The Most Annoying Friend Favors

Tuesday, November 14th

Helping your friend move is most likely everyone's number 1, but what other favors your friends ask of you drive you nuts?


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A lot of money is being dumped into the Rochester airport meg Carter correct I don't mean use I don't I don't all of their slick toward the pile and and here we are at the greater Rochester international airport are giant cube of money that doesn't act is the exact of people they're actually spending. Old but that's necessarily and I and I commend them for that on some of the things that are being planned. Our makes things a little more convenient for us one of those things has been announced. And it sounds super cool. The zoom lane program zoom it you who. Junior trader Joseph that it's less exciting and it's less exciting and it's not test. The latest beat gay like that they have programs. That my bosses what Eddie's work on our public big. Very important boss has what are those like you sixty guests as we don't have to get stickers all. And now this has nothing to do with going through here this past due with parking at the airport so I think I hope they give an easy pass. But for parking at the airport. Actually know how to deal volume he's past now weary of the wait the whole he's right call through to the throughway seeing deal the Rochester airport. Others going to be this doomed plane you can go through and you have these after registered at yet easy past Italy together. Is that to register at and then you can go through and it's a keyless entry ticket was exits out. He noted kneel to freak out if you lose your ticket at the painted a billion dollars to get out of the airport that's not a worry anymore. Costs are reduced wait times for for exiting you know if people are there. Are you pretty here's this because you're a guy who parks at the airport and no action on it really showed. Or just. Like save money like I tell you every child and I would bring you articulate the airport and it's expected and that's it no matter if you have a ticket or not it's pricey apart your how much is it like you just went tipped them. And what I mean over the summer. Yeah. See I was there for a week and I think it was like ninety down the only way I know okay. I feel so bad asking. I know but still like in the hierarchy of annoying things your friends ask war. I would put rides the airport that's a solid number two for me only behind my number one witches. Move this weekend and free that's number one from him this second ads don't I don't inconvenience them a lot of time it's early in his hand. The princess who are friends who dare to do the elite big you don't wanna ask people put it. I have friends it'll be moved or friends to help beat back our friends to get to the airport wouldn't be completely helpless. I understand I I am not saying don't do these things. At the airport to a whole I'm I'm pretty UTR I like the airport ranked among my friends are not good notes that I. Exe for a lot before and I like the current list are ruining my game is I yeah I can eat just completely. Obsolete in about. You are the blockbuster I have friends like a cat around here I completely worthless because what I did for many Gartner in the morning now you can just aren't. That is here's also the thing is I have to have the trust. That difference can also pick me up on an impact. Back from a trip you're tired Hollywood uses get a whole hospital would you look like. Hoping their on time I'll. Have to agree it's a convenience thing it's what comes down to for me sell rides to the airport. That doesn't make here for making it a definitive list of the most annoying favors your friend or not make your top five. Not a lot of might I think it comes to favors though you can't just like ask and and not act at all the out about what are ready if I'm gonna get you ready for ice. That when we roll through the Duncan Dresser yeah. The idea that you're gonna think it would like maybe that's another reason I assume that if just like I asked you to help me moles. I'm gonna feed jail and a body appears and I keep seats I'm not to our guys thanks yeah yeah. Maybe that's why haley's things because I don't like owing anybody be. Against a guest election dollars. Think of like a one of the things we're ago. And this category of things deal. But not happy about it it like excited pay on granite town can you watch my cat would you do that for me before. Jury or like through the roof. It's up. The layout that stood out one of those legs. What would be an in your what's your top one isn't moving I'm younger you know it is it's. I don't mind helping friends move freely to the disease that its lending money. Alia. Which I don't mind I really don't might give you immediate my friends know that absolutely I'll help you while it gets to be electric consistent. Every pay period. Property titles like and make a Reggie. They're now we actually you are in their budget right all right Tom so it's the thirteenth and are almost native I need fifty bucks as a Megan. Hi friend you gotta do better or the other day. As it is yeah I got that text like oh embryonic. Can my bank account. Can I help yeah. I don't know I can help you click to see the blind leading the blind in that scenario. I let out about the great twenty years now and it's not that. About it unlike in earlier princess for money. As you all your friends I got it sounds athletic club it's blowing money is on fire yeah I hate it yeah it's such crap.