The Love Languages

Tuesday, November 7th

Find out which of the 5 love languages is yours! 


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Just think this whole Lotta things more difficult. But it needs to be. That's right you aren't deep relationship an expert at encouraging gesture of certain how well any better relationship with saint Courtney announcement. And the very end of August. Out two months. Now since is called exit schooling us on now wagons is easy to not back content. If it's not it's not. It's really you know it's really release it. To make your partner feel loved. I think that these grand romantic gestures. Are are what's it's all about. TV. And romantic comedies. Have let it distract. The real way to make your partner feel loved. Is just with a little. Tiny every day thinks. Little gestures every single day tiny ones likely get the list from the grocery store but actually getting everything on that list I did forget a thing such as and paying attention. That's shows that I love you I. So hard market. And that's Q. Adorable this. That's the secret to a long lasting options for signs. Of coming back on this one cell is that you do for saint Courtney. Yeah I am I am very awful lot of little little tiny things here and there. Four year when he does she got for you little tiny gesture at the little notes her. Entergy it's my favorite. To order favorite year ever gonna stay over and that is your love language if you won. Your that's what you're saying your that's the public which you guys. What's a little tiny gestures moss and little action service. So you never heard this book this book is huge for I I just seen it coming back it's called the five love languages. And it's basically like. How well you understand the expressions of love for others not every blind the clubs in this game. You maybe saint Courtney Love from you doing little to cheers but that might be. House of steals and others to Berlin does this kind of like and makes me think of like the breeze Myers like the personality tests or whatever. How different it everybody feels loving differently is the first I heard about this book. It's based on the book and there's like equated that goes on when it which some see rightly outlets and immediately be self help let me tell you that you're. Out out kind of I heard about this book with me and an ex boyfriend we're going to like a rough patch. Fighting all the time. Q is you know bigots using the teachers relating accent like. Reading books to solve our problems okay shirts or get it from music to listen to this this love languages spoken collar that ligature. And I would like this is that. I loved it rich it's gonna healer relationship out when he loses steam it. Could you even hear it over your complaint it's as well and 88 bits. We broke up. And now there's like actual event strategy dismantle. Sorry. So ex boyfriends you know they are not that you've you've learned at least I. How that you've grown from that speaker I mean and everybody gets lit differently so there's different kinds there aids. My number line which is boards of affirmation okay. Which is actions always speak louder than words sometimes just people saying injury reasons behind why someone. Quality time as another one spending time together in making time for each other that's got to be your last. Acts of service. That's usually little things for each other. Receiving gifts and now this is like like please give me presents lots and this is like it. This. House and Hosni Courtney loves him by Sox could you. About the Sox myself she is playing electric and the last one is physical touch. Drugs pats cut relaying things like. And there's one of these languages. Is like the main primary for. Everybody. Touch everyone's different everyone has a different way of how they feel opt some people it might be you know. Carolina makes them feel loved or are you doing something for each other makes them feel up to me and he told hey you're awesome all. Well why. In of all of those things sound good and you want them all. Of them and they all equally be my love agreed. They like and I'd check this box for all of the above. One that that is over everything is. What do you think Dennis and I only know mild my cravings of validation and attention central problem I think it's words affirmations now. That one and then probably. It's and it's nice little gestures. But I think thumb physical touch is very important that's up there that's my X. Actress and on Alia anonymous Michael blog here's an effort which is which is good because my girlfriend eyes pulled all the time so I purchased a well. It's weird I eat after going through relevant this touches my last I'm not shocker but. Quality time is it a night outlines room to click let's outlet used reds. Big ovation and I sums up a lot I see between Al and I sat there against yourself tell. Yeah it looked. Stick that corner are instantly defendant three minute left. The aggregate it over there should. Be safe side that everyone and explanations of excellence and. A meg and I mean we have thought of this idea before and may be reached revisited. You did seem intrigued us with the idea. Of dating someone in prison. Be physical talents. And well yeah and you can visit them whenever you want to oh yeah lots of call is that what they have to do and they're not shown a bigger Dorado. I mean let's just unless they break out mr. minister that yet active service empire. Stressed.