Netflix Is Judging Us

Tuesday, December 12th

Netflix released their annual viewing statistics for 2017 and they've called out some individuals for their strange behavior! 


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Disappointed product for people. But others think to be ashamed to PX line Carter thinks or anybody PX I have no changing Corey. I similar special accounts. About Netflix binging. How many times have you heard someone make and I believe I've heard these words about your mouth to tell us a whole season of insert joke here on site. Personal I don't brag about it because I know how sad and I'm opinion is that. I will be honest bill mention my usual went last week it is weekends say. XX IC not to think. Well I short there's only later ten episode political. Netflix has released the the viewing stats for Tony seventeen. And they are I get because we tickets US at this with you. You could be either shamed by this or you could be proud of its calling out individual customers for some of their bizarre choices. The law that's got to Munich. I have got a couple theories on how this went down. Some blocks B movie the animated movie with bees starring James signed felt. 357. Times the senator. Lott. Let's release that information yet they released a lot of different stuff their earliest like this so that was most watched the biggest day for binging and also dug into some individual stats. That they all get Corey they thought was so don't you feel a little bit dirty and. Whenever I say they don't that you're. A separate section 30100. In 57 times I want to be movie like that is think about it's almost as many days aren't here yeah that's that's the booby. Okay that was yet that was one of the play that was one that there had the lead that and there's hundreds of people who do this. I'm portable crew means that sound of the TV and people talking to all themselves as it's gotten really bad had it. The past few years with with needing to G beautiful fleet and I've tried and tried and tried to take it because. I know it's not good for you help us it doesn't every studies say that a terrible idea to have a TV on when your at it and bed and you know what a nerd I am about sleep scent yes the time I've got to clinics I've been investigated and that and chronic sleep. Problems the past few years old blue blocker glass the idea I'd have blocked the blue light. I'm so I'm just those people who sixty follow us. Not. I'm not there probably hundreds of people and right now who did the exact same thing and they're. I Britain was huge this morning mega this is so bad for them so bad for if there's already people that do how we now all walking around like zombies and news. Me being you argue just don't know what it feels like he's fully rested I got up and down Joseph got a creature of the eyes personally I I need noisily Q I need noise desist if it's just silenced. Then there's like get eleven cities so there's like street noise and things like that'll wake you up so Michael the fan that is the with a strip light noise that's ever worked for it is that you need to have actual people. Well I think I need to have conversations. And giving. I think that in 08 it's just more soothing. Distraction might not speak. You could win white noise I still can hear my own thoughts. I I thought about. I'm not gonna drown that out so I like I need a conversation to distract me and doubled distraction doesn't distract you from sleeping I'll get lucky not output episode down. Daddy and I. I took out an asset yeah what are some of the what are some of the sleep show on the movies teenager documentary. I commit so Sudan was out British accent shore and the missing British accent Trent parks and rational. You know light. Because as a laugh track in the back of it there's not that. Yeah that's a joke. So it's not distracting me. There's other people who are doing the exact same thing and they're just fine if everyone thinks it's a bad for you but they're really hasn't been a big study about T and he. Be distracting just debt blue lights or does distract and that's what you're medal. Sitting there and Cheney trash tilt to the morning I am I close and listening to beats. Korea and. Talking about this us study Cuba from Netflix added their other viewing stats from Tony seventeen and one person want to be movie. Three hundred fifties. That that's that's what we'll let the IT there is on this the first one was that it was their sleep movie because I know a lot of people do Judas and a high seas and Altman tied to teach united country club. Six sunny 82 if you wanna jump to any claim this doesn't ruin your sleep and I'm Michelle I second period up for why someone would want to be movie. 357. Times in one year. Let's. Their kids. Parents can can use just give it back on this one Paul when you ask your kid finds something they like. They'll want a lot to Oliver and over and over firm headed for Palmer it's they're daughters excess wind she screams and. I do every endeavor for the past year and a half despicable me and than he needed. You're right yeah I needed to get them. Like pick up the let's recite it didn't say it's good to have this person to want to be movie 357 times in a year is doing it. Because of their kid loving it so much how much. Do they hate. Jerry Seinfeld's without. I like old episodes of sign Phillip once again. Governor their count out meg not at. Home man is not that's why alcohol was and edited and.