Our Voter Turnout Numbers are Pathetic

Wednesday, September 13th

What will it take to actually get people to the polls?


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Yesterday was primary day in Rochester and a lot of surrounding area is and that the Rochester democratic mayoral primary results are in a lovely war and just caught in rushing with 62% of the vote officially be democratic. Nominee for mayor here in Rochester just under 22% James Sheppard came in second 16%. For all. Rachel barn hearts result. Pounding went out the resounding win for the next closest. Net class how do we have any idea. Of the total numbers of people and actually on and voted meg now this is the concern of yours and I I did say that I would. That there's going to be a lot of people complaining in the next four years about not being able to get what they want but I wonder how many people actually came out and vote we're actually. That we were in the mayoral race thirteen then only 23% of registered Democrats. Went out and voted this year it is bumped up to 25. At court one and people are registered Democrats here in Rochester. Out and voted. This election here in Rochester. The UK 2%. Off. Is some sense. I I feel bad I'm and I'm registered independents I couldn't vote lose politically what happens and then us. Of the belief that if you don't vote and a right to complain out like they keep. You parents and then make your voice heard now if you vote completely. Outside and I mean obviously we're seeing that for the thought of via of the presidential election and last year but it. But it wasn't yet of course born is the odd democratic nominee and historically. Winning the democratic primary here in Rochester. Is pretty much guaranteed victory in November's election I it's this year is different because she's luckily weren't gonna be challenged by a few other candidates from a few different parties a lot of Thomas is unopposed right now. A lot of times it was out of town that now actually Jim shepherd he did run for. For the democratic seat against lovely it is now the working families and independence party candidate. That he has come out and said that he's done campaigning you else he's hanging up the baton and it's taken some time off. It was an interesting campaign. That is hurts my heart for the democratic process. I was were about this and I'd like to see that the actual demographic breakdowns. Of the ages in areas where people came out and it's the vote because I'm not mean a lot like when I. I was kind of searching around for Michael plays and it is guessing it's like OK if I think it's the same place where we had that the election last fall. So I just walked over there thankfully it was right then and it's got to cast my vote over their grievance and neighbors exit outside it was that today. As hyper aware as you and I are Corey because we're in the media and analysts this stuff but a lot of people were even aware that this was an that this is going on. I don't think we're ever going to see the numbers that we want when it comes a voter turnout. Until the voting process has changed I think that's simply when it comes to what do you mean what what's changed everything about it let's let's be honest relating society jet catered Italy easy and we do know we really everything is a button push away everything is on demand so we think of the process of voting first well first got to get registered so there's a pre process so that's already for a lot of people that they're out no thank you don't have sixty seconds to do it if it does in their mind I think it's to take forever spent on actually get off the couch into actual hole as well wait a lot. And then have to use up. And sulfide pisses me outline all of those Iran you know like pennies to mark up a I am there within four minutes maybe a politically to go vote. But its expectation vs reality and for some people that don't vote they're looking for any excuse to not. Steve and I think we need to cater to the lazy people of well forget that it's a right of privilege to be able to vote for you can only be. It is Netflix and it ain't my idea from I can't. I mean it's obviously it's disrespectful how many people had given their lives. So we can have this right. Right it's it's but it's on tiger now and until it's the point where it's as easy as logging into a website or Dolly and it's never gonna do want to beat number it's exactly how I have right now going on record officially given up on its. And it is opposed. Pretty easy air it's it is like you should be able to just. You know there's. Section of commoner carried out where you can check your status check your registration check your polling place making sure that your registered that you can go. And it tells you where so just to double check before I leave the house last night. This maybe like 6630 typing in my name typing in my address. And then you have to match the address will list that they has that pops up yeah just like an eight eat your pick one of these. Sorry I didn't sound like are right click on. This are right there's gazette. To address cannot be found the fact that can't be bout you tell us. Why does that does exist like Hummer here is clunky plus size that's why does that and yes I mean people are into that trap. Probably like I mean a lot and now let's say you're pretty savvy when it comes that stuff and in the future I know that they send out like a male on male immediately think that's as like your your place or if you didn't like your change and only is like coached quotes. And yet and I haven't seen him and I can honestly get stuck in one of the catalogs you can kind of