning the whole participation trophy movement right you think about it except that I was awesome. Others that good for you in school. You've heard I and the 1996. I tether jammed my I heard a rumor about that go around AJ sat and that is a chance and I'm letting I'm curious now because obviously I don't have kids some early share. Are these are still like a comically. Big difference between the championship trophies. In the participation trophies or has that like kind of gotten closer together at this point. Because I remember the participation trophies back when I was a kid has to grow like in this silently they're really just told the holding right now. So in England they're made of like plastic or paper way you pick them up and it's immediately fall apart and yeah I had to come closer together now to make new technology alliance that should it legitimately first place one announcement in your first place here we go. Yet those are the must do at the top shelf. A list. And I. 1996. Iran championships are really really hole none of that I'm surprised he'll carry that around with you know I'm I don't know where it is totally. Chicago transit entry attracting I got I. Got my view we could put in the studio they don't how much more confident to Manhattan you can just look at the bat every single that Syria. He needs something to look at do you ever feel when you sound like. I a couple of little exe heels awards or whatever might ask the Denver and you know back when I was like. Young and in process. He's older. And I don't know this city wire better record I'm now back when I had ambition yeah. The young prodigy an on and I'm in my thirtieth dealers like OK good for you for doing your job here's a cookie committee election. Yeah acts TG 800. Christie is teen she acts like good morning Christen. I only got companies you've talked about the participation trophies I think we don't work mom pat verbeek it and opened it. Did it when my kid brought me one of not participate in girl biggest. I believe it. But but it churkin public. If it didn't how. Do you know. It's. Rare when it. You know usually your Turkey and however that the agent wrote yeah. It's eyebrow. We bring this out and out I I I don't. And now for the corporate its mission trophy thing because. When you compare them to legitimate trophies they do make you feel bad because I'll is your I think I had. These displayed and it was like the one JB a trophy from the once you know I was on that was good and bad just a sea isle. Did I little participation trophy and know that and Scott Lyons always sixteen team I Graham. To commemorate that. The life and there's no participation trophies little. A mantra. Remember how mediocre and every day yeah.