Is The #MeToo Movement Damaged?

Tuesday, August 21st

With the news that one of the founders of the #MeToo movement was involved in sexual misconduct allegations of her own, how will this impact the overall movement going forward? 

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There are many people saying this could be a big hit to the meat to movements. Told you in the feed about eight yards and so it's team PXY on Audi PX like retains pretty young. This is one of the first. To accuse Harvey Weinstein which really got the ball rolling here. All right meets movement kind of at the Hellman of the media movement one out. Many women but nevertheless one of the perks right and now coming delight that she recently agreed. To pay off some sexual. Allegations of Earl yes so this 22 year olds guy who ash and she apparently sexually assaulted in a hotel room when he had just turned seven teens are still minor Bakken 2013. Heat you know kinda came out of the woodwork when she spoke out about Harvey Weinstein last October and was playing okay. You know this happened between us and originally asked for. Arena half million dollars in damages. And she ended up paying him 300 an 80000. Dollars sit it out. Essentially make it go slash money right and it's. Was how I heard in order we have heard about time to time I'll. Lot of the men that have had been accused in an angle that's finally come to light yeah you know it's it's kind of almost shocking that it took this long port happened. Bird for this to come to got a ally yeah but of course. There are people out there who are over her detractors yeah and not necessarily you people speaking out to discover the movement in general they're certainly people out there that believed. It's no turn into a witch hunt and and and there's people out there that believe that there should be a difference between. Some of the allegations. That have been accused right you know a lot of people feel like. Someone who has been accused of rape is being treated the same way that sale Louie CK. Who never raped anyone but was doing actually got back inappropriate things but it got to put ever violated same level. He well. Yet to Specter. I I. I disagree I don't think everyone's being treated the same way as say Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein that one and then you've got somebody like Ryan Seacrest or. Can think of other you know there have been other people Ben Affleck is another season sorry as he's on our they're being people who. How Adam the kind of the more minor offenses and I feel like they actually have. Recovered they're not disgrace Ben Affleck Ryan Seacrest this grandson. In the center and it only did he is able to concerts under the I'll let you know rug but it can't put anything about a you know it's from disease and sorry ABC memories going. Men Earl Campbell what he did. That that was pretty gross I would say that's worse than what Ryan Seacrest was accused. And I think it's worse than what Ben Affleck was accused of I think it's it's a spectrum and anything that everyone is being treated sort of accordingly. What what I would hate to see happen. Is this entire movement. Being. You know beaten deep bond and dismantled. Because of one person who was a victim right but then became treasurer. It should negate all of it coming forward Al Alina and that's what psychology experts are saying as well. They've already weighed in and said that you know this this Asia argent a settlement of a sexual assault lasting should. Absolutely not diminish the progress made by the need to movement overall Sarah Lowe. And assistant professor of psychology at Montclair State University who actually has an expertise on the long term psychological impact of traumatic event. Said quote. This does not negate the fact that sexual assault is a problem I think it just complicates it by showing that sometimes. The victims of sexual assault can also be perpetrators but it yeah Ronald regard. And out I would argue that if anything this this should further with the movement did absolutely it does go to show that it really could be anybody. Lake. You know similar with domestic violence you know a lot of the time people you know men especially who commit domestic violence where smacked around beaten by their own fathers you know it's. It's a problem. It's it's a psychological problem for sure and they stay the repercussions. Need to be there nevertheless that should not be a gender. Gap when it comes to repercussions I think Asia our agenda should be treated the same way that any man who committed this crime. Would be treated Brett. And he brought that up earlier that via further than that that meant coming out and talk about and that because yeah. There still is good to still is for a lot of guys that the stigma a and it's like commit she's not think it's like here. And Leo are ya think about this thing about every time it today in the news there's a story of a teacher yeah. That's inappropriate central military and yet has had inappropriate sexual contact with a student whenever whenever the teacher. Is a man. That guy's a monster and and bush and he is but whenever it's a woman how many times have you heard someone say. Haunted side teachers like. And I yeah I think let's you wouldn't ever hire a woman say that about a rabbi. And also you would hear people's civil couldn't helix fighter that he was fifteen years old or sixty whatever and that's not as. And about that time and time again we see that sexual assault rape it's about power can you know and end at this clearly Asia argent so. She. At the time was wanna see. Thirties and then at the time an amnesty that was seventeen sexually assaulted a kid who had just turned seventeen. And again we don't know the dynamic of that hole who again was it you know maybe he wanted to be back during the news in this again as I don't Christiane over over and over again a lot of allegations. And us the Hollywood but in general whereas someone who looks up to somebody as a mentor. And that's where things get really twisted. Ali manipulate back and and they've yet is he you know. I think like you said though it it does it kind of boils back down to our site societies you know culture of toxic masculinity where if guy Gary young man whatever. Com is sexually assaulted or raped by a woman. It's the butt of the joke because there is this flawed notion that you know let's get rid of the well I think yeah yeah yeah a you know woman can't let a woman. What a funny job you know well this absolutely your real phenomenon and I think if if nothing else. This vary. Unfortunate incident is going to highlight that and bring until it hopefully more young men and and. Always will come forward now let's let's hope so I don't I certainly don't think it's gonna be real the movement by any mean Einstein. It could certainly change things for Asia are gents so at least I mean I just looked and saw. Are we want scenes lawyer of Christ now all holding us as of slamming her for follies accusations again if you're just joining us that her name is Asia our gentle she's one of the first. You accuse every once in which really got the meat to the movement rolling now has also been accused of sexually assaulting a minor and paying money to cover up. Most of Benjamin draftsman his Weinsteins lawyer any sent a statement. I yesterday that read this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by HR Gentile won the most vocal catalyst for sought to destroy our reliance team. He went on to call for awaiting due process in the numerous sexual assault allegations against him because of this. Some now should sit back that. That should that he railed principles still look predator he is she didn't but now that NASA and the other women their sixty other women that are accusing him of the same thing. She. Isn't about predator its results she was a victim first then you became a predator she deserves the same repercussions again. That a guy would get my for this but nevertheless it does not discount. If he is Harvey Weinstein didn't rape her this does not negate that in just complicates at but it doesn't negate it. Of course it's going to be you know. Fodder for the lawyers and of course so that we summon up the follow closely as a as this develops yup happening egg started to make the main point of the should not derail the movements if anything this should make it grow even more yeah. And make four people comfortable to come on open up because I mean. Talk about that when it comes to. Sexual misconduct yeah outcry that would comes let's loudly when it comes everything yeah goal is to open up. The dialogue in this put it all lot of the table and talk about that because you no shame no stigma hiding it yet until that state mine and he knew it leads to a lot of the problems in African sounds.