Parents Who Still Clean up After You

Tuesday, December 12th

Should Corey James feel guilty that his mom cleaned his entire apartment while he was on vacation and his parents were at his place cat sitting? 


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A lot of guilt coming on vacation apparently. This one. Part of also clear I think he. Energy and makes you excited to come back I know but I I I I don't know why should feel guilty for this I don't wanna thrown out there Melanie your opinion. So over the vacation my parents actually came up to Rochester and they Katz hat next they stayed in my apartment why wasn't there. And just let other amber said he had basically. Yeah. So they came up for us Saturday or Friday and Saturday in left on Sunday instead with my cat. And I didn't I want to prop this this I did not tell her to do this ball and I came home on Sunday from vacation. My entire apartment with Clinton's. My mom. I clean sorry. My club clean the apartment upper thirty or son Rory who worried because you. I don't put an honest she mild Corey and you gonna. I'm grateful what are you that had become an that's not what. Ask for that so that's why I'm Confucian I feel Gillick I try to do would you like guilt well why exactly how much cleaning are we talking here. She's like why. She did everything she clean my entire kitchen she organized and things cheaply mad bathtub. She vacuum to everywhere. At that bad. I mean I'm not super disgusting but I eat I'll admit that I don't I'm not like super. In their intricate with a all the little details like that's the thing. It's is it something about bonds. They're just so good cleaning. Give me a lot at them she's. Mine she's so good at it such a Jerry. Can't eat she doesn't get really good at something we always have to do is get back to the art. Make it even like she'd like washing machine it's made my bed and the way it's it's the details. Intricate way she even holds. The pillowcase around the pillow. That's why they have the inside. I don't know how bulge like folded it it was amazing to me now I can't I. I can't do it that's how I'd do it now okay here to teach chic senior apartment because. Reason number and you clearly are the most spoiled. Thirty something and it never Macs. Are completely still ask your parents Annika and and that's just what your mom does that cat. Are. Did you feel so bad free open. And you're just empty apartments op your app can swing on it too that favoring clean forum OK oh here. The reason she gave me and you can tell me if if you call BS on that and you can jump into going to explicit text on six and eight Tutu is this on the to feel guilty about. And apparently it's still clean up after you even when you're in your thirties now. Melissa for her reasoning 'cause I call them after I factor it's very grateful always say all good and I felt. Apple. Her reasoning was that she liked it because he gave her some things in Vegas is that. That are your dad used to support conversational yeah rather vacuum none my daddy John to your dad violinist tablet planes whose card and I'll man I can't wait to get salaries of should feel guilty about the. Your 34 year. You're grown as a man that you wanna bully you figured out when I'm gone out I have to tell you. Share.