Megan Carter Minimalist

Monday, December 11th

While Corey James spent his vacation time in Nashville, Megan Carter was clearing out her apartment by following something known as the konmari method.


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Carter a Korea and Audi PX lie and could be little more accumulations today I'm looking like less than an inch puts nights. That's really gets more steady and get two to 4 by tomorrow morning itself as a comes down now it looks old beautiful pretty but it could be ticked and attorneys get. Further to the weekend. Corey James I have a Carter who Mari update. Thank you please explain this again because Martin. I I don't I didn't explain this to a lot of people and I are very similar response. Yeah I basically had been. The most disorganized person night never for my entire life and always had a desk full keepers in elementary school and in fact papers that I have saved said that on my old report cards like after nasty Philip. Well I have billion clothes so I and there's this. Called up and the magic arts of hygiene or something like that it I guess. Lee who are hurting as Marie Condo ensure created the come marking method. Cleaning up and. And you're supposed to. Take things you have personal you go I category no I have my own OK there's a there's a there's a strategy and then you put everything you all like for example like it close last week. All my clothes in the middle of the floor. Don't traumatize and it's not every piece of clothing alone on the court again there's a slick looks crazy Matthew that and then you pick up each individual. Shirt can't ever. If it sparks and Sheila. Sparks chilly you know you. If it does that you donated throw when I was explaining this to someone yesterday she was like. Spark show it. Arcs to see she got. Her husband popped in latest like Atlanta was like wow we did this in that kid's a top. I'm not really Smart enjoys. But you'd like I started this on to win a few weeks ago I have never felt better you know what I did all weekend is Rio. Under Haitian not just weekend. We are off Thursday Friday or is this is a four day weekends. I might category three of the Kamal arena they match which is. Cape Kirk's goal. Was what I was scared of them. You know how many articles. How many file folders and cat next how many boxes of unopened mail that I had. See it's funny you make fun of me for being the order in this room I think we're learning you're war war I had no idea. Pat. I know. I he also well. It is an apartment in his cabinet spot I literally. On Marita. In the crap. Out of my apartment all weekends and sorted through my people. And I've never felt there you arsenal. I feel like I got T massage and went into trouble reputation. I love all of the same time the where it bring you joy at their religion a particular matter I don't like Corey. You mean he urged her year. And enabled a filing system down I'm always a free throw something out Richie thing yeah I guess like Greg explain that look at somebody's. I'm like might not like every bill every every bell every ill receipts. I'm only get the amount of meat annuals. And warrants he's not a that I had for everything I never lie yeah was just big name and how often did you refer to. I don't think I've ever refer to no one once you know lie now because it's Tony seventeen and there's online first. The cell technique seeks out and thank god. Not that I thought it was going to be a lot worse considering you had like five years of trying to deal with this. That 56 hours and actually does that eighty medication but I got who all. Can. Kind of labels. Put away. Oh my god just oh my god glory stress relief to. Struggling with something like for ever and it's finally his diet. I feel I am highly things. Still all the endorphins I agents are not wild. And at Oak Ridge is the lame mistress number Tinsley does bring this to. Far from that for sure that easy works. It wasn't easy don't filing papers like I get they get monotonous and boring but not the court I earned best I've worked hard this. I have. That was in paper cut my hand right now you have no idea I wanna burst into tears mental panicking yet usual vacation. Look at it a thousand paper carton. Would you detail. I Philly people angle it I broke my arm what's worse breaking armor to get. All of your hands or possibly being given to me about it hurt and then you get. I can't Lennon last night when I what I doubt that we just burst into tears little. We just don't insult to look at what it's a work that's. Layman's person and make sure you write anything you need to type or something you do that for me today I got marketing campaign.