Men Being Sent to Buy Makeup

Monday, March 12th

Corey James says this is the most awkward task you can send your guy on. 


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We most uncomfortable thing they can send your got advice for you is not Tim on the team gets life. And Audi PX like Corey James Young by the way still time to text in the latest keyword for. Thousand dollars and thank you cash. Cow crap. Every time I. And look el Al OK you don't look to the floor I know I you know they need any post it notes of what I'm not a dirty down for just like on my head diesel takes it in the 7881. And I came to the realization of this yesterday of this is the most awkward thing consent your guy to go get free. After Malibu legal girl fronts according. Give me attacks. Texas means sand down. Ain't you video behind them he's you'll tomorrow and tomorrow anyway can you let the meal it. Excellent document last. This is the most terrifying thing. I don't agree with fans but let's let's hear your argument has not only did she does that mean again just make up. She's I mean the alliance to some kind radiating out ulta. I had to go to support myself. And this terrifying about the war dubbed. I've got sweats right now my pets explains why this horse here you bring you know and because it's this it's one of the listen comparable things who. 'cause I just didn't feel the passion of Ben there. It felt wrong I don't know why was she asked me with a sell I am I not do my best to be good boyfriend cy said she. Her. Like do you really arguably for and you you a lot. I'm I don't let a lucky so I I try yeah putting effort out there but she also is aware of my ineptitude. So she literally sent me a photo of what I. Gotta admit it if you say you're gotta go get make up for you I'm guessing you pull this move. If you haven't if it is told to look to get your insane because they are walking in his look for a was like walking. Aides who like an alien store. The guy I don't know what any of this ship I don't know what any of this stuff is any of this means. So I walked in and if you work of one of these places to let me know if this happens. Often it's. I lock in and I assume the look at my face was that. Of a deer in headlights just like does glazed over one died overwhelmed site and I am I walk in there. I'm immediately overwhelm everything that I see and I just immediately start scanning the sort trying to find some of the works. And I I'm a founder via. After being liked and she works here or she's shopping faster and she's shoppers really does work well I know she's got a locker attack on OK so lock up torque. I don't even Sany think I just pull the ball and allow and dish it. Like humanity he's not. I. Thought this is the tenor like paper ever meant to be involved it just don't understand is. Why this is so scary but I would say as a woman. I would probably never send my boyfriend to do this only because I'm way too much of like control freak like ideally now he's gonna get the wrong thing and then I mean have to go back out and do anything. Health this is obviously attacks on her part. I could hear my content there has enough exactly what it's I mean I'd I don't blame her for for feeling that way. But she gave it bode well I shouted to the lady that works there. And then she unfortunately didn't do what I was hoping which was literally walk me over there I'm gonna hold my hand like a child's. And just tell me which one again because she wanted me to get a ball weighing high trading concealer. And it was very important to get colored. New rule oh yeah my immediate you know oh you have no idea how important that is I had to go get foundation over the weekend and it is so specific it's like it's not even the number two it's like see I don't tell me that's why he couldn't because there's a warm tones cold to cool tones and neutral towns that she points me over there. It's over that direction CNET. To have poster below that Comerica so I kind of hang my head in wonder over there. Only guns or bottom line play. And now look at where she sent lives and had a stared blankly for probably what felt like an hour all trying to find this then there's a teenage girls they're look at yourself like. It's heavy duty. Faster cats and it so I found dead it can't I thought it was anyway. And a lot in the lobby supports the super long and marrying him. Feeling incredibly awkward to stay in a lot again like we get a feeling or public were not supposed to beat. That's the only way they can describe it like you're out of place and then I did see one thing. Like guys shining light and into the clouds it's. Another man was there. Yeah great though. Or is it data the Stanley. Thank god but a little bit better. Did you guys have like that moment likes up. Yeah see understanding yeah I think he saw the look of fear in my eyes and and being a dad he's probably done that is before I got to give me that not. And not a bit of assurance. It's gonna be okay. I really if I'm being honest out of love to go over their needs like give the big hug yeah. I had now ended up getting this thing and apparently I got the right thing so we'll debt but it was. Skinner. Not I'm so sorry my condolences you had a really rough weekends your life isn't really stuff. So some jerk is dropped I don't think you know I think like if there is any equivalent here I was clever about that too yeah. Her like a female for buying a male products and now that's 'cause is this is strictly. We know him and take your guy you put make a bunch or go for like surgically it's more firm for women. Generally yes. Com. I really getting ready in my native people artisan like well like condoms would know let's not joke that he now all you lose those if you're responsible. Women women are crying nasty I don't buy. And I was racquet I can think of any OK I got something about them but he. Viagra. If you pick up your hands Viagra or Dallas prescription. That might be a little like. Mkapa. But I can buy that by an OK there's one example this is another embarrassing product but it's not gender based even. Yet the vial accidents. Or alternatively. Like in podium still I don't know but it's not the same it's not right it's not examines an operating bits and I replied but I but I knew brought the point of this is more terror on the bring even you buying tampons because at least I know where to find them Lester like I go to the pharmacy in line limited products that are here yeah and at least make my way over there without the anxiety and had. A foreign language to me like I guess I do yeah. Yeah what any of it is exactly but. Yeah I kind of really. There might be something that you're not considering here cut which I just thought of you know shopping for like if you go into the make up store for her room. You're actually saving. Her money and it's slick if you guys if you're married to the person you're saving both of you money because she goes there's a good chance. She's gonna spend it on. The odds are that she didn't have on her list. And you don't have that distraction and you're like you go and nearly getting out of. Here as fast as possible okay so this is like the equivalent of like say when you Lockett at target. And you don't you go for one thing yet and suddenly walk out with like a 150 dollars for the yeah candles I. No reason I don't intro like a make up product and I come out with a shower curtain and like a TV I didn't hire new proud. That's a great point you know some meteor like the best boyfriend ever fiscally and it's otherwise actually. Side saving probably like literally a 150 dollars. I think it's worth all the exciting is your hero. You lose your house is calling me. Sing glory.