Not Calling Out Your Pedicurist

Wednesday, June 20th

Is Whitney Young the only one who won't call out someone giving her a manicure or pedicure if they're hurting you?

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Maybe if it hurts he got help. Guide me that sounds so weird so high school up at the time united PX line. Corey James. Oh yeah. I saw this crazy story movement yesterday. About this little woman who was so unhappy with her manicure. She. Not refuse to pay. Refused a redo of of the Medicare. She'd let store. Or the salon rather than when Neil salon employee chaser out. Video surveillance shows heard dragging got a parking lot like she's it's her car. John Sidney jumps on the car. And seeds this is Sheila you must like. You know Betty and a letter on averaged just like. Democrats are coming up up up up so now. What was so funny to me not funny this is a horrible story about what is so ironic or interesting to me is that. I've been definitely plenty of times that I've gotten my nails done. And not been ecstatic where are the experience hasn't been ideal. I actually got a pedicure on Saturday. And I meet us at this woman. Opposite I am the person who. And it's uncomfortable. Or it tickled or hurts. Even just a parent like bide my time in my name like buy a piece of leather and pictures that grit and. Oh okay what is that is like I've not got a manicure have not got a pedicure. Hole. Don't touch my if you like Steve being the kind of guy that. It's a pedicure like no no nail polish but just get competitor economic feeder very tickle us are now orca offer me until an arena and but I got massages before and I have. I I won't say anything when hurts either book mine is this stupid illusion that I'd like tough and a man. There. That's. Through this. A look at it tell my masseuse who is liked liked well 100. Pounds soaking wet that she's putting too much pressure on my own leg and they muscles. Ball so that's a mine comes from what I'm guessing it's not the same motivation for you is it that you feel bad. I don't know what it is but it happened three times during this Medicare. First she was filing my nails too close to the scandals. In my head in my head I'm zany bank on and on and they know bottle at. No she can't do and it leg every single male and I was like this money be. They didn't play game for them probably let's see how much frequency how Monica mess with the spurs and commitment to get bled over the don't say that it's time. The second thing she did was she was massaging my legs too hard like really digging her fingers into the muscle obviously. And then the last thing and this is always the worst army because of super Nicholas was when they score rub the bottom of your feed and it's like horse. Torture and dew that's what Google does. It have a terrible experience beauty is pain court that I have the upkeep is important so. I just sufferings and I like this is ridiculous it's my body and I'm also paint for us as by the way. It should be a pleasant experience only what is wrong. Whitney saying. A little too harder like that's. You know hey you can skip that part its I'm G ticklish but. I just feel like I don't wanna be. Magazine and read a. I see. Lots. Obviously see that. I don't like that like me going to the barbershop melee. A salamander 'cause there's less than below. How did you play its job now that her closet and a feat I can't be not missing. I can't be the only person who. Suffers in silence when some things some aspect of the pedicure it is uncomfortable or hate. Barley and table well I will say it really hurts like all say. I'll say that home page you know I'll say something but it's so rare I. You just take succeed if you've got to find your threshold yet itself insulate your prisoner of war in your dream torture. I got I think you are the only one not elect. Yeah because they don't know everyone else that there are experiencing a service I mean they're gonna wanna you know get them on its first. The money perjured foreign here's the funny thing about the twenty bucks and beverage it's my notes. About eating about that in every other aspect of my life. I don't apologize for being high maintenance yeah. But it is one scenario is weird I leg. Illegal wanna offend them I don't wanna you know Bruce there eagle and then they'll think they're not good at their massage tactics are nothing they're not good it. Well there filing nails that break. And school every. Single. Shut up conundrum pain and a defunct group excuse. Not so. Suits suits united 100 morning. I did not I need back pain. I am not I I don't like. A curtain up I. I'm Reid and on and how I'm I will not my day. In the big the first. Has sharp implements in your afraid of the reaction I had so I don't know I. I think mark would like you'd like I don't want to end and there are a hundred out and I don't know why I think anything no matter what. Anybody that army and elk or. You know I think it is once again or not it's in the strand here yup I think it is the same reason why wants anything during massage and hurts because you are testing yourself. And here and maybe even that deep towel and subconsciously. You're trying to figure out how much you can take. It's. That must be what it is because I'm certainly not people pleaser. I'm anyway I don't. Know not what I mean act that I don't know why I don't know we have yet. So. Much need on. You're.