Matt Lauer Fallout

Thursday, November 30th

What kind of impact will the allegations against Matt Lauer and his firing have?


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Plus I can. Dean DXY wakes you up this pace car. PXY. Just yeah. Morning it's going to be warm up to around fifty degrees later on this afternoon so definitely a liar today 26 number downtown with TPX life and around the sun yesterday. Nat flower lost his job at NBC it. Yeah I'll be able shocked by that and since then. We have learned a lot to say it's all I'm blonde I am honestly bombs I did like Matt our button. Series of this stuff. True it's interesting how that happens how how one anonymous. Statement from NBC's chairperson. Leads to. Ours ours ours ours ours ours. I guess what happened when several people anonymously several women and honestly went to the magazine variety yes and gave statements anonymously. I'm just hours after he was fired. This information can I and all of the allegations. Surely there are several of them they're awful they're all awful. The worst wine. I thought harsh meet meet literally get these guns bombs. To the boy so to emote and is off yeah if you wanna get the other stuff you can decent what your round because a lot of these incredibly inappropriate. Why. This there was one of them that truly sad about the arrest for me. I'm according to this anonymous source to variety on quote is Matt Larson his office was in a secluded space. He had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up. This afforded an insurance privacy. It also allowed him to welcomed female employees and she inappropriate contact knowing nobody could walk in the and this is like some super villains stuff. Having bill but he literally had. They like sexual assault blocking in his office it it's just I'm power and light that's discussing abuses of power. That we didn't weeping hearing about you know it's. It's pattern yeah public figure yeah. Start Childs of the NBC's handling it out apprised. And maybe eat out whiff of scandal. Would ruin. And so. He had a hockey deal arsenal we could find like to think well. The conversation now how to take place to get that installed because I'm gonna go on a limb here and so that Matt Lauer on the one who put that end. So what had he had to get approval from someone. That had to be installed by some low so this is why wouldn't these things happen. And in the copies that fire these people claim ignorance that he will we you know what has happened big. Yes we didn't know what's happening right. That's part of the infuriating. Thing for me I am glad that these things come how I am glad. Finally realizing that there are several predatory match out there. Oh my gosh Matt our and then all of a sudden the old stories come out it makes me sick knowing people knew this was happening. Didn't see any ball to see him and that's in the case with almost every one there's been whispers. About lines and whispers about Kevin Spacey people made jokes about it thing that people know it's all the governor coming former. What about everyone else where rhythm and that knew this was going on where their coworkers I knew this was going on shouldn't be at the victim to come out and speak out against them. It it's true. And and you got it's our thinking yourself zero. Wind as the sand. How many more are there going to be what are the things don't we now because you know there are tons of man and not just men and Hollywood or or men and entertainment. Both men sitting in Rochester. Who have done things who are just waiting. I think that's what that's one of the things that terrifies me about this story this is a good thing right now this is good movement right now we're doing good things. Is this going to turn out to just be. Oh this is a person in Hollywood that we admire let's find out something bad about them yet instead of the point eight. This shouldn't be happening to win and I'm very that it's just connect. Get beat up. At an entertaining scandal flashing headline and nothing still is going to get done for the fact that women all over this country and are assaulted by men. Livery Rochester here's. An instinct thing that I read so four out of every five Americans believe that sexual harassment is taking place in the work place. Only 9% believe it's actually happening in their old offices de. In here's the really the thing that that's its gonna me disconnect city gonna set you off Meghann as the fact that there's this many people that believe. These things are taking place somewhere David on their offices most men that were surveyed say that they have thought about changing their behavior at. All. That speaks to the fact that 45% know what's happening but only 9% think it's happening. Right now and how much it is behavior people think he's okay. How much of this past and a lot over people realize oh I shouldn't be treating someone like that shouldn't have sent that to a woman that's not cool. Because you're right because it it's a trickle down effect of the stock usually as it stopped it starts with these Hollywood stories of these can be a big star stories and cut a trickle sound too. You know a local level where. I'm gonna I read out it's going it's going to happen I don't so there's gonna be it's gonna there's going to be a big name in Rochester that. Gets named it it will eventually happen because it's it's this band playing the number. But I don't even. Late idols I could your muscle. About meaning he is now I want to eat I'd. I bet he's had talent behavior change not just a witch hunts yet it's because it's interesting just surging kind of mile group of friends and this is how I feel about a as a man. Arm. Work under this. 'cause because now. We are rethinking everything which which is a good thing. But it's also I think there's going to be met and we're gonna be hesitant to fuel even speak with penal coworkers not because they're still terrified my. Have you know done something right it. You'd think of what's on the line see what guys like Matt Lauer he's he was making twenty mil year he's gonna be fine Mike is cricket be took over we can never hear from them again. He's gonna survive and think people who have. Families that take care of and their jobs if they lose their job. It's like something like this I think you re hired again. While you're done if you if you lose your job. Because as a much like that it's because you deserve it because you did something wrong. Well let 99%. Of reported of these cases are true and I don't want to perpetuate the stereotype that some of that is made up. Is that Cecil rare study after study has said that a accusatory rates at 99% of them end up being true stories there's no such thing as false reporting when it comes to this. Very very small budgets so. Don't you for a freebie you didn't do anything wrong you'll be okay that's the thing with eating not easily be standing up for yourself if you did not and these are right I got out. I think there are a lot served their a lot of men though that the line now we don't know what it is because there are plenty of men who have done things that may be that the honestly like. In the heart of hearts did not realize they're being appropriate because that does happen from time to time they don't know the effect that it might be a small segment of the population but there are people that feel that way. Awareness is while I have a feeling you're gonna be okay if you don't have a lot door installed yeah. Whistle went chances are like yes everyone makes mistakes but that you aren't front made mistakes packs and stupid things about groups of people before in my life. And it is the dumbest thing I you'll learn from it actually you grow smarter from it and wiser and you in Tibet not okay. So not grading people but did you do anything evil and installing locked doors in your office look at America. I think it'll be okay.