Making Non-Handy People Try Anyway

Friday, May 25th

Corey James is tragically unhandy, but that's not stopping him or his girlfriend St. Courtney from having him try. 

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There is no home improvement projects. That I can't ruin. GTX life and that you did excellent seats tragically and handy great Danes. When he young good morning good morning. Mean I don't know a lot like infants according keeps asking you to do these things around the house. I don't either. I don't know either it was. Every woman there's something deep down inside if you with the man. This desire to want him to be handy. Right and you are willing. To let us fumble our way there. I so I don't think you should have to do the stuff that probably for a different reason the little back story. Curling up on my dad's. A data life is great dad loved them. Mean I've had an incredible brain great childhood. There's one thing that he's given me a minute this must be genetic and can also tragically on handy. In my entire life I grew up watching my dad attempt. And fail. To help prevent prostate. Old. And SATA just pay zealot who knows who the hell they're doing to do you try and self and he would ruin it and edited and up paying more money. To someone. To fix it and then do it I was listed on the first list. You know so I saw my entire life yep so why aren't we wish your mom handy person and yes she is a forehand here but my dad. So let's let quesada growing up now so as an adult in mind you'll never own my own home before. Blood I have always been Andy yeah. I'm not gonna try I'm just gonna call just just it's just easier and I am more convenient. But again for whatever reason I governs according. Has dug their heels and N has our relationship moves on and as we get closer and closer to moving in together she has tasked me with. Several little projects around the house. Think this is is this a test or does she is like she could just call and have somebody US yes absolutely so this is it a test. I think. But she thinks I'm going to get better at a time. I wonder why she wouldn't just wanna hire somebody out. Because odds that the command only to now see this is where this is we're gonna disagree Dennis Anderson. I'm against what ET I yet sink forty could be power washing. Her younger Roger whatever he did get her hands the power washer the first time yesterday and realized how much fun it is yeah. There is that so there's that might thing is yeah I mean. It I don't think you should have to be handy if you're not if you're not inclined if you're not been naturally. Inclined like Princeton CK from the night jam he's literally a handyman on the side knows how to do everything yes it's six city thing. But he's kind of naturally inclined knowledge isn't. Is it a natural thing I glory or is it work ethic for now I think it's natural that well it might be partly like circumstantial I mean if you don't if you really don't have anyone help you and you don't have the money to pay for it and yeah got figure. Right. But some people also do you have an interest like my mom he's. So handy. So all giddy she helped me move in in my apartment in LA a few years back well and set everything up she's amazing. I tell me other chance. I can I can install. Elect pulp and that's about it it's been a. On the same level that's that I don't have. All got us I am lazy. That's the reason that did and I'm not good this up I just haven't tried that got lazy dissidents out of fear failing we did other things like there's other you have other strengths yeah. You know but I mean. Living at 2018 are literally everything is on YouTube I should be able to figure this thing. And that if you're gonna make that argument session right so you think gritty she could go on YouTube and figure out how to. Power Ross I did sing. Yeah like exit its demands Stefano. You know mentally. He's going to be an ice. I feel pain I feel bad you feel bad about yourself that you feel kind of like shamed. Because you're not the. Well I mean it. Is a bigger terrible out over over over the it does kind of destroyer company it's a little. Home I got other things you really get it during a German accent it's still good we'll lose that you like him it's a good care of your cat. And but I'm EJ and I'm trying I'm trying these things you want to but I get I continue to do these little projects and in. It's just the few blunders. So what happens what happened. My first car Washington speakers snuggle up. It was a lot of fun and actually have the odds Connick archipelago this is not nice but I know all too aggressive with a nine. Last campaign it's more almighty god. And a little too much fun. Here lag yeah that'll happen but I tell you feel a bit better because I I checked in with a friend yesterday. And she told me about his first power washing experience for you literally almost missed a lot. So many really yet bully was abused power washing his driveway at the leg dirt on his play he's wearing flip flops. So all of his rants about the power larger room. Don't aren't they are I haven't bottle it myself and I got to the hospital pretty easily and thank god it's the little things dissuade them this time.