Laughing When Someone Falls Down

Friday, January 12th

Have you been powerless to stop yourself from laughing at someone who fell down? Corey James says it's not your fault and you shouldn't feel like a monster! 


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My name's Betty Carter. You've when I walk out into East Coast are. The thing I'm afraid of the most. He's realizing that I left my silver in the car and go home and I still. Have to brush it off just to brush off the car. There's a moment of panic every time I start walking upstairs or about ten seconds or a month. I'm scared. I'm in trouble I'm going to be outside for an hour. I'm gonna die for us tonight but to get through delegates might meet up a bit Soledad it's going to be no man next to the cart here all the. Realize mega ultra and I got to the snow blasts a might discourage games and the thing that I create the most going out to a snowstorm. It's appalling and cracking my head on ice and now I now have you had any help oh yeah this year odd great panel. You have to jewels back would you slip. I had 80 craps to mining and right now just for the winter snapped. A lot I'm not buried them. Greg Ellis is tough stuff for days or so until he's all right I delegate to wrap it. Yeah I get alike excel. Thinking about people fall in India it is all along it's a you talk about a moment of panic that moment of panic restart to go down but yet you regain it. As someone who has fallen many times not the eyes just in general Mike and I've. That may second but Horry hit the ground is the most terrified that a mid second or if you're this hand from this video from Virginia did you see this maggot and this guy you why he slid down his entire driveway he was up and he was and that oh crap moment of about to fall. For about ten seconds he kept like losing it felt the regaining of losing its battle is regaining it. Don't that's happening his wife is like a video of this posted online there's something like 55 million hits right now. And be a Debbie downer. I that's funny too funny I. Falling on the ice is. To know that it is it's the most hilarious that ever done and look I used to feel bad for that at all. Jerk the fact that I think that this is so pointed to launch. But Megan for anyone who's like me that thinks that the funniest thing in the world to hear a song and I know you'd like you know it's our fault it's our fault at all. Didn't. Really I hate you weren't from here. It's terrible accent you're Unser so there's so scientifically how we react to this. How our brains work is in that situation we have things called mirror neurons civil we want somebody fall on the ice our brains are reacting. Is it we are falling nominate so if I don't know about you make him like what I've fault. I laugh so it's our reaction of how we react and we'd do it rejected on this. Yes no do not say our index. And our house yeah I don't my brain does not do that I don't Bryant in mid air knowing I'm about to land hard on the ground going. Larry all I did but about the on FaceBook. When I see someone about to bite or sees someone take a hard ball. My breath gets taken. Leave my heart stopped I yeah it's just a moment of panic and don't worry free did I. There are no I might add especially. Lake identical they're at. Maybe because that's your reaction when you Faulk who don't want to yourself may bet that expect kind of proves my point about. Projecting ourselves another look at I have fallen and I know it's and I only get really heard on the ice and I seen it can do to people and yeah you're. Not only was there this video my girlfriend's in court and I last month a lot of people saw this until. There was a video of this dad look at this is evil there's a video this dad who was set up on the corner by his kids' school waiting to pick up his daughter from school. And there was this really thick patch of ice raft the sidewalk were all the kids were leaving all the Walker's. We were walking onto it and lighting it so far this video is like six minutes long like a dusting kids blighted. It's I wore the night were laughing so hard tears were coming down our our base. Of course parent of the year films and our future parents of the year watch it out and dying laughing and luckily I just across the street I know saw the sidewalks of these kids aren't and it all lingering thing and crack their head tilt and listening and are. There are more people like me as you call us monsters who find this to be the funniest thing I know try and our view I know that I am very much of the night or even. That doesn't mean I don't think you'll. Terrible diesel. ID only circumstance were I would ever laughed at someone falls. It's it's. They laughed afterwards Kevin that they could go ahead I know you're they're okay. I don't want the dilemma by themselves because then it's even more embarrassing well Phil is kind of journey he's there and bears football excellence electoral bail laugh and then you laugh but you still don't find funny at all I'm horrified even horrified could let not. Not genuine and who's the monster now sell out to somebody wants that is fell on the ice. Hurt themselves another getting up eighty laps for meal can't yup basic and I thought yeah right now at least on its stay in there and double over your pain and suffering market it was mean you let me school bottom can't wait got a. Everybody's been nice this is that I news. This is the dad filming there's immigrant now. Gary they're beautiful. Golf like Idaho. The biggest is why people move to California I think.