The Mystery Gift

Tuesday, February 13th

Corey James came in Tuesday morning with a mystery gift for Whitney Young. Find out what it was! 


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Finally. I. Waiting forever for that opening the mystery package right now op run in the studio this morning Whitney you've been pretty freaked out by yet. I've been really freaked out by it I came in this morning and there's this weird green package. A dress TU but now you're saying it's for me is so. A lot of people are texting in this the photo of it all wrapped up yeah Summitt said Mardi Gras beads aids vaccine is that now makes a hole and it's and it's an airstrip near. Settlements and I think it is bubble wrap all wrapped up to creep her out that not only makes sense actually no it's a religion thing so I. The best part is that you have given me a stable and pat. Mover. This happens and Europe Elvis asked but in our office things go missing and the scissors in the office are currently MIA itself. I heard that it's a bag so you can beat it figured out about the opinion I cut myself trying to open. Opening it up OK this looks like fingers can pull up but up. We'll put this video on FaceBook too violent imagery like this FaceBook dot com slash not an excellent struggle it's really hard to open a package without scissors using a steeple there simpler than ever listen Whitney I'm sorry about the scissors that was Atlanta implant. Is it involves the G seeing. When you learned a found a rebel came up here. In God's name is this Corey was and is open it. Really enhance long Whitney tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And not only are you co worker but I consider. Consider you a dear friends. And I didn't want you to be sad and alone on Valentine's Day so I got your friend hello. What. Would you describe what it looks like it's. It looks like. OK it's a personal a lot of people myself included thought it was a severed torso. Any is there aren't that Marat but it's like this we and it. I've never seen anything as we you've never seen. It's half must have the torso. And I know term Shanahan got hurt a divorce until before. Got a blue shirt he's got a collar on model is signed. Corey welcome Corey you know I'm offended. He lives that you are offended. You're gonna buy it yet it's what you think I did this nice thing for you or not or Matt do you think I need a boyfriend. For Valentine's I know I listen I can think back to when I was single Whitney you know. So long ago. And it right so long ago like five months and it's nice to have a little something that is fun. What kinds years or boyfriend he'll hope it's gonna hand and everything and really we edit telling you need is offended. One thing. How he how he possibly offended by the side and understand because you're just assuming that like I'm not happy being like they need it that I'm not happy just being the riding twenty something single woman. Like. I cannot I mean it I mean I just opened I think to get on is just a little coddling Ed and there you go boy from pillow doesn't. All the system is. Well what they ought TT TO Nadia undercuts my back this a great get out Asha is team PX like morning Taka. And more Britney do and I. Add a bet for or which is why I like and hello so. Fat. Now this is ridiculous story. Okay the toss you out on the aggregate I think I think what it is legitimately upset with beer right now. After I do something nice indeed it would gifts I didn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day not a monster I am I'll wow. Assuming only alone. When he and telling at that point until they're not talk back in core rate. Not only adding your got a lot. Because it is just like he's got hot given a chance. Thank you about my time here how content good chance winning their eight hour day. Game maybe this isn't so bad I. Oh great. And bread or shut up I'm with javy. JP just and I just. GDP. I'm. LA.