Night showering could be better for you

Tuesday, February 20th

Debbins and Whitney have taken over the morning show since everyone is off this week! Whitney thinks there are two types of people in this world...1.) Morning shower-ers and 2.) Night shower-ers. There are some reasons you may want to switch to night showering if you don't already!


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But he gets why it's number one hit music station. TP XY without Carter quarry that to happen right now. She's not Carter not worried about Whitney yeah. I think Carter this is not gorging vacation yeah yeah yeah so we just. Only she got there we don't have enough vacation time that's why we're getting out I had anything it's. They ran more than most yeah exactly yeah so you understand there is there is to get to people in this world there to get people in the world and. One of them. It's the morning shower person the other isn't sure our person. There really aren't like mid day shower people don't know that these were the ones like that day exactly now it's on my lunch break and get on just take a quick. Like a bubble bath can nationals also ideally you would do. That sounds very European if anyone. Would do that it would be ale. What are some people don't even shower wall and I know that grosses you out comedies these actions in the shower all there shower every day. I that really grosses me out shut it down. Don't really did some research on this and apparently weed and shower every day until late the late or the twentieth century that's because we couldn't. And now we can snow knows the reason we did and this is aside research that loved this nerdy stuff yeah it was like companies like so companies that relate the need to turn to a body odor incident that. Because they have people working in close quarters offices would smell you. They made up the term but that that was always there like people always have body uttered that maybe it didn't bother people us not spoke for a lot of agriculture showers or reject. Well aka Michael took us relocate this is we these landing here. The united states of weeks Whitney is down the right world that we yet so what do you do what are you a morning person and person I'm a morning person beat her. If I show at night it's kind of a it's like to parts of a shower written night I feel like my hair's not as fresh in the morning like I. Like my hair to be really for actually done a hump and also it wakes up. Let me ask you question how does my her look today I'm sick of Matt Jones accuses it looks like it always does. Q I didn't show this morning and realize yes they usually I am I am diehard morning shower because just like you wake up in the morning yeah. I I don't usually wake up as early as we did today to do this thing to take over the show today so I was like I'm asleep and as long as they can and if you get a shower tonight you're saving time in the morning. That answer oh I do feel the post today IBM as a few little weir yeah yeah let's just because summer team. It's not well yes yeah I don't know why you would have done that yourself you celebs didn't. Slept until five I was like let this leading app but think about it you could've gotten up ten minutes earlier at 450. And felt more awake. Ten minutes it doesn't really take tends to shower and arugula stuff. I think link to viewers do stop watch him take me at least fifteen and OK that's good getting in the shower area drop and then you gotta like. But my hair yeah did you hear anyway I didn't and in touch it. This is what happens when your a lot of that Elena took a shower yesterday and there's still lakes and only still distilling their product. Just forever like this it's just always it's always is always very mediocre league right now is always like back. So here's the thing now. According CU reader's digest it could actually be. Better for you to shower at night even though I don't wanna believe that lie. Because it can help you fall asleep because it's. I need. Disagree only because I mean I can see that for some people why it's my shower rate for bad I got a way to liken our development cookies is getting whacked. Is that Herridge she and her thing goes back to the hair for a respected her thing on well since I. I'm coming off for now like I really care about my hair I really don't you seem really high merely get Yuba bred out that test yet. So in New York case if you don't want it and in my case is about is I I'm still going to shower in them morning. You can also do a foot back. And this is supposed to have the same of back afoot that you just put your feet. In the Tupper in a bucket I'm like doing it out so well under the bed and it's you have like this is like at the you do it with someone else's layup put the effort to and we on this before. But this is what I hear this is what they tell me reader's digest tells me this footpath that sounds like something that we do in the biblical times that Jesus would. I think I'm not that it's not I I just envision using your house like. Sitting there with your feet deep like a wooden bucket to what Michael Wood in farm. Farmhouse the Amish don't you yeah. Yeah yeah okay.