hoopla. Mine mine and at all. You know we need to do is we need to we we should take a page. From tender and bumble in the dating apps and should make it it's of the voting process simply swipe right slack left couldn't devote more time and all right and then. I'll I still think there needs to be you know who just jump there so it's not you know so you. So you feel like you are. That's what I feel like yet and yet as as complicated as it was for sec it's it was pretty easy. Just strode over to my polling place and four minutes and I was done. But still it's that extra effort that shows like I appreciate you guys I appreciate you got you can and it's working your booties not to try to make registered matter is I'm gonna go out. And I'm gonna show my support whomever whoever they see fit but I Einar. Understand that that that. You know there's you want people voting have no idea and other what's going on I guess for the heavens anyway even the people that I had to showing up. It's just don't want a bigger turn is Paris. Like I hear that 25%. Terrorists. And there's this community that's all we did. Well people even know with our registered us what do you registered. When I was when I attorney team. So all over ten years ago yeah then at least. Never let registering for what to look up a few years ago which party I was registered under were no I'm good thank you are really. Yeah lesser know. It was very easy for me because you know hot and decisive night indecisive I am a new independent. Yeah I think it is still noncommittal yeah. Even back then yeah they're going out. Carried out that a lot of chronic only boot tonight registered Dem or not and like and they didn't gotten bottle bomb that would suck he showed up ready to become public. No sorry I'm sure that happened yesterday I'm sure a lot of people that happened yesterday people registered independent registered Republicans didn't realize there's got to be waiting in the middle. Maybe it's not to the degree that I'm saying where it should be like a tender bomb blast freaky to swipe but there's got to be something and full of crap. It's just that it's giving a crap I don't blame the system I blame us. We are pretty terrible yeah yeah we're only days plumber thing like this that after everything money you scale voting is it. I wonder that I mean I haven't seen any age breakdown. Yet that tally won't be coming for at least another day your tail but a demographic breakdown I'm still curious to see the aegis of the people who came out and 65 plus. I don't know I don't know more probably on. Right out of them a three time statements and that's usually it seems to be like it's it's the younger with people who are more passionate about politics. So I wonder. I I have no idea honestly as a pitcher's passion being vocal about in complaining about it. Actually getting up and doing at. And I'm not lining up right now so I don't I don't know it's meant to. Now we'll see you know the hammer at it again it's gonna be another I mean we're not gonna see the end of Lilly Lawrence campaigning she's is going to be gone against some other people. Still subcommittee tell a consumer and what do you. You got some pamphlets. That's a male males to a site that's in my direct mail suffering candidates as well can be honest yes it bothered me. But if that's what you do with politics I was on their bothered me yeah. So it was she is campaigning and saying how she has a proven track record in print experience. And she listed herself and in Jim shepherd and Rachel Barnhart and she play. Different categories and it was things like creating jobs and it was green check mark for La progression parks and attitude and it was things like guy decrease confidence and spark for likely. Russia marks an attitude. Medalist me please preached park from a rich park for the other team that was voting for Obama. Green check mark. Rad check mark for shepherd green check mark for par like that does come out that is pandering. At it's fine. Athletics but if you haven't then there is energy you'd learn that it's because Jim shepherd actually didn't know any election BC exactly tied to any sort of political party which she has come back now instead the house to patella setup and I I kind of silly idea that. Obviously if you go back he would change that put your right how people yesterday and were influenced by insult that collect oh beautiful for Obama a temple for him. I'm thinking that he voted against Obama in the next indicates it's I don't know to me I get it politics and I get that tally is. But it's it's just it's deceptive marketing is what it comes county. That's Belichick and his marketing for all of us I get up to I don't. That's at another work that we'd have to do is to actually go out and due to research about your candidate that's why it won't work if this is to swipe less might break this idea because it made the numbers even bigger and lovely weren't Saber Corey do you think about it. Do an even more landslides in an article. And atlas now whenever I mean whatever she's doing. Or I guess I can hand on that but. This may be filtered and I do not a lot of City Council members regarding that or more on team besides maybe shot an easier time if she is elected mayor getting things passed. Getting things done here register so we do it again and again that's you know and we can citizen every election if it's who you wonder who you didn't want. We all need help their success because their success is tied our success so I don't pass the block in the and an election in November. And a hopefully the city just did keep getting zone is open it's technically speaking to us lately. It's.