Most of Us Have Really Lame Scars

Wednesday, March 21st

Scars can be cool, as long as you have a great story to go along with them. #TeamPXY realized their scar stories are just pathetic. 


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Legal Leslie on the island red lace evening kidney transplant last year actually had attention from her best friend that now. Were all treated like she. About zealous paparazzi photos of her recently on British and was basically a long telephoto lens and close out. Of her scars from her surgery top writings dummy I. A little bit and gas and bogeyed selena's dollars and only to girls that she had surgery or something to sell after those started circulating online Selena actually got back she posts every video I NC Graham it's like then having a blast. On above it and looking so glamorous and beautiful and wonderful and she group is really inspire green caps in her instant Graham. About you know self love and beauty myth and societies impossible mission by definition up beauty. But little hubbub about so I I love that has and she ended with I chose to take care of myself because I want sale not to prove anything to Annie and. In your pop that you'll face. Did you hear what her friend other ways that are it was Robert Best friends that donated her kidnapped Francine I say I love Maher yet sick as a. And she told me. It's going to be hard the recipient is gonna globe. She's gonna recover a lot faster than the donor is she's receiving something she needs. You're losing something you don't need to lose it's gonna be hard. And it was very hard. Hustling and I both went through depression we both you know she she has some complications with hers and she is their scars and you know I do that you know wasn't expected. My C sections guard Colin. He's next in our I mean I wish I thinks guards now are practically completely -- people for scars scars. I don't think volleys and slid at least army. Asks real law isn't really. Isn't the saying chicks dig scars and it's I ends like not just guys like. I think an awesome cars kind of jealous I don't really have an awesome sky aren't. Heavily you'll she can Boggs gardening that see that's the problem is I think it's guys. The majority of the majority of us don't have the good scar story we all have like delaying this possible reasons for why we have our stars right. So you have from chicken pox. And the impact he had g.'s second ukrainians. So myself as I dislike distracts action about the now I have two dots on my nose as olive and forever be there soon. Sought for you because you can't really. Come up with that elaborate lie of how that happens again I like the tech circles and attacked by. Bald eagle holes punched a hole cut tomatoes. And I EG every front these guys I have delaying this scar you could possibly happen there's not one person listening right now to anti labor scar than I did this stupid pet market is that not. That's taxes that's different that's not a let me put limits. The scar on your elbow. It's might mean yes it's my Wii this car do what's inside the cleanest it's like that little flap of skin and and of your elbow up. Black candidate. It's called the Venus. It's terrible name and yeah I took this is the latest argument. They have a scar on your would mean I think hey yeah USO and up to the hots are already with the location Jalen Corey. So it story actually grizzly did this happen in February somehow I'm managed to go through 34 years of life without any real scars. And then I was. At my girlfriends think Ortiz parents' house. And we were just about to leave. That Maggette for this car. And it's big gonna say they see as she was on. That saved me from falling down they're stairs. All redone yeah fell on the stairs. While holding her seven pound Pomeranian and my arm. Like a football and the dog better had been percent to the golf course that's why have the Linas got it because I was holding like football and literally came down. Just on my elbow and it's led suck it I'd still got stitches I had any you know I know I should've gotten suggests it's bad. It's still it's still bad and its players. It good to be Dixon's car. Fell down the asked her she's. It's how we get so many stars you actually use Mimi remember about the American Eagle. You know tiny scars from New Year's Eve yeah. The main reason I stayed in its new years is because I didn't want to call an enemy that why because he had that for like ever true. I would like a terrible night with a terrible birth and that I naughty yeah sleep let them but now I looked down ideas and there's a memory out and read mental capacity to. Easy to try to surrounding this embrace. Calling down. On New Year's Eve. Following on steers you're trying to do better. But it didn't sign of the giant ball on that base teammates right's crap she eased.