Operation Hang Up

Friday, April 13th

Police will be stepping up efforts to crack down on distracted driving with Operation Hang Up. Trooper Mark O'Donnell from the New York State police joined us to talk about it! 


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Steve PX I cannot eight PX I agree James Dwyane mega Carter on good morning how do you eat good morning. An officer mark O'Donnell indie studio with us right now yeah can't Wear your boys. It's almost here. I believe Vienna on vacation in Florida in my adolescent kids. For a lot of doubt what and thanks for joining us in this lovely just yes it's good to be back in the rain in the cold. You can do it it it. Don't already we know how big of a problem distracted driving as an in your picks up we have the club PX like safe tax line Marie encourage you to only text and the Tories when a York. Odyssey not driving. And it's a thing we all know about but is this problem getting. Worse. You know distracted driving has actually taken over number one cause of more vehicle accident you know from speaking. And it that it simply that people are are snatching face looking texting. Doing all kinds of things and their Smartphones other than drive and you know we spoke earlier. A fear on the daily today. Depletion seriously police sheriffs departments and other agencies will. Investigate dozens and dozens of more vehicle accident having nothing to do with road conditions weather. If you simply people are paying attention to what to do. They are there there are doing things on their Smartphones that. They should be doing other operating a vehicle to come. You know we we we certainly great tickets every day. Of the year on this but this particular weekend up during operation hanging up its initiative that to let people know all it's an educational component. And then there's an enforcement component that goes lull that we're trying to get the word out that it's dangerous. Are far too blossoming go to palaces of youngsters young drivers young adults. In advice to parents that their son or daughter was involved in serious accident there either that they're seriously injured. Or they were killed as a result looks of these types of things and I can tell yet. Doing death notify is by far the worst. Part of our job that we had. Can't and I mean Andrew Griffin is amassed and yet the earth when the parent asks you why. And you have to respond with Lou they are on snapped chat. It's it's terrific in. And not at an I think. It is not just the younger generation there's there's people that are older there on the phone but certainly the younger generation grew up it was social media they they feel they can do. Two things at once. The thinking. Sir social media while they're driving you know an excess of 5067. Miles an hour and simply actually came to its eight. Agency bring that up because ever look at how legal claim on a great multi tasker on the best multitasking and well it doesn't even exist it's an update. It's it there there's a there's a great there's a great way to prove it wrong it if you and I had a conversation. At the same time with one person they will catch bits and pieces of it but they won't be able to. Catch the whole conversation. Ever on the phone talking to somebody somebody's asking you a question can hang answer. Right all kickers you can't do ball. To me that he. Welcome save bat an eye on him. Jamie you guys are allowed me to come in and that message but it. I don't is micro tasking you it's what your brain is doing it's it's. From I think an ax and catching the attacks don't do two things it wants you'll catch pieces but you won't be proficient. And you need to be proficient liar operate motor vehicle for your safety everyone the safety of everyone in your vehicle and everyone else wrote. Mark McDonnell OT in the particulars what are your thoughts fine. Speakerphone and Bluetooth and connectivity cars where you can tax and Colin do you all of those things without having your phone in your hand you still excited to be distracting. It is in up in a tie yet. And there's a great example. You can go on the street right outside your studio in China parallel park duel like you're talking to someone on the phone. In dual your match. Right she saw I bright but. But doing they can take even beckoning your garage beckoning driveway. It's a lot easier when you're not talking. And in and again you can somewhat multitask. But not you cannot be proficient. You veto with a really bloody battle that too is and we've all done this and as a radio station at pains as it happens that we know it does when you're kinda lost. In to try to figure out we're going in you turn the radio down yeah. Hello we've all done right it's sort of need to focus is like our attention needs via the. I can that tell you just describe me. Blake Blake if you like I wrote it down the erratic I went when I am looking for a street or on two or something like this on the I need. And music. So I can't focus and it's funny because maybe not everyone is like that but certainly I am so you said that. There's people that know me that will chuck yeah. I get my parents are the same way whenever they had like looking for your actions it was on the radio likes not dads to. Make sure you know we had a really bad and you have you your focused on the road you have a blasting out finally your lost it already goes out I outcasts. I agree on manhunt is. So you know this weekend just be aware we're gonna be out there. And in the tickets are expensive and in the inning and money's. You don't have a problem can be fixed by money problems are serious injuries that occur because of this or fatalities. And again there's thousands and thousands of people. Just in your state each year as a result of this and. I do it has to be jerks you know athletic. Apple interested to help save life and you brought it up earlier column much of of the police force is being used. In this instance where they could be off doing other things. Helping with the real crimes and in the you know and letter in danger when. When we get a column if you know someone dragged the wrong way and expressway yours or someone. They just piled dragged into three or four vehicles that were stopped because as a result of another action people. And they're not they're not looking forward if you look forward and she Traficant brake lights you slowdown. And I'm not. College times you get to an inch and seen people on the vehicle in front of me just stop. Well because the problems handedly. That's because it's rush hour that's what happens every morning and every afternoon. So he had to take into account and put your phone it's it's really that simple just put your phone. Operation hang up happening this weekend so we watch the two fold away. And concentrate on the road already thank you so much for coming and thanks for having me appreciate your time.