The Negatives of Landing Amazon HQ2

Friday, January 12th

Rochester is buzzing with the possibility we could land Amazon's HQ2, but would all the changes that would bring to the area be positive ones? 


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Look I don't be Debbie downer but I wanna put things into perspective because he's all been so excited. About the possibility this is going to be the greatest thing and for arson that's how we've all been feeling and just earlier this week we were really excited to talk about the Irish betting website that claimed that we are in the top ten well. Cities in the country to get this time. Noticed that a lot of people originally brought the idea and were being cheap end of the idea are being very quiet about it now. Cast not a good sign because they don't when he chipper and they don't write about anything because we are really well. Getting this this really eat something. Extra like it. You know and it and there are a lot of amazing things that would come at this the 50000 high paying jobs. That would obviously revitalize our region. But again not to be Debbie downer not to bring this negative blow. I think it's just Smart. To look at the other side of maybe some not so great things that can happen is gonna ruin our city this. City wants a change. Okay we'll look I was just like you maggot I was like everyone else. That kind of thing cover until. I ran across this article. By business and I. Article highlighted everything down as well let's is is actually very fascinating so this writer. The title of this is one walk through Seattle's. Amazonian neighborhood that's where the HQ is for Amazon. Made me very an easy draw whatever city gets HQ to do. That was when they kind of alarms in my brain and how slowly and over stock dot com. That's landed the alarms migrate off of OK let's think about this logically no matter how great something is there's always going to be drawbacks to it and there's always gonna be if people willing to crap on success and now let me read to me what is negative Nancy Brando. I'm wrote about what was so bad about their headquarters and yet sell this this writer interviewed a lot of people walk through. And he said that it has. Absolutely change Seattle this in the past five years dramatically. And not all for the better. So we sets have in the headquarters there in Seattle has pointed to insane traffic soaring. Housing prices never ending construction. And also he kind of refer to it as like a Modesto Bee in society or Amazon rules everything and runs everything. Like the power they have and the holding out in that city. It's a little bit scary it's kinda Big Brother like in this one this the weirdest things was he was approached by security guard. And the security guard him up to him and said something along the lines about a building was like a lead a lot of reporters around here. He was wearing credentials. He didn't say he was reporter spacious new. There should know this stuff. You seek out there. Court oral B and watch all the time we just gotta admit that get used to that this guy just sounds like he was bought her because he couldn't get the story that he wanted to get all the Mal it was partly reining in cloud because it's Seattle. The hunt sadness Garko more than the fifteen minute Rochester commute that he used to you. City's changed the outlook and a growing is is you know pain free button that's got to be once he gets it but look at. Look at some of the things and it's mention of some the possibilities out of negatives from this and think about some of the things that we love the most not Rochester. It's a fact and has some big city aspects to making how to feel like a big city in some parts but there's also that small town feel. That's a big march part of it that. Cars are going with right downtown toward me town as yet it's probably going to be somewhere on the stretch between. Around the TV and bustle in the middle sure but you don't think their influence is gonna come into bowl Rochester and buffalo yard mark yeah. Their influence to get me there influenced immediately thousand jobs we aren't more Smart college kids getting gigs. Every husband works for Amazon can. I don't buy that extra 24 hour. It's up after the city change is scary couple I don't wanna mess up my idea communal and don't me wrong I'm not saying that this should happen for these reasons I'm just saying let's all be aware of the possibility. Of some not so I think I just want to act corporation sees you being Corey James and I don't wanna get my car turn its own I don't wanna make sure that everybody it might not need. Oh. The wall and the biggest were out of all this and venison for me is the fact that processor one of the big benefits we have here is low housing costs. The fact can be eliminated and that's scary that's a scary thought right there for anyone who wants to buy. House shrill. In a dream world if if everything goes right. Cost of living add more golf with the bleacher around here because they're bringing those jobs that's a dream scenario and might. Not happy with the employees but the goalies with housing costs a lot. It is hard to be able to pit for. 'cause that working out right now in downtown Rochester. When it comes to how much people are charging for renting and those two apartment complexes. That I'm amazed at him get a four of them already is only gonna get worse and it's still thought to keep the back here at.