Nothing is Perfect Not Even Justin Timberlake

Thursday, February 8th

JT is allegedly devastated by the negative backlash. Corey James from #TeamPXY has some advice for him and any perfectionist out there. 


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It's your worst time. For an idea. Turns from. CNET Clark. I don't know I I thought it was amazing I was one of the best that scene if not he best performance team is incredible. Edit your perfectionist think about the work that went into that these are the only critique I had. With this sounds. Want to at times and tired so I thought I was the only one noticed think of let's put it into her littler relatable terms think of the biggest thing going on your laugh right now that at your job and it's a huge opportunity. A chance to shine this I mean this could catapult you. To the next level of your career anyplace in. Hours and hours and hours and hours of working you protect this thing in you make it. Just exactly is I want to joke it's your super right exactly and then you do this presentation turn this project to do whatever this could be school to. And it comes back. And you get criticized for it. You don't think you deserve. Especially if you think it makes you decide Kyrie he got up that stage adrenaline high. Coming out crowds he the best he's ever. And he did. He did sources say that he let it felt great. Coming off the field he thought he knocked it out of the park. On giving one of the greatest performances of all time. I still think he did amazing that he's getting criticized the fact that he performed rock your body which was the soggy sandwich and it Jackson. Back in 2000 or the whole nipple gate saying it. There was in his tribute shoe prints a lot of people were pretty mad about that considering that even that wasn't a hologram we expected the fact that. Prince was still involved in there was an image of him. Considering he'd told his ex fiance that he bought them and you demonic and a beard. Tonight I mean yeah there's we can meet peak. I think all day eighteen social media can. And I got anything to attack and you can eat all out and keeping you did wrong and any time thinks of the Internet and Twitter but that's you know has got that earner. Coming from a control freak of that GM right if you like myself. 2 I it's something evening little goes wrong and let you set a presentation I will be myself. Yeah over and I like the super oval. Yahoo! on he's not handling it well Phil I know star shouldn't feel bad for the stars on the evening but about like that at forum. Now it's is facing Justin's the golden boy not getting great reviews not being loved is something new to him. This is the first major career moment that hasn't embraced. Hand he's not used the negative feedback. If I have an eight year right it's not like Eat Pray Love train. But there's this though with perfectionist like you met again and again there's a lot of people who are like you where you build it up in your mind to be. This perfect thing and you know exactly I wanted to go. And this can be not just work things this will be relationships. Any inner life. This idea that I have to pair prepare for something like mine super ball. It paints an event at its emerging and it's it's app presentation PowerPoint. I will take the time to be quiet. And I will literally visualize the entire band. Practice in my head practiced in real life practice up there. And then something always goes wrong and why even bother him. Because they don't know Donna that I will beat myself up for our agency in my nature I think I'll find something to be nice some. Go wrong because there's no such thing as perfect. Doesn't exist and it's something that that concept is so difficult for people to wrap their heads around because they build up there had to be such a big thing and then when it's we now. It's true but. Meg and that is why I believe that it piece of advice. That Justin Timberlake news coming out as you can you I know what you are saying we all can use this. Lying. In my life motto lower your expectations. And you'll always be pleasantly surprised with god that's why do. And presently is brown and yellow belt get your still here you know to feel like the other video that feel of better than I thought it lets you wanna feel that's the key to your happiness right there every day in your head like. When you open the door. You keep up goes in it lets you winners off. Think I did today. I want living your world.