The Obsession with Beyonce

Monday, June 18th

Are you like Whitney, do you not get the idolization of Beyonce?

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Everyone howling down. Praying queen bag it's catchy. Are you afraid now she's an argument do you regret saying it is the real loud angry at another night. Or about five minutes of and that's because my life I went down immediately after I said that I. How I. Say I think she's very talented and I mean she's beautiful I think. You know good music. Knox. Asked don't you see obsession don't really see I don't nation I don't see each titles nationalization thank you idolatry that so that at. And what anyway. Don't try to get Tony and stuff. That is the sense that I. I eat but I don't think you should it worship celebrities it's not really about ya can't say it's about. My idol worship. And there. Actually if you want an idea Dicks like Corey James I have no problem with Jason beyond citizen of the about the on the record. Again. I just don't think I'm a big enough today. To Milliken to get obstinate. Act and a break it's not out. Ideally and not a brave rear grip. I'm just. It's not that I don't like them it's not that I have a problem with them I'm just not upset that all of set you up to. Set you're up stats into. And I would never puts an economic. Are. He would absolutely. Gorgeous and clean day you cringed a little. Thing could sell. Guess I don't like basketball these questions so what is it exactly is it. Does because everyone felt so intimate like you need to go against the grain are were what is that. I you know little steamy like I don't get a lot. Tomlin. I'm not right now aren't. I. That. I. I don't. You don't. You don't get hit that Hillary can't write it I don't arm I don't know they are not. So what you're saying. You don't have a shrine dedicated to her and your place. Now. You see how do you feel like what you would argue a little nervous calling to show it express this opinion not opinion now allowed. And the look at it yeah. Yeah I'm. Now. Anytime I say that I'm not obsessed with her or anytime I say don't get it I'm always kind of looking over my shoulder like oh god oh god this isn't gonna. Saying the voicing. His opinion at the Walt thank you for being honest you pre Jake on the job good luck that I. UT TO not 800 its team TX like a morning. And yeah. The area aren't. It. I favor the vote operation. You teach united hundred Molly from Pittsburgh's team being taxed I want to jump at this still to be whisper in case anyone hears this we don't. Nada OK because I've not about an elegant very open about this topic because I feel very much like Witten got like I don't under his. What he called back and like I fully understand what you heard it that I appreciating her art. As like a one man and note and in the industries like you know. You know party but yeah I did the other. I thought about how do you. All our. You you'll like it not even I wasn't even like backing her quite well beyond talk and despite you know. And it was. And something like you know I know I mean yeah called. Where are they won't let you in and he's like how it up and Oakmont I've been on my aunt. Eat at all Robert and I love her edit the IR RR. A lot and it's scary any time people are so extreme and so obsessed with someone that you can't express an opinion that is that. I sit there and it's all of those things get a little scary. It's almost getting middle. Like when you talk about politics and talk to you voted for a. It are among. Our people call her cleaned it becomes political. I feel like after all all the things you've got to banter here in these wars are I feel like you should you do need to support the right there. So what what didn't work for what when would you like to meet Tuesday evening's.