Megan Carter's Wiffle Ball Beef

Friday, November 10th

The wiffle ball was inducted into the Strong Museum National Toy Hall of Fame, but not everyone is happy about it. Megan Carter explains why the thought of wiffle ball gives her PTSD. 


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TP XY with Carter in koranic an idea PX why this happens every single year. We have the new inductees for the toy hall of fame and the strong museum apply. In every single year. This mega Carter. As beef from one of them greet me explained well so I'm I didn't grow up in the lead it to beaver helps all that you did. In the perfect outlet in the perfect pairing yeah. Iraq. With one thing events or prevent. Eleven hearing today. I have they get older brother. Is the worst had one of these giants that was inducted into the strong national wealth fame brings back a lot of traumatic memories from. So let's try to get some minute of it should aghast by. The look on your face Megan by the reaction you have is it the game clue is not diet or can't do the movie aren't there. Movies in the eighty's classic I think that probably wasn't there and kind of a strange thing of out of the the other two have been inducted. The woman can cause the most injury because that probably the one that you were traumatized by a paper or. On paper planes. So Detroit and it's been inducted into the strong museum tour hall of fame. That has caused drama in your life. Is though with. Whipple ball is how old. Balls how how has the Whipple ball. And used against him again. Corey. I have an older brother and how is the full ball not menus to speak on it the proper question. Wit that's OK I cannot tell you how many from. Physical violence. Umbilical well that's. CU beat struck by the whistle blown to say he's. Just. My friends I'd hate it a brother. Over the trees that we can't get a claim quote. I certainly yeah I don't I will mobile. And attempt and thrown in the gas match she would smash a little Bob HU a street so I. Sorry I. Classic older brother and his crew riding I. Yeah thank you really a new one doesn't. I sorry it. Ranger and Corey. While I know it doesn't hurt that's the great things that would only complaint gym class not have to worry about to meet liability. If that's class. A little opera. Because I strategies from my brother shocking and happy as after the good from its close agency possibly. Did your I'm imagining this has gone down in your life your brother. With the with the ball multiple hopeful that mega over their fields and grounder up and his hit line drives that she got. Up. And of course I know what else pilots on likes. It's a lot of that which only encouraged him to to do that more so it's not against you with the ball creators. Sport itself it's the traumatic memories that's with wistful again if you managed sentiment in India. The strong museum this weekend but be careful as its chilled your eyes and go about with all your guy exhibited because they are solid rating. Beyond toy hall of fame. For the new inductees and some of the past ones I get scared that if I never on livable and don't just come back. Oh yeah you see little. It's tough. Three other side yet live on the undecided the with the ball and act like get milder sibling for like. All the simply to torture so watch out watch out it's got tickets crystal ball is indexes the health and and a happy about it if you wanna win tickets to this congress symbolic lucky mega latest week and I OK it's just a ninety excellent backup.