Parents Watch Out for This Candy

Monday, October 23rd

Parents are on high alert for candy that looks like the blue meth from the TV show "Breaking Bad"!


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The morning RJ. Good morning mega Carter did you see the creepy Halloween stuff out about this week and it got started that big time this week actually I did I miss doll I'm a little jealous that you it's an insult people and cost him look so much going on linking football men how sharp fall activities some nice out but. This is gonna be the big weekends where we're gonna BC and everybody. Homes and especially next week this summer going to be in treating. And down already. People are warning about pitching and that's gonna be pocketing your kids stockings and yeah thank you Amazon for ruining things for us tonight. Something you did Jack. In your kids back of course. You know we've heard all of the horror stories all the religions really of razor blades and you know things like that your kids baguette to make sure you check every single piece of the diligence to make sure there's things that are gonna are eager kid but this one on it's it's not dangerous in a way of if they eat it it's gonna hurt them and anyway. It's more. What it looks like that has people very upset right now. So this is candy that comes in a little blue tubes that you can buy apps Amazon tees like cotton candy. And that is may look like crystal asked me. It's a few other breaking act sick mind Campbell that that's that's what it's meant to you and of course it's fake but people are freaking out could for real Corey say. It looks jostle. That for all it's done I mean YouTube dead eye comes in these these tubes these like speaker tubes like you would see you yeah you know chemistry class and it. It actually comes in a bag of three of them and they have evidence. Written on it like you just got pulled from like the police departments. But not evidence room. Look on it really does look just like canceled creepy TI and police actually are. I'm looking out now and try to inform parents to be Ellicott this stuff because it it does the does. Similar. But like really it's someone who's gonna go online and they're gonna buy this and they're gonna sneak it in with like the Snickers bars in the and that and. Oh dear all here and very sheer as your blood test you but. Fake match. And I mean I don't think they're gonna give them how to team time. You're teaching chains. Okay that this stuff was this deficit that that it just it. Russian I don't know there's study after study that show like kids trying drugs younger and younger and younger it pretty extra people that's all. I understand we're on high alert not considering the the drug epidemic that we are dealing with a percent greater Rochester I understand that but this concept this itself. Might be newer but this concept. Is so old Megan I think back to our childhood bright number candy cigarettes. Say how but I remember I mean maybe it was just got I got I don't ever remembered thinking like these look like real cigarettes. They didn't they just looked like little they almost look like little pieces chalked hats I got they know he's like his yacht under wraps. Well there's that and there's also I don't know expert if you're familiar with big league she'll remember that it's so it was gum and he came in a pouch like to. Yes and I because again back in the day. You note tobacco was not as looks down upon as it is now. By by many people and a lot of kids like I remember playing Little League Baseball you idolize these baseball players and they have grabbed the big lift to chew their clients so this was. The kid version where you could. Take the gum and put you know as what you could possibly do the entire half pack in your cheek. But you know what Megan. Diet eating the candy cigarettes and chewing the big league chew oh is it do you they've never done before. I've never tried chewing tobacco it didn't lead me down a path. Because it was candy because comic I was a kid and I knew it was candy I think we're I think we're a little sensitive and pretended. Just may be being a little too sensitive about this. Got Corey you are one of the lucky ones because study after study mission as decades he tried. I'll fake cigarettes or ged cigarettes or see it as a joke are more likely to try the real thing and realize Kyra pretty hot but it's that study after study. I remember I'm looking at old home movies. Of my mom refusal can't beat that you biker at least to have like it's all looked like Eton. Her can't ride to all videos and Halloween was like a big deal for my mom's Heatley are all dressed up. And every single night on jet five or six cousins there on the cup teams are all kids haven't fine. And they all are fake pot and other kid. Every single one of those guns ended up smoker. Really including an opt for a short time and and so okay so that's that can think back. This is where it started I. I think they candy cigarettes I mean it definitely didn't help this situation I not to get the bottoms it was the entire Alec. I grandparents smoked and yeah it's an uncle smoked ensure that had more to do it it but it didn't help the situation. And of course you're not gonna see TE cigarettes roll around now is often as you did black candy that's it. Yeah. It was like I think it's very good gonna know what it it is a little did they want why I can't be broken it's stupid I wanna full hour. I eat it did little more credit than that may be little kids if you're breaking bad casting me call you old enough to well I'm not a. Let's let's be real if you're doing a breaking bad possibly your kid in my order consider that to begin at. I'd right. Let's not forget at that that are not another scary fact there are so many drugs out there are out now that hole. Like she and it's a little bit and Elena might they had things that look like sweet tarts exactly like sweet tarts that released with Carroll and the mechanics and things that were like. So it just a lighter just eat whatever is coming out of what that proper trick or treating. That could be banned yes he's still you still gotta check all that stuff still gotta get up that steps and it's best to collect it really looks exactly. It's creepy well again it was made it to be wouldn't do it with the costumes not so they can given out for trick or treating this and by the way I'm still yet who's really can't be here. Loner who is now. Yeah. Back as well as islands and you know teaching your kids the dangers of drugs got started young core is actually now more than ever. More than every start young and maintenance mutants could be teaching moment these cement and that your kids back so this is the candy version never try the real versions. Am. Up at your party some dagger. And I. Speaks out and that does not in bed. I diskette adds it's surprising we told the story of of your family knows how they. They'll the yanks I couldn't imagine and in that this is you bottle like you were influenced by this as a Kid Rock okay excessive tax plan six NET TO but I I just I couldn't envision like we've all seen like the commercials on TV. Where you have like the trade game and that and there interviewing you about why you smoke your entire life. It was the candy cigarettes. That's where all started. And who who who but I just need to get help slew. May be going in. Your sentiment apparently. I mean I wish I don't care what little example it was at cutting front looking on all of them all of them are smokers. And might not being a breast cancer survivor who might that's currently battling cancer right now my other who died from pneumonia related to smoking to all of them. Soft token gay cigarettes and they're like protect except it's and it easily dismiss it from London to think about.