A Mental Health Expert's Take on School Shootings

Friday, February 16th

In the wake of the school shooting in Florida earlier this week we spoke with Dr. Patricia Halligan on how we can finally stop these terrible things from happening. 


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We've got some amazing opinions so far this morning winning when it comes to. Beat Florida school shooting and what can be done to stop this team PX why it's great James on the one of the things you really haven't. Narrowed in on is the mental health aspect is one of the few big things people always bring up it's the gun incidents until hell right next it's messy and that's I wanted to bring in. Awesome and who knows they're talking about the got doctor Patricia Italian on the line right now good morning good morning appreciate you have a little time for us this morning. Absolutely I think it's an important issue. Now we've been heavily discussing this this morning and and you know once again or finding ourselves reflecting on. How we saw this. How we stop instances like what happened in Florida another school shooting at the list insanity but again the stat that is mind boggling that spent 16100. School shootings since sandy took place just unbelievable. But that's tragic and I agree with it such an important question now look bleak view right. And of course is opens up the gates for a lot of different discussions one that. People seem to always gravitate towards is the gun debate that's not in the U wanna get into you because I feel like. Honestly when it comes to that I filtered debate comes up because it seems like people are using this tragedy. To push their agenda is well ultimately yeah they're definitely sound. War. But another thing that people always bring up is mental health in this country and and is that a way. To stop this from happening. I think so. And I think I Gillick a lot of people that company's board differently than over the last twenty years. And it week take a look at people that. Commit school shootings. Or mass killings yea they really pollen that three categories. And I think if we take a look. There's there's one category that is you know depressed young male isolated. May be bullied. Turned out there act. Acting out this is their way said cutting against get revenge even Wright. Who. Got it because they've got a paranoid view of the world. I think Corey what we need to do that really addressed the trend. I think they have a lot of power here and I think we need to educate them I think I had this really need to educate. Am imprint because they're up and time. You know update information. Get leaked to damion grant. On these to crack isolated paranoid. Maybe previously believed. Young manager saw signs there's there's signs of these things could be happening and and you know we've we've had that conversation was apparent this morning. A lot of people's reactions unfortunately is to kind of bring their head in the sand and pretend that it's not happening or maybe they're just blind to it for whatever reason. I think and I felt like I'm a psychiatrist and I trained at your hospital one week it was a 320 is that psychiatric facility oaks. When I was on call we have there been people command through that night in Oprah but o'clock at night and up the next morning so I thought a lot of people would. Psychotic thinking. And you know what it is somebody hasn't psychotic element. Or there that they're saying things that are out of touch with reality they're paranoia get to that delusional. Level. You know what if you're saying that that has just him. Might not believe what you're hearing especially at an up and remember a friend and my Bradley is that it may go. I don't think we need to educate people. That if it these if you got a young person might it take a look at that it Andy Keller did you guys discuss him. We we didn't bring him back up but I I I do remember that was the one who's his mother with a teacher at the school I remember the details correctly. That was dead he went that sandy hook up reported happier that it did he. I think epic from Asperger's you'd put you'd that the city would socially isolated it saying. Middle school got out permanently come home schooled at mom won't cook and. Right but this kid was fascinated. With serial killers. He was. Great US socially isolated. He had OTB anxiety depression that was never read it and mom had guns mom with a gun and didn't get he had done in the pump up. If I had a Democrat. OTD anxious kid who couldn't make it in school. And was bullied and you know he's isolated in your room hurricane. You know hurricane. Hit and marketing and quickly don't believe that turned to go to a hotel. She couldn't even talk to ensure that EUE mailing her a lot better slice get the gun how to get that and that therapeutic has never had Eric elect. I just think parents and friends really need to be educated on. Potential violence in these young depressed isolated. Cricket legally young man. Yeah it's it's it's interesting. I think yeah I think there's a lot of but. There's a lot of environmental factors that that aren't may be recognized is much like it's very easy for people see you you don't people who know nothing about psychiatric illnesses. To act like experts and throw around these sort of erroneously labels and diagnoses like other skits the united schizophrenia or bipolar or whatever and they don't really understand those illnesses and they don't know anything about them. And they don't know the environmental circumstances which I think. Like you're you're saying being socially isolated being bullied that has so much to do with not having Stanley support. Oh you bet and you know the I mean psychiatric illness that led by cooler that the order that get thrown around a lot you are right and it has. It much more than just lose. Up and down you know one day you're up when they are now you have to have a manic episode and I think people in the community. Don't understand what mania is and if you get then you get psychotic. And I think people understand what psychotic you know or what the anthem all right let. Remember Virginia Tech shooter. I. He was that kind. Either don't pay your hair in Europe brand and all of a sudden people start. You know they're not leak in purple weak and their midget grandiose and they think that they are on permission. And they're hyper religious and their right thing. You know they've got. You know all of their bedroom wall. And you know they they feel like they have. You know been called to a higher purpose and they're energy is high and they're talking eight million miles an hour let. That it mania and it is somebody on a sudden Brandt has not been here. Psychotic statement and start thinking about writing about president and getting the present an idea. You know like that yet. You know that's a real warning sign right right has to think I think we just need to educate that they coming up front because so many times. You know. These good people to get the the information they could alert the authorities they could get this this person in that treatment right. And it's always it's hindsight always in these situations where while the he was doing this and Aniston. So I ear right and it's interesting that you bring up that point and that's how weakened try to combat this. Because I know there's schools are preaching this say something you'll see something say something and it's you know the same for adults it's the same for the parents. If you see something even though it's her kid and it might break your heart to do to bring them in. The war happened see a doctor or admit there's something wrong with them like that's your responsibility. As a parent as a friend yet. Totally and then hit you've got your other candidate which is bankrupt and so that antisocial personality disorder so that you look at the Charleston, South Carolina. Killer Dylan Dylan route. That's just a psychopath. And what what you think your money. Yeah he was thinking was nineteen. And if he eagle that childhood warning I'm expert you know I can't that they Oppenheim that that I had. Cruelty to animals as a as a child rape. Fired that thing. And better wedding that. I just we have yet though. Chris Cheney and I guess that this is a part of this kind of RS know if you. No you know I would name it looked like a dynamic explanation or somebody does that psychopath because. Oppenheim I think it is genetic and sometimes dependent family I think these that it did you you know cut that killed up Stanley pet that. And you are maybe schoolyard bully may be. You know attempted rape. I've yet you have to be really a certain lake. Yet psychopath. Say that a lot bigger either. Just dead and been arrested I was in jail that there's just no content. You know and. And so are. I just a quick question for you like I think a lot of the time people throw around terms when this happens you know they say psychopath sociopath so would you say it's more than a psychopath you know it's more. That then socio path. Psychopathic. Is that you patent is anti social personality is OK okay but that didn't do that guys that commit the crime. That is not mental illness better criminal behavior got. Just don't look don't look too far into it is that is. You know put it. Raining oil but it doesn't matter doctor Patricia outed and thank you again for giving us an your time this morning and brilliance that we do appreciate it did that Colin thank you do.