Most Millennials Only Plan on Staying at a Job for 2 Years

Tuesday, May 22nd

But the reason why is going to surprise you! 

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A carrier now the detractors say it's just nobody else. No commitment whatsoever. Please stay relationships we had chopped a company. We are onto something we are on to something about a let tens of thousand dollars and Jim cash coming up. About fifteen minutes twenty PXY I 98 PX lines great James Whitney Young so what does this and he brought the mean. OK so nearly half of millennial was slain in to leave their jobs within two years according to a new server day. Only twenty 8% 20% see themselves staying at the same job at the same company for more than five years and the factors that influence a millennial decision to stanger well. After the two year mark. We're not financial in nature but actually based on flexibility and work life balance. Interest. So money money will lower than min but that's not what keeps them. Is basically that's what keeps them as you know can they work from home they have. Flexible hours to they have you know Abbas that promotes and encourages a work life balance and is an. 1 in the morning and certainly back and I'm saying that from experience uh huh yeah. They've been through this and through that plays and know what it's funny I think about it is two years. Think about ten years quick goes by quick and we think back soon Unita added fun there the detractors snowed the older generation right. There used to people working in a factory job for forty years right riding my dad worked for IBM for her added nearly thirty. Oh gosh my dad works for Kodak for. Fourteen years. Thirteen years. Those is agog nosy but nobody I mean it's so rare at this point maybe later in your career you do that but even even people I know that are in there that are a little bit older Ehrlich in their forties or whatever that are. I guess gen X. Are not staying for more than. And on the B five years six years somewhere. What is the reason for that mean there's going to be people out there that feel it's a sense of entitlement that is that is growing well. It's it's a sense of entitlement it's based on it it's a valid. I think it's a Smart move I think the savvy move at an as a millennial who has job popped it had. For jobs in six years. Since college I can confirm that can listen every time you get a new job I mean my salary went up. 33%. Every time I got a new job as you can imagine the jump. Are there and trust I guide to understand the lower BI AS. But it's that being said like that this survey shows. The money is not everything and I left a really good high paying job in New York City because I was constantly. Stressed. And exhausted by the lifestyle and everything you know. So it's not the claw light Cory you're quality of life is priceless well I mean if you make a lot of money put you don't have enough time suspended its gonna. This kind of pointless and that's what I yeah that's kind of how was premier was like. Easy Carey Eminem you know and 24 how rolled and I'm making all this money. But I have no time and no energy sure do enjoy it. So that's why I think you know I think it's actually very Smart that colonials. Are realizing this maybe sooner I don't know if there I don't know if they're realizing suited than previous generations but they're prioritizing. The seemingly. Well yeah because again the attitude is very different from how was back in the day egg again and he worked the same company for forty years does he get that job is kind of there and that's and you go in the nude Inco and every single day any major thing in your quality of happiness doesn't really matter that much because you need paycheck and you got to bring home and get beat family yourself up your boots actually yeah -- is very different now and it's Ben and radio for twelve years I've worked for three different stations. Contact by radio terms. I'm pretty low that's low change straight yes very very I yeah I know some people have worked for three decisions and a year so called at least. And like I know one guy he's got 25 and as resolute. Light and criminal that's crazy act but it actually it's it's funny I agree. With this I think it's actually good move especially when you're younger yes when you first getting and you only stick around for a couple of years a couple of years the company unless they are very about. In promoting from within ran you know that's coming. Because of the fact that. And this comes from my experience eyelids and Albany for three years were for stationed there Virginia Beach for five years going on here on four in Rochester. And base and experience. I think Biden changing jobs every couple of years. You're going to avoid plot hole and I think that's something that happens to a lot of us I mean ice probably stayed a year and a half. Longer Albany that I should have yeah no I've now wasn't all that happening. I'm when I was in Virginia Beach problem league stayed there for two years longer than I should have and a and and there's a difference by the weather like the Maginnis certainly am not saying don't stick it out if you're having a tough time right mr. job. On May not have had tough times here Brent I'm very happy I stuck it out but there's a very big difference between. Gone through a tough time and struggling for a little bit. Verses and plaque telling and know that you've gotten to the point where you can't improve anymore right Blair what you're doing you you're at your peak bright red and were you need to leave to. To better yourself and not only your paycheck but also. Just your oh yeah. Well and get yeah well being work life balance is soul so crucial and you know I was in an an opposite situation where it wasn't that I was in like reaching my full potential it was that I was being completely. Overwhelmed didn't you know I just kind of that nightmare like devil wears Prada the job and we act you know I was expected to be on the clocked when he first sat and it had a as very abusive bias and it was just. Wow you know that's the kind of thing where you you you go threat if you go through that and you realize that that money and may be the prestige of a job and all of that is not just. More important then your work life balance and your mental health and your well being and all that stuff. I'm so you know for whatever reason that it that you might as a millennial leave that job. After what might be considered a shorter amount of time I think it out those it makes sense for Yale. As long as you'd find a job little that fits eulogy to be you watch it live the lifestyle you want that's all that matters doesn't you know. I about the number. Yeah. You're not gonna walk into an office and head over your president to say so. Dominate the company's. Yeah yeah.