Men Should Get Up When Women Nurse

Wednesday, September 13th

George Clooney says he feels guilty when his wife gets up to nurse their twins and he doesn't. Do you agree all men should be there to support their wives while they nurse?


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He gets along with Carter in Korea and any PX line and he is a beloved American treasure. George Clooney's flyer. Eight so you know I don't you dare guess how you know yeah you are going to agree with me I'm hugs and yeah. A liar and a what do you next in that Tom Hanks is it a nice guy America's sweethearts. No you know how he has his twins with his wife Amal and now. And this is now this is the quote it's going around in Hampton went in terms of her nursing the children. Says I do every three hours and if I don't get up I feel guilty. Mileage is up nursing every three hours so it's a lot of work to feel guilty but it's fine now. That's the filthy liar part when you meet you said it's a lot of work but it's fun you all right Phil Phil. You thank you for any of it is you wouldn't he had fun. Getting up every three hours to get sounds like a nightmare that. Matt and I wanna have children getting the pitching in and help out fine. I just I don't see you get there have kids maybe as parents. If you had the best time in your life. -- you were nursing your children and your significant other was there was the whole way you guys like boom they're crying again let's go up high five is going to be the most fun thing ever we can play risk wallet how. Have no just not just that hi I elect. Every three hours trying steel which might not necessarily be at the same time Mike they're not time that sixty gathered. Like this can't ninety hungry and money auto and sleep and then vice Versa on and switch like I'd obviously. Like this can't be fun. There's no there's a pair who says July love not sleeping it's my favorite thing collateral it is it's so much money I. I sit in front in the beginning like this pretty baby and it's you errors liking. And then I'd get tired really. Just for that comforts couple weeks it's gonna be still fun for Jorge because Jorge isn't that what he's got whipped the blue bell and my dad my guess the sisters yeah. It's probably more fun for a minute is in charge isn't the one getting chat nibbles of course he that in time but is this some thing. That all men need to deal is it really necessary. For when you get up to nurse your child. That your husband gets up with you. Every you're not going to annoy the crap out of your day on Sunday yes I thinks every time would it be a step the company I know that that's what happened to my best friends. Wednesday how they're babies at first they would have their clubs getting up. With them because there's not you can't avoid you're not sleeping through it there's a strange weird cry now in your brain right back here in she's going to be like you gotta get up yeah got to help well. And and then afterwards after a little bit. It got to be the player are you need to go to bed it's one of us needs to be rested Ortiz that's that's what I. It's thinking and a lot of time especially in the beginning or maybe. The moments taking maternity leave and she is just has the baby and for a lot of guys they don't. They they wait to take any paternity leave if they did it. Later on so they can kind of split. The word of this is what I'm gonna take to help that I can get while it's still around because you're right for Saturday leave isn't as big a thing and in America as it is in other countries so they might get a weaker to you while you get few months. And so I'm is that the help like and get it especially in the beginning when I'm trying to figure schedules and chip with two different ABM night and and it's. I swapping and cutting pick up baby isn't he put it down what's gonna get changed one's got a fat and I as a slap in the bikes first I'll have. Under the needn't actually sent a tea. So I can see if you know you're going to need help with like you know there's been any instance where I'll maybe Lebanese be changed soared. But like what I don't understand because there are women out there. Who just want their guy to go through what they're calling for like you did steal your part of this team. And now you're getting. And there are a lot of guys are more than happy to ice more than happy to bludgeon that like yeah I'll do best let me try to help you out as best as I can and here's the thing that George Clooney on. Had a son. That name any you know he doesn't. There which really only gossip is having fun. But I summit in the club PX less attacks on six and 8220 assignment he's justly deprive that's like so it's everything I. Coming from someone who has sleeping issues and everything is way more fun when you're tired. Everything's a layer that's a delirious category out of like a man with no sleep come from the night before and just everything is funny. Lol because you may get in this is a credit to you you made the choice. Of either. I can be miserable and sad about that's lewd or can to slap you in life things Libor funding. Ron and everything just a broad outlets have exactly you only area of course he's as well. I'm just so this is what all all of that should aim for like. That's Al. But to get there because like I wanna have kids but this is the aside for me up taking care of human life and any known try not to screw them up this is one of the biggest concerns I hadn't because I didn't sleep that great right now I can't imagine functioning unless they connect already have. Yeah do you find a way quarry where there's well there's a way you would definitely find it I promise you you're not gonna fall asleep. If it it's important he Julia did help to care of your can't. And I know I don't have the George Clooney situation where he can be around for ever and have nannies helping hands and see what have you but. I I bet I if I marry somebody they're gonna wanna help out with the changing and happy and what I think until I want that don't happen at a photo. See whether they like it or not they'd like I. I imagine the feeling that that men have win they get up to help their lives the stuff he is not guilt. Like George Clooney says that is not the feeling their Felix knowing that the feeling is fear that is what they're feeling they're terrified at this up their lives because today. Bull murder them if they don't. I just me I I think most. Buyers who just had a baby or two weeks to commit any sort murder. Penalty sleep deprived you be out of deal to be out of there and that it would be out of wanting to help out and somebody you know if you got a baby daddy's boo to the odd twins yeah. And it flipped the channel go back and real house. He's got to be able to change the channel or flip to Netflix Netflix movie through the help and helping out shipment and nice friends never caught up and so much reality TV than regular rest and it. Ford shore. So even if it's just local detail thanks sunny and some food ball up that's all I have to do that isn't that bad. Think admitted he'd pull and a good guy and I'm glad I'm so glad to. So that you can prove maybe conviction and how I got.