Not Calling Back Your Parents

Wednesday, October 11th

Seth Rogen's mom showed how parents are utilizing technology to get their kids to call them back.


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Seth Rogen is nominees thanks you yes. He mysterious lady and apparently she's so adorable. Series he did know what is he doing so when Seth Rogen wasn't returning your phone calls yesterday she tweet Adam. And everybody immediately jumped on. And felt no not a bad way like got on his buttons like call. That brown is so funny and so he did he finally called asthma and she also updated to. Some social media now all of us were obsessed with our. That yes she'd vitally important to. Of his whereabouts. Older parents are getting more technologically savvy part of Johnson it was at the list and it got stuck their kids. Yeah they're they're young they used to be when you go through like your missed call log what was the percent I got it still is a 100%. I can't collect. But I don't know. Like I've outlined my so I I'll moms are the same my mom is the same way my dad's the same way like I it doesn't matter how old I get if I don't. Answer a call within a few days though he and I think I'm dead and de big wall Vermont it's like couple hours and a search party at find me. See that train them in being a bad daughter that's an idea and commentary on all TV days it's. I since they started texting oh yes. Much easier it is staying patent act OK so did they just do little kind of update to -- animals and she simulate a picture of the apple pie speaks he has and all. Area. Yeah idea that seem the taxi my parents are in pretty much two categories. A three categories between me my dad Notre Dame football. Between me and my parents that pictures of my nephews. Then. And has anyone else's parent implemented this strategy now they have texting now they figured it out and antics that texting at their at their fingertips. If he wants me to call if you want to talk to me he doesn't call right away he sends a text first. Call when you can't. Always say yeah or call me please yes yes and mine mine John steel. Selling my dad. So what does this hurts the first day in the console and I know what's wrong not. I'll just say hey if he gets me every single time with that so I you will of course no matter what's happening immediately call. I mean in all fairness like nine to ten times it is someone has died so I guess that like that's not despair knowing. Well not for me usually it's like. I guarantee. You want at that you're Amazon lands but can't pull up right now. That's usually mine you know the very important they GA is in all it was that it was an emergency like wouldn't be there long term. So Nolan died in a soul that yeah. And I but I've fall for every single time. Every single time and no. Bull because I know the one time that I don't immediately called back it's going to be something terrible and I'm gonna feel like the worse than ever. And I'm not okay with that not okay feeling like him or sun and. I've gotten beat it's you know something you just got to get used to be ever in any tips for me meg yeah. It's like the artist honor of our sound and you gotta just embrace it and within yourself that there is. Like feeling that rejection feeling like people are very terrified rejection at first event after awhile you act allow your stat and I he's become numb to it. But I can totally dead and I guess that diminish unlock it.