Making Fun of Gingers

Friday, January 12th

Are red heads the final group of people where it's still totally okay to mock them with zero recourse? Corey James says yes. 


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Can't live with Carter in Korea an idea PX lying. They're harder. Got a text from. A forensic Courtney I think Arnie and yeah. Content for help. We deal with Cory hangs in making him nice caring person. You teaching and I news sucks and they holes and now now and a freshman Donte' texted to me. Baby it's gets a ginger day different people trying to make out review I'm OK with that for today only. Real where it was just a ginger day that thing well and I'm glad she didn't volunteer first she literally was like everyone else. Time is very telling and did not know it was just a ginger day thumb that's sounds kind of bug. Some glory be to name but you know like when you do you want to sit today I actually did note today it was just a ginger day because. I have red hair I'm ginger for not aware sell when ever there's anything redhead related I'm immediately tagged him on. Mine yeah hi everyone weird day. I guess is there I assume that rat heads run at people ginger is made this up to sit. It's an action because they didn't mail click okay I'll I hate kids I mean it's possible that we needed up but like how owner of the kick a ginger day. Which was also a thing like a legit CDC. Iran headed person kick them today but that was the thing is allow. So serious that yes in the UK yet. No they eat teachers in the UK. There's a serious bias against people with red hair indeed what I do it there's so much more over there. Maybe maybe it's because of the dog Irish. English battle maybe that's part of. Beer is eight a story out there that when Prince Harry was born Prince Harry but the royal family UK. That Prince Charles all the red hair. Last time he had not. Even that after she just can't hurt and went to go a little bit. At some point that's a big star yeah I was sold out its get out right here I'm okay. I've I've out of they've ever so that's on the air but this is then a a thing that I have always said and that is red headed people. Are the lack. Group where it's totally cool calm guy God's way on. To zero recourse whatsoever for any promising are important probably brings this up once a week and they try to make people feel bad for him. Ever want to still make footage and the Philippines is. Saying about. It's not because okay. They didn't care until. Mega yesterday. In this post that I would detect it and I wanna start by saying this person takes it too far but this is the first time I've ever my entire life. My 34 years as a redhead seen someone. Maybe not their way besides you will be let go all genders gets so much flag sticking up he said. Handle cash I meet you on the starting line up up up but not so this is like a new station posted Nash look at the injured and that's person writes. I hate that word it's completely derogatory. And just promotes hate towards people with red hair it is no better. Vendee and word and just so happens to be an anagram for you guys and there are some people who don't mind being called that she word. Put the same can be said. All of the and were now. Now she's not around when you look at the history back at it that's why I sit in the UK it's community it's much more of a derogatory term Bennett is here in America via a America is rats. And really well so we leave home to the buy and wal now think opera I cheering bringing it around but for years and years and ready are you ever talked to before draw. Guide shot I get why it's just how we want me drive at school the constant mocking on the teasing as the carpet match the grew the drapes or read. Higher pride you're not the only whining and lawyers and gender shame. Not kids about not only dumb blonde especially your blonde woman hobby dumb blonde jokes you've probably heard throughout your entire light reader app worker through the media has jokes in our column Playboy bunny and that's all you Packard it and don't want to just turning against. People with currently you know we are they distributed against duke they have a terrible time growing up so yeah my curly hair that you don't know Heidi using the curly hair. Not to do. Especially. If you are an African American woman who had I'm sure has gotten so many had. The pleasure of arraignments ranger coming up and eat you want to call. Abbott meats and I'm not your. I yeah yeah at. Didn't tell the boy I'm simply pull something out where in his society today were were more sensitive than. There are still some groups. Are not in their peers to be no course mostly for genders it's because we can't defend ourselves let you talk because you're obviously male white privilege is gone. I yeah. How their. Has been made fun of for everything growing up. Or is your hair if you're that sensitive about it and presumably you won't because you like the attention to grow in it'll years. And I had a all right I. About the next time you say that I've known to design muscle stigma about percent too yeah I think that I heard about it